Katrina De Angelis


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Katrina DeAngelis is a speaker on employee engagement & culture design, and is a leadership coach. She supports leaders in understanding, facilitating and co-creating breakthrough shifts in the self and in teams, which transforms and optimizes the energy of their organizations.


Connection, curiosity, compassion, non-judgment, play, adventure and creativity drives innovation.

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Popular Talks

The Consciousness of Teams & Business / 7 Chakras of Business
How to co-create and leverage the 7 essential energies that exist within a team dynamic.

The 5 Core Conscious Leadership Skills
Learn the keys to success in how you show up to get the results you want.

Strengths Based Leadership & Teamwork
Leverage self & relational Intelligence to build trust, safety and connection that will bring you and your team to the next evolution of success.

Workshops, Coaching, & Consulting

7 Chakras of LEADERSHIP: A team workshop series.

A set of 7 interactive workshops for your team to develop the self awareness, mindsets and communications strategies necessary to show up as their best selves and work better together. Get the tools and mindsets necessary to not only be successful but to live happier, healthier lives. Not to mention work better with their teammates and show up as their best possible selves. This impacts the world around us and the work that we do in unimaginable ways.

Workshops are customized to each team & can be delivered as a series or individually.


Katrina DeAngelis will work with YOU on what she calls the 7 Core Leadership Energies. Throughout this experience you will get the support that you require to grow into your newly realized, courageous self from the inside out.

It all starts with an assessment to determine which specific Energy Centers need the most attention and create a personalized roadmap and goals for our time together. This ensures that you walk out of the experience feeling more aligned, confident and ready to reach new heights that you would have previously not thought possible.

We will dive deep into your strengths, core identity, leadership narrative, core blocks and patterns as well as develop the habits and tools necessary to support the evolution into the next version of you.


7 Chakras of Business: A Strategic Framework to build a culture that serves you, your team, and the world.

We will work with you to assess the health of your team and culture, determine which of the 7 energies need the most work, and develop a customized solution on an organizational, team and individual level.

Culture and success is at the heart of these three intersections (Organization, team, individual) within each of the 7 core areas.

“Katrina brought both authority and a great energy to the room. Throughout the course, she was able to keep people engaged and also handle any detractors with poise, bringing them into the work constructively.”
– Neil Baptista, icon group

“I can feel myself growing more confident, improving on managing self-inflicted guilt, and just generally being more myself – and this is largely a result of our two 1:1 sessions.”
– Tayler Mannarino, J&J

“Katrina was my favorite because she acknowledged each comment with thoughtfulness. I found Katrina as always to be very in touch with the associates, being able to read a room whilst also contributing worthwhile content.”
– J&J Associate

“Katrina is brilliant, her approach is personable and light whilst being extremely informative.”
– Associate at J&J, GOLD Leadership Program

“Katrina was awesome at coaching and facilitating in between speakers, I feel like Katrina was extremely knowledgeable and open to sharing her perspectives on leadership, career development, personal skills, and more!”
– Associate at J&J, GOLD Leadership Program

"Katrina facilitated and coached the whole team in a very patient and professional way, that had the right level of humour and seriousness where needed."

As a speaker on employee engagement & culture design, Katrina supports leaders co-create breakthrough shifts in self and teams to transform and optimize the energy of their organizations.

She deeply believes that a business’s success is dependent on the culture that it cultivates. Katrina describes her work as a process of “enriched discovery and development”. This experience enhances team engagement, collaboration, productive communication and trust.

Katrina thoughtfully weaves together several methodologies such as Positive Psychology, Strengths based coaching, Appreciative Inquiry and Design thinking to provide a truly unique experience for you and your team through workshop facilitation, coaching, leadership development program design and culture strategy execution. trina has helped a range of leaders and businesses globally, from Fortune 100’s to innovation companies revolutionizing technology, realize the potential of their greatest resource, their people.

From Canada to Germany and several countries between, she has helped them achieve their potential and lead authentically from within.

This work has led to the creation of The 7 Chakras of Business – a direct product of her expertise and accumulation of years-long research and work. The program is inspired by the chakras that exist within the human body and recognition of the correlations between a person and a business. “Just as there is an energy system and a consciousness within humans, businesses have them too” says Katrina. 7 Chakras of Business aims to awaken the consciousness of your business. Her ultimate goal with this methodology is to shift how we think about business. A change focused on creating “Ripples of Positive Impact” on a global scale.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.