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Brandon Wilson, APR, is an award-winning communications strategist and organizational consultant. He is the author of Sabotage: Leadership that Overcomes Betrayal, Theft and Deceit. He is a sought-after speaker on business leadership, as his work helps executives and organizations manage the winds of change and achieve historic impact.


Leaders must strive to achieve irreversible impact.

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Popular Talks

Moving from Manager to Leader: Insights from the Wisest Leaders of Our Time

This topic is about unlocking purposeful leadership. It helps new executives realize that their platform gives them the power to shape lives and the world around them.

An Idea Worth $15 million

This topic dispels the myth that money and influence is needed to start having transformational impact by honing in on the true power of an idea.

Decoding the Life of Midas

This topic reveals to audiences the true power of “why?” And in doing so, equips leaders with the tools needed to create their own good fortune by building culture; tapping into the power of distributive leadership; and challenging the present with bold vision of what the future holds for each of us if we innovate.


I specialize in helping leaders and organizations endure change, and serve as engines that promote global and social good.

“If you are seeking to become the best version of yourself and build, protect and further a brand that can stand the test of time, “Sabotage” by Brandon Wilson is an absolute must have for your leadership tool box. Brandon, a scholar of human behavior, motivation and the shadow sides of leadership, brings a refreshing candor and many profound real-life examples of a dynamic that is likely to plague you in a professional setting at one time or another.”
– Jabu Dayton, former head of HR, Airbnb

“Brandon Wilson’s success as a consultant is due in part to his generosity. Committed to making the world a better place, he inspires and guides leaders to tackle truly meaningful work and defines his own success based on their growth and contributions.”
– Kim Sample, President, PR Council

"Brandon Wilson is not only a great leadership adviser, but also an incredible student of leadership. He takes his own advice, and in doing so, he is able to empower young leaders beyond theory and through the entire journey of execution and impact."

Brandon Wilson is a highly sought-after executive strategist and communications consultant.

He specializes in helping leaders get the most out of their leadership by helping them unlock next levels of productivity; tap into the power of collective impact; and pursue aims that change the world.

Brandon’s work has influenced projects that have won both Emmy and Academy Awards, and his executive consultancy has served leaders at some of the world’s most influential companies.

Brandon is a New York Times Scholar, and an accredited public relations practitioner (APR).

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