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Co-founder of Stoked, Anna Love is known for architecting an unconventional approach to business leadership—one that aims to transform culture and build happy healthy work environments. Using human-centered design, she and her team help transform people and organizations.


To design experiences that connect people to themselves, each other, and those they serve—enabling bold action.

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Popular Talks

An introduction to human-centered design

This fast-paced experience introduces participants to the tools and behaviors of human-centered design. Participants gain a common language, an understanding of when it is an appropriate tool, and how to take one small step immediately.

Architecting a workplace people love

The traditional ways in which business is run don’t work. Employees are looking around the room (and in the mirror) and asking, “how does this work serve me as a person, my purpose, and how am I serving the world?” While asking those questions may not be new, their priority over power, notoriety, money, and fame is most definitely new. In this session, I outline simple (and some scary) tactics you can take as a leader to cultivate a workplace that people want to be a part of.

Business leadership

Organizations aren’t just here to serve the world, they are also here to serve those who work within them. And a different model of leadership is needed – one where employees and employers are partners, where trust and transparency are prioritized, and where the working environment is just as important as the bottom line – because we understand that it IS the bottom line. In this session, I share 10 examples of how to build mutual respect between the organization and the individuals.

Speaking, Workshops, & Consulting


We guide your team through a series to design sprints to rapidly gain insights about your customer, then prototype, test, and rework your ideas to accelerate progress, minimize risk, and bring solutions to life.

We custom design educational experiences that result in personal transformation. Popular topics include human-centered design, leadership development, and culture calibration.

We use human-centered design to reshape beliefs and norms, reimagine processes, and align reality with aspirations. The result? More satisfied human beings working in a culture that embodies an empathetic mindset, encourages collaboration, challenges the status quo, and inspires bold leadership.


Stoked utilizes design tools and behaviors to deliver bold innovation, cultural transformation, and cultivate wise leadership.

“It is one thing to be human-centered, it’s another thing to be a spectacular human who inspires and teaches you to be more human-centered in your work and in life. Stoked’s enthusiasm, collective energy, and curiosity are contagious. Their training experience and tools have helped keep empathy at the center of our team’s thinking. We’ve also been able to build upon our already collaborative culture to move more quickly, beyond obvious ideas to deeper more meaningful ones, in a shorter period of time.”
— Jamie Moran, Director of Talent Development, Colle+McVoy

“Working with Stoked felt very different from any way we’ve approached work before. I’ve never had a vendor teach us how to do the work ourselves vs. telling us what they think we should do. It feels like an authentic relationship that doesn’t end when the SOW is complete.”
— Alanna Ghawi, People and Planning Manager, Uber

“It’s hard to think of the words to describe the love we feel for Stoked. Everyone has optimistic energy, you all are thought-leaders and partners. You are future-thinking, authentic, and you push us to be better than we could be without you. Each engagement feels unexpected. After working with you, I am rethinking everything I do.”
-Priya Ogale, Director Global People and Org Development

"Everyone at Stoked is ideologically aligned with us. You put people first. You all are genuine with what you are doing and even though many of you have badass resumes, you never flash them. Everyone is approachable and all-in. You are helping us to lead our revolution."

Anna Love co-founded Stoked in 2012 as an experiment in embedding human-centered design into organizations. She now leads a team of 80 collaborators, working at the intersection of innovation and culture.

Stoked has deep roots in two areas of expertise that when intertwined produce powerful results. First, they have some of the best human-centered design talent in the world within their network. Their team members live and breathe creativity and innovation both within specific industries and across sectors as consultants.

Stoked also has extensive experience in organizational psychology, the practice of improving organizational health, productivity, and employee satisfaction. They aim to ensure our projects fit into the context of your organizational strategy while improving the lives of employees. That’s the Stoked differentiator—the ability to develop world class solutions while changing the ethos of your organization along the way.

Their clients are our collaborators and partners. They view each relationship as a unique opportunity to make a dent in the world. That means they recognize that every client is a group of individuals with unique needs and personalities. Therefore, Stoked treats every client relationship like a new opportunity to surprise and delight.

They create partnerships that are open, honest, wildly transparent, and iterative in nature. They seek to inspire so you can bring new ways of working back to your organization that permeate across teams and projects. It is their belief that if you invest in your people, it will pay off in cultural dividends for years to come.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.