Conscious leadership
is now expected.

Social and market pressure are increasingly intertwined for leaders.
The trusted experts in our collective help organizations create lasting positive change.

Sean Coleman

Equity Consciousness

Anahita Moghaddam

Contemplative Science

Paisley Demby

Business Leadership

Mark Vandeneijnde

Human Potential
Consciousness Leaders is here to support evolving organizations, like yours.

Greater consciousness brings greater innovation, a vibrant culture of trust, and a draw for like-minded people. Yet, it takes courage to make mindful progress, to think, act and grow beyond workplaces that have expected a separation between the professional role and the human spirit.

We serve those who are committed to organizational enlightenment — the practice of aligning an organization’s ideals and actions with positive societal and cultural evolution. Our contribution is:

  • Curating a diverse global community of conscious leadership experts.
  • Intentionally pairing trusted experts with evolving organizations.
  • Providing resources to help leaders model lasting organizational change.

Wherever you are on this journey, we invite you to join us.