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As an openly gay, former Head of People turned purpose-driven Executive Leadership Coach, Chris Rollins is committed to helping leaders find their own voice and style so they can lead with purpose and authenticity. When living and leading from his essence, Chris embodies compassion, intimacy, love, joy and peace.


To create safe space so that people have the courage to find and live their truth.

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Popular Talks

Finding Your Voice and Reconnecting with Your Personal Power

Through a combination of storytelling, learning, and self-reflection, this one-hour engaging presentation will give you the inspiration, courage and tools to find your voice as a leader, bring your authentic self to work, be effective in the face of fear and dismantle roadblocks limiting your potential.

Speaking, Workshops, Consulting, & Coaching


Finding Your Voice and Reconnecting with Your Personal Power
With a combination of storytelling, learning, and engaging in self-reflection, this one-hour session will give you the inspiration, courage and tools to…

  • Find your voice as a leader
  • Bring your authentic self to work
  • Be effective in the face of fear
  • Dismantle roadblocks limiting your potential


I offer a range of presentations and workshops on topics like feedback, coaching, difficult conversations and authentic leadership. I also consult with organizations on implementing coaching cultures.


  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • New Manager Coaching
  • Coaching for ERG Leaders
  • Coaching for LGBTQ+ Leaders
  • Coaching for Heads of People/Senior HR Leaders
  • Coach-in-Residence Program

“As a leader, it is important to me to show up in the best way I can. I take this obligation seriously as managing is a title, but leadership is the result of deep, empathetic, caring relationships with people around you. After joining one of Chris’s monthly meet-ups his presence spoke to me as the leadership presence I wanted to emulate – it was calm and I felt seen. After a few emails and video chat, Chris agreed to work with me to find my heart-based leadership that I knew I wanted. I do have to admit though as a Type A person who skews left brain (logical), I was skeptical of a coaching approach that looked at the “whole person” not just improvements in specific behaviors. I stuck with it and through Chris’s guidance, I was able to find my leadership voice which was just a whisper before – but Chris helped bring the megaphone. Highly recommended!”
– Joshua Mitchell, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

“I didn’t know it then, but getting introduced to Chris was one of the most important moments of my career. I met him at a time where I felt so unsure of myself and my path ahead. As an HR leader, I was up against many work challenges throughout the pandemic, and I didn’t feel like I was capable of moving forward when things started to go back to “normal”. I needed a change, but I had not idea how to do it. To put it simply, I felt stuck. Chris gave my the guidance and support I needed during this confusing time. He never lets me forget the type of leader I want to be, and he helps me get there through safe discussions and intentional work. He has helped me take the steps I need to move forward in my career, get organized, and show up as the best version of myself. I found my new path! So if you’re feeling stuck or confused or need help seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, Chris is your person. I can’t imagine working with anyone else.”
– Allie Shulman,

"This session was nothing short of life-changing. Chris smashed old fashioned theories about leadership and showed us that bringing our authentic selves to work is not only desirable, it's crucial."

Chris Rollins is a purpose-driven Executive Leadership Coach who works with leaders— especially in the HR and LGBTQ+ communities—to experience new levels of growth, success and fulfillment.

Chris is passionate about working with leaders to find their own voice and style so they can lead from a place of purpose and authenticity. He’s been coaching full time for two years and has been hired by leaders and worked with ERGs at some of the world’s most recognizable brands like Walmart, J&J, YouTube, Verizon, Oracle, Regeneron and more.

Before working as a coach, Chris spent a decade in corporate America, rising through the leadership ranks in sales and customer success before transitioning into the Head of People function for a leading digital marketing research company in New York City.

He ultimately landed a role as their SVP of Organizational Development where he served on the executive team as a trusted partner to the CEO. He currently resides in Tampa, Florida with his rescue pup.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.