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Debra Sunderland is a conscious leadership coach whose genius is seeing hidden barriers. She coaches C-level executives and teams, using tools and strategies to discover and shift into fully living their GENIUS-ship™. She fosters a culture of empowered leaders in a uniquely transformative way.


To empower leaders to shift from unconscious to intentional beliefs.

Business Leadership Collaboration and Team Trust Conscious Leadership Cultural Transformation Mindfulness Neuroplasticity Healing Neuroscience and Business Organizational Development

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Leadership/Culture Retreat Have fun rediscovering each other and know yourself more. Interactive and transformative – a time where leaders and teams co-create for themselves and with each other, inviting new energy, clarity and connection. This is designed to each company’s needs, current culture, issues and wants. A great kick-off to bring The 15 Commitments into your organization or deepen your growing practice.


From start-ups and entrepreneurship to corporate growth and succession planning, Sunderland Coaching brings over 100 years of experience in honing long-term, strategic goals and current next steps. We are experts at going beyond what needs to happen; we empower you to create and implement each phase of your vision.


Removing drama – save energy and time, gaining results and higher revenue, by implementing Conscious Leadership Principles.

If you are experiencing any of the following: lack of responsibility, gossip, blame, low energy, and strained collaboration – experience how Conscious Leadership tools transform your team. Applying these tools opens a culture to clearing issues, rebuilding teams, and creating impeccable agreements that end in win-for-all solutions. Team Coaching is co-created with you and your team.

“I have been working with Debra one-on-one for a few months now. It’s almost hard to put into words the profound impact our work has had on me as a Leader and as a Person. Debra has a remarkable way of leading conversations to help create self-awareness around the source of behaviors and beliefs. Through our collaborations, I feel I have begun a transformative journey with a whole new perspective on what makes a great Leader. I am always excited to meet with Debra. Her compassion for people and her passion to spark change and awareness is contagious. I would recommend Debra to anyone who is looking to go beyond business as usual and make a meaningful impact as a Leader.”
– Howard A. Weiss | President at Esser Hayes Insurance Group

“I am happy to have the opportunity to recommend Debra as a leadership and professional coach. Debra provided coaching to both our leadership team members as well as individuals, and I participated in both. The work is challenging and thought provoking and it is work that produces results. After group sessions, I noticed the change in how people communicated and how they addressed issues and concerns. Debra guided me to a place of self-awareness where I could identify areas for growth and potential. Her coaching is not a lecture on how to change, but collaborative work on breaking down habits and conditioning to focus on your ability and choice to be a great leader and teammate. Extremely valuable time and experience for leaders and teams.”
– Kerry Straub | Senior Manager – Morningstar

“I began working with Debra two years ago. In that time, I became clear on my own personal ‘why’ and what the true nature of our business is. That clarity has enabled me to lead the organization from a place of curiosity and wondering that has fostered creativity and growth in the business. I am much more focused on the “why” of our business, which is about relationships and connections, than the “how” of our business. As a result, I’m less in the weeds – less stressed, less anxious, and more trusting that “what is” is what “should be.” I’m more present to our clients’ desires and more conscious of the business dynamics that hold them back and propel them forward. I am more candid, both with clients and staff, and fear less the result of candor, for I know the cost of withholding is far greater. This shift has freed our amazing team to live in their genius – to show up for our company and our clients with all of their abilities. As a company, we stand in who we are much more comfortably today, and we know sooner and with greater confidence when we meet potential clients who will be a good fit. We’re protective of our culture and all that it enables, and we celebrate our awesome work.”
– LoriLee Sadler Bielski | Managing Partner – Gamma Partners

“I've worked with Debra in both one-on-one and in group settings and have found her guidance and expertise to be extremely useful and thought-provoking. Debra is an excellent listener and uses that amazing skill to help you identify what you really want and are really good at. The principles she has reminded/taught me have been helpful both personally and professionally. Equally as important is the high level of energy she brings to her work every single day.”
- DIMITRI P. ELIOPOULOS, Chief Financial Officer at Curio Capital

Debra’s genius is creating a clear vision for CEO’s and their teams — making that vision a reality. With decades of C-level executive and team coaching as a conscious leadership coach, Debra challenges leaders by inviting them to create a collaborative, vibrant, responsible, and joy-filled culture, which fosters highly desirable results.

Debra specializes in awakening leaders to transformatively solve their upper limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviors, and unconscious biases, moving them into sustainable excellence and self-awareness. She coaches through the tough and uncomfortable work of removing the blockages preventing leaders from fully living their genius, equipping them with the thoughts and skills to bring their goals to fruition. She challenges leaders to own their results in all areas of life, to be present in the here and now, stepping out of leading with reactivity and into conscious leadership.

She fosters a culture of empowered leaders, in a uniquely transformative way, thus supporting her clients to truly live their genius.

Debra’s clients and their companies become the model of transformation, no matter where they are on their journey. Her clients include RMB Capital, UBS, Gamma Partners, Brindley Engineering, Esser Hayes Insurance, Mars, Inc., PNC Bank, and Nashville Public Radio.

Debra graduated from Miami University, holds a degree in Psychology and is certified in The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, the Integrative9 Enneagram, Corporate Goal Coaching, and CTI Co-Active training. Debra’s work has been featured on Fox National/Local News, Crain’s Chicago Business, the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, and 190 N Television. As a continual learner, Debra is a graduate of the Inner MBA – Mindful NYU program.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.