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Ezra Bookman is a nationally recognized ritual designer, artist, and consultant helping build more conscious companies and connected communities. He is the founder of Ritualist, the first ever creative studio specializing in ritual design for organizations and secular spaces.


Rituals embody our values.

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Popular Talks

Little Rituals, Big Changes: Simple Tools for Companies, Brands, and Communities

Is your company’s culture holding you back or moving you forward? Through case studies and the latest behavioral science research, you’ll learn to differentiate between routine and ritual, so that you can better utilize ritual’s transformative power.

Welcome Back? Why Offices Need Ritual to Transition Back From Covid

You and your employees are caught between a year of unprecedented disruption and an unknown future. What are the unprocessed losses that will impede successful teamwork, and what are the important learnings you want to carry forward?

Designing Ritual: The Art and Science of Creating Powerful Rituals in Secular Spaces

A backstage look into the mind and process of a professional ritual designer. Learn how to create new rituals or rescue old ones with The Ritual Lines, an original design practice grounded in behavioral insights, anthropology, and transdisciplinary art.

Speaking, Consulting, Workshops & Coaching

Culture Change
– Define & enact guiding values
– Deepen employee engagement and strengthen pro-social behaviors
– Mark moments of transition (ex. on-boarding, leadership change, operating rhythms)

Community Building
– Develop impactful membership journeys
– Grow meaningful connections
– Cultivate strong bonds of trust and accountability

Brand Development
– Human-centered service design
– Impactful brand interactions
– Product launch rituals

“Ezra has been an incredible partner from the early days of our venture. He was able to take what others would have dismissed as an unintelligible stream of thoughts and concepts, and help form it into clear direction. In my case, I’d recommend him to any company or culture builder looking to tap into both ancient wisdom and contemporary creativity for their organization.”
— Zvi Band, Talk Social Founder

“As we expand our suite of programming, Ritualist has been an instrumental partner in our success. In addition to being a joy to work with, Ezra has been able to listen to our needs and work collaboratively with us to bring warmth, depth, and intentionality to all our gatherings. His ability to diagnose the “problem,” and present creative, interesting, and smart solutions is unparalleled.”
— Rachel Hodes, Slingshot Chief Program Officer

“Employers are finding their workers atomized and agitated, and are looking for guidance to bring them back together... These consultants are helping to usher in new rituals for shapeless workdays, and trying to give employees routines that are imbued with meaning.”
— NELLIE BOWLES, The New York Times

Ezra Bookman is an experience designer, artist, and facilitator exploring the transformational power of ritual. He is the founder of Ritualist, a creative studio designing rituals to help build more conscious companies and connected communities.

Ezra is the youngest member on the Board of Directors of The Secret City — an Obie Award-winning arts organization, and the former Artistic Director for Lab/Shul — an experimental, artist-driven, God-optional Jewish community in New York City.

Events he has co-produced at Lab/Shul featured Esther Perel, Priya Parker, Jill Soloway, Darren Aronofsky, Steve Bodow, Adam, Kantor, and Ben Sinclair, among many others. He has collaborated with organizations like The NYC Mayor’s Office, House of Yes, Reimagine Festival, The Joy List, Jewish Emergent Network, Reboot, New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care, and Judson Memorial Church.

His large-scale participatory performance art rituals have been performed at Hammerstein Ballroom, Grand Prospect Hall, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, and the New York Academy of Medicine.

Ezra earned his B.F.A in Theater Studies at Southern Methodist University under the guidance of Stan Wojewodski, where he was awarded the prestigious Meadows Scholar Award. He used the award’s grant to live with Shamans and indigenous communities in Ecuador, Columbia, and Venezuela, researching tools for training artists to create more spiritually resonant work.

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