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Julianna Bootsman leads a mission to make love the language of business. As Chief Spiritual Officer, ICF certified Conscious Leadership coach, certified mediation teacher and founder of White Box Leadership, she is a pioneer—shattering old ways of thinking and acting to create a transformative new framework for operating in business and life.


Every moment is an opportunity to know love.

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Popular Talks

Mindfulness: A path of clarity and calm in a busy world

Julianna teaches the art and science of mindfulness. She guides groups to identify and integrate the mindfulness practice(s) that best connect to their lifestyle, needs and desires. Julianna’s approach to mindfulness is not about adding more, but rather subtracting. Leaving people with more space, clarity and connection to the thoughts, words and actions that bring the best outcomes.

The Art of Radically Responsibility

If accountability is important to your leadership and company, this talk or workshop will empower individual responsibility for collective results. Julianna takes attendees through the above and below the line leadership model, and guides them through an experience that develops higher levels of self-awareness and solution-focused action.

Emotional Intelligence and values-aligned action

In this workshop or talk, Julianna teaches attendees about emotional intelligence and how to continually develop it. She inspires and guides attendees to gain clarity and connection to their core values, and identify pattern and habit shifts that bring their actions into deeper alignment with their values, resulting in higher performance and greater fulfillment.

Speaking, Workshops, Consulting & Coaching


Leadership: The Loving Way
Julianna gets to the heart of the matter in this talk. Teaching and guiding attendees on the 4 agreements of The Loving way: Listening from the heart, Speaking from the heart, Getting to the heart of the matter and holding with a trusted heart. In her welcoming, fun, and wise way, Julianna takes groups through an interactive experience to learn and apply the skills to live and lead The Loving Way. Groups experience immediate shifts and integration.

Cultivating a Culture of Connection and Belonging
Julianna brings together proven practices in both science and spirituality to deliver whole human approach to increasing engagement and creating lasting connections and deep experience of belonging. The results positively impact performance and long-term well-being and success of employees and the company.

Empathetic Listening for Empowered Leadership
Listening is more than just using your ears. Julianna teaches an interactive approach to the three levels of listening and practical strategies that improve communication and elevates human potential.


Julianna works with companies to develop custom conscious communications/leadership training programs, designed around the core values of the company. Attendees have shared that Julianna’s program not only have improved performance but have improved the lives of those who’ve taken it.


Julianna’s coaching guides people to connect more deeply to their innate wisdom and heart intelligence. Tapping into levels of potential that can not be reached otherwise. She connects the spirit of who someone is to the spirit of what they do. Julianna is seen as a master in her craft for creating a profound healing and clarifying presence in her coaching sessions.

“Over my 20 years of working with facilitators in both YPO and EO forums, Julianna has been the best facilitator I’ve ever experienced. Her disarming, real and wise presence brought a depth of learning and connection for our group as individuals and as a whole. She creates total safety and trust in a room, and an experiential style to her facilitating that integrates the learning and achieves lasting outcomes. I have hired her multiple times to work with our YPO group and my organization.”
– Glori Meldrum, Founder of Little Warriors, CEO g[squared] Marketing

“I have learned a lot about myself as a leader since working with Julianna. She is incredible at listening, digging and relating to issues and challenges as they come up. Julianna has helped me with is identifying my blind spots. Understanding these and finding strategies to overcome them have assisted me greatly as a leader. I would highly recommend Julianna to others looking to improve communications, understanding and relations with others.”
– Denis Wiart, CEO ONEC Group

“When firms have hit a wall in terms of taking their business to the next level, Julianna’s program enables participants to develop their personal and authentic potential to grow.”
– Brian Shedden, Principal, Entuitive

"Julianna's program is not only improving my performance, it's turning me into a better person."

Julianna, Chief Spiritual Officer, Conscious Leadership coach, consultant and founder of White Box Leadership leads a mission is to make love the language of business. By teaching the language of love to others, Julianna marries the spirit of who they are with the spirit of the work they do.

Her work rebuilds the metrics for organizational success, including deeper connections, empathy, compassion, and gratitude – all of which enhance performance, increase engagement and strengthen teams and communication.

With the heart and talent of a dancer destined for big stages, Julianna’s early years paved the way for a professional dancing career. Or so she thought. When the time came to go all in, Julianna hesitated as she walked into an audition with the Rockettes. She abruptly said goodbye to her dream and took a different journey: getting married and moving NYC to back to her hometown.

Her fierce determination never faded as she built a life that looked good on paper: a fast-paced career in public relations, a marriage that seemed successful and a cheery disposition that others envied. But on the inside, an eight-year battle with bulimia raged beneath the surface.

When Julianna found out she was pregnant with her first child, she faced an intense reckoning with her past, who she wanted to be and how she wanted to heal.

Today, she is an ICF certified coach, certified mindfulness and meditation practitioner, award-winning communicator and speaker. Working with leaders on all levels, she has a unique ability to guide people to the depth of what inspires and creates shifts in perspective and long-lasting change and transformation. Julianna life and work has shown that when love is put into action, connections are woven tightly by trust, souls are elevated, and monumental change not only becomes imaginable but possible.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.