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Sought-after speaker on storytelling, Kristian A. Alomá, PhD, is the author of “Start with the Story: Brand-Building in a Narrative Economy,” founder of a B-Corp strategy consultancy to brands that care about the world. He combines his profound expertise in psychology with branding to craft meaningful narratives for businesses.


Genuine, ethical stories are the cornerstone of business, brand, and personal success.

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Popular Talks

The Psychology of Storytelling

In his workshops, Kristian explores the profound psychological impact of storytelling on human experiences. Merging insightful content with practical activities, he equips participants with the skills to discern and influence the narratives that shape their environments and interactions.

The Emotional Ethics of Brands

Drawing on his consumer psychology research, Kristian illuminates the significant effects brands exert on individuals. The sessions delve into the essence of branding, the nature of consumer-brand relationships, and propose empathetic strategies for nurturing these connections with care and ethical consideration.

Behavioral Economics and Behavior Design

Kristian’s sessions unveil the core principles of behavioral economics and design, aiming to instigate positive actions within communities. Covering a spectrum from financial decision-making to health-conscious choices and critical media consumption, attendees leave with practical strategies for fostering positive behaviors in their communities.

Workshops & Consulting


The Brand Narrative
This Workshop empowers participants to harness storytelling’s power, transforming their ability to engage with and influence their audience. Through practical exercises and team collaboration, attendees learn to create stories that align with their purpose, fostering profound connections and achieving meaningful results within their industries.


Kristian A. Alomá, PhD, and his agency, Threadline, delve into the emotional drivers of stakeholders, offering clients profound insights to authentically engage with their customers’ narratives and establish a significant presence in their lives.

“If you and your team are in the business of building trusted relationships with people, then you recognize the challenge of understanding the psychology behind their often-irrational behavior. Kristian Aloma has been a student and practitioner of psychology and behavior within the context of branding and marketing for years and has identified a profound unlock through the power of story. Aloma is an accessible academic, effortlessly simplifying complex constructs so that we can move forward on actions that matter.”
— Dave Healing, Senior Director of Brand Strategy & Activation at Zillow Group

“Kristian Aloma knows his stuff. He is a uniquely talented analyst who has been studying the consumer mind for decades. Now that he has decided to share his expertise with the rest of us, we will all be smarter and better prepared to grow trust, activate customers, and shape behavior.”
— Brian Reich, Author, Speechwriter, and Communications Strategist

“Kristian Aloma has an innate ability to follow the human thread through stories of brands and their relationships with consumers. His use of narrative psychology to highlight how we think and why helps to bridge the gap between business and psychology in a way that just makes sense. Using this framework, Kristian provides the language businesses need to ‘talk’ to their consumers and to build long-lasting and trusting relationships with them.”
— Elizabeth Schwab, Psyd, Associate Department Chair, Chicago School of Professional Psychology

“I’ve witnessed Kristian Aloma help hundreds of nonprofit leaders in organizations big and small realize how important their brands are to their stakeholders. Using Kristian’s narrative framework, nonprofits all over the world are able to identify and strengthen their relationships with donors. If you’re looking to grow your brand and strengthen its impact, Kristian is the person to help.”
— Elise Madrick Townsend, Msw, Associate Director of Nonprofit Executive Programs, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

"I’ve witnessed Kristian Aloma help hundreds of nonprofit leaders."

Kristian A. Alomá, PhD, is the founder of Threadline, a B-Corp-certified insights and brand strategy consultancy. He combines his profound expertise in psychology with branding to craft meaningful narratives for businesses. With over two decades in the marketing sphere, Kristian’s endeavors at Threadline are dedicated to nurturing positive, impactful brand-customer relationships. His unique approach, deeply anchored in the social sciences, utilizes narrative psychology, behavioral economics, and consumer identity to position brands significantly within their customers’ stories.

As a lecturer at the Kellogg School Center for Nonprofit Management at Northwestern University, Kristian empowers leaders to refine their brand narratives and enrich donor experiences. His involvement on the board of the Society for Media Psychology and Technology, under the American Psychological Association, ensures he remains in sync with the latest consumer identity research. Moreover, his leadership role in B Lab’s Marketer’s Network places him at the vanguard of redefining responsible marketing practices.

Kristian’s profound understanding of authentic brand storytelling is encapsulated in his book, “Start with the Story: Brand-Building in a Narrative Economy.” The book serves as a beacon for marketers aspiring to create substantial change, highlighting the significance of centering customers in brand narratives.

Embodying the ethos of Threadline, Kristian’s teachings and writings advocate for genuine brand-consumer engagements over manipulative tactics. This philosophy encourages brands to immerse themselves in their customers’ stories, fostering deeper, meaningful connections.

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