Conscious leadership
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As agents of change, we connect trusted and diverse
experts with evolving organizations.
To foster a more connected and harmonious world,
where every human feels safe, seen, respected and valued.

Courageous organizations embrace the consciousness leadership movement, and will lead us forward into a just and generous future.

Why the shift from a win-at-all-costs mindset to one of inclusion, equity, sustainability and purpose? In short, it’s good business. With greater consciousness comes greater innovation, a vibrant culture built on trust, and a community of like-minded collaborators.

At Consciousness Leaders, we support this transformative change in a few ways:

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Kelly Campbell, Founder, Consciousness Leaders
Founder, Kelly L. Campbell (they/she)

After selling their cause marketing firm in 2016, Kelly’s path evolved from Agency Growth Consultant to Trauma-Informed Conscious Leadership Coach. They work with self-aware visionaries to correlate their past wounds to their leadership style, transforming the way they lead, live and love in the world.

In addition to founding Consciousness Leaders, Kelly is a keynote speaker on the intersection of trauma, leadership and consciousness. She writes for Entrepreneur and has written for Forbes. Their debut book is entitled, Heal to Lead: Revolutionizing Leadership Through Healing Trauma, and will be available April 2024 (Wiley).

Kelly is also the host ofTHRIVE: Your Agency Resource, a popular podcast, sponsored by E2M and Workamajig, that helps business leaders run more sustainable organizations with greater consciousness for all stakeholders.

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Consciousness Leaders is the world’s most diverse speakers agency, guiding leaders and organizations to create real change. We are a 100% queer-owned business, proud to be Black and queer operated.