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With his trademark brand and process “The Ripple Effect Leader™” Chris Rollins helps organizations develop inclusive, high-trust and empowered workforces that move forward, faster. He specializes in leadership development, team effectiveness, trust building, culture and employee engagement.


Listen first, reserve judgment, see the potential, enjoy the process and lead with kindness empathy and vulnerability.

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Popular Talks

Finding Your Voice and Reconnecting with Your Personal Power

Through a combination of storytelling, learning, and self-reflection, this one-hour engaging presentation will give you the inspiration, courage and tools to find your voice as a leader, bring your authentic self to work, be effective in the face of fear and dismantle roadblocks limiting your potential.

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Become a Ripple Effect Leader: Building High-Trust Teams in a Low-Trust World
According to a 2023 report from Edelman, 4 in 5 people said they are unwilling to work with someone who disagrees with their point of view. This makes communication, collaboration, and effective teamwork nearly impossible. At a time when trust is low, polarization is high, and fear of cancel culture is growing, we need to create leadership that fosters inclusion and engagement for your organization.

In this dynamic, thought-provoking and inspiring talk, attendees will be able to immediately implement proven strategies to:

  • Discover the surprising, universal need for your company to retain its talent
  • Develop synergy in a highly polarized social, political and work climate
  • Build a loyal team when everyone else is quiet quitting


I offer a range of presentations and workshops on topics like feedback, coaching, difficult conversations and authentic leadership. I also consult with organizations on implementing coaching cultures.


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“This was an incredible eye opener for me. Chris has this incredible ability to establish immediate rapport with his audience because of his honesty and willingness to be transparent. I walked away from this session feeling changed. I haven’t had that reaction to a training experience in a long, long time…if ever.”
– Pat Knuff, VP Talent Acquisition Programs, Segal

“Loved it, Chris! Great message, great content, great delivery. The presentation content was great, well-paced, and provided a salient kick-off to the global leadership development series we’re running.”
– Paul Boyd, VP of User Experience & OPEN (Pride ERG) Global Exec Sponsor, Oracle

“Chris’ approach to building a training program for our agency is strategic and well thought-out. He asks in depth questions to understand our culture and builds content that resonates with our employees. Overall, he takes a humanistic approach that yields great results.”
– Colette Gardner, VP People & Culture, Movement Strategy

"This session was nothing short of life-changing. Chris smashed old fashioned theories about leadership and showed us that bringing our authentic selves to work is not only desirable, it's crucial."

With over 10 years in sales, client management and executive experience running people operations as SVP Organizational Development, Chris believes that by humanizing work, companies have the potential to exceed their goals and change lives for the better.

His speaking, leadership training and executive coaching programs help organizations develop inclusive, high-trust and empowered workforces that move forward, faster.

He’s the founder of QueeHR, serves on the board of several organizations in Tampa, FL, and has been hired by leaders at startups, Fortune 100s, banks, tech companies, and ERGs at some of the most recognizable brands.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.