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Dr. Loubna Noureddin is an organization leadership expert and CEO of Mind Market LLC, a resource and coaching center for companies prioritizing cultures of brilliance over systems of unnecessary change and chaos. No matter what conflicts arise on your path, you and your team are so much more than your survival skills.


A culture of humanity and dignity is everything.

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Make Change Last for a Change

50% to 70% of change initiatives fail. The numbers are higher in the tech and healthcare industry. Similar to planes, most change initiatives fail during launch. Conflicting priorities get in the way of results. When your leaders spend their energy on engaging their talents, they contribute to strong cultures that sustain change and nurture cultures that run on a united purpose.

The Leader Coach Will Transform your Culture

Compliance trumps innovation and fear wins transformation every time. You can only demand compliance from your people for so long. And retaliation comes in three different forms – Escape (employees quit). Clash (they develop and fight for their own agenda). Hide (they do the minimum and stay out of trouble).

Three Simple Keys to Navigate the Burnout Storm

The mental pandemic has taken us by surprise. 57% of millennials and GenZs report experiencing burnout in the workplace. Taking time off is a temporary remedy. Learn best practices and evidence based tools that promote a culture of wellbeing and impacts retentions rates in your organization.

Coaching & Workshops


We partner with senior leaders to solve ambiguous and urgent talent problems. Through thorough discovery sessions, I engage leaders in open and safe dialogue regarding the current and desired state. We explore sharks of culture and place emphasis on daily team behaviors that promote a more inclusive culture.


You are so much more than your thoughts (Female Empowerment)
Almost every single one of us struggles with insecurity. The latest research in neurplasticity informs us that we can reprogram our path and that our incredible intelligence can seamlessly reprogram our mind and body to get to a place of higher resilience, acceptance and most importantly confidence. Our past is our reality. “I am not enough” could be become our false reality when it is whispered through past generations and past experiences. It is a painful reminder, a false fact, that keeps showing up on a daily basis. When we get beyond our current thoughts and start to embrace what is true, what could be possible, we begin to empower ourselves with the tools we need to elevate our personal experiences. You are so much more than your thoughts and I am here to prove it!

Tap into the Dream Team. Spark innovation not competition in your team (leadership and teams)
Most modern leaders recognize the impact of healthy team dynamics on their results and on their company’s success. In fact, many have mastered the basics of healthy dialogue and the importance of empathy, humanity and worklife balance. What continues to be challenging is managing the different workstyles. We often appreciate those who think and work just like us. Many times we hear “the job is easy, people are not”. This is absolutley true. Understanding someone else’s map of the world, their preferences, beliefs, motivators and stressors is as much science as it is art. We get very concerned when team conflict takes a turn to division and silence. During this session, we create the space for people to be vulnerable with each other. And for some to finally see, feel and hear what the other person is saying. Taking time to nurture these conversations can unpack frustrations and claim reconnections.

“I wanted to thank you once again for helping me open a new window through which different, yet more concise, perspectives are possible to be seen when given the chance. I wish we have more of these classes. It was a blessing participating in the program and meeting you in the process. May God always bless you and oversee every aspect of your life. Thank you for the isights. They will stay with me and empower me to be the best team leader.”
– T. Reyes, Nurse Leader, Emerging Nurse Leader Program, Mount Sinai Medical Center

“Loubna, thank you for helping us maneuver through some very difficult discussions. I believe airing out all of the team’s concern regarding alignment and who does what in front of the whole team was beneficial to all. It was important to have that discussion and you helped facilitate it in a non-threatening and professional manner. You are by far the best facilitator our team had in the last eight years.”
– Ron Williams, Chairman of the Board, Provider Network Solutions.

“Working with Dr. Noureddin helped me to identify key areas for leadership and personal development. She helped me to think critically about my role as a leader, and how it differed from other roles I play in my life. She helped me to recognize opportunities for improvement, and provided me with tools to make effective changes in driving results in my team.”
– Dr. Hillary Snapp, Chief of Audiology, UM Miller School of Medicine.

“My overall mood on a daily basis has changed. I feel more confident in my role. I feel much better about the decisions I am making. I still have setbacks and I am more equipped to get through challenges without becoming overwhelmed. My restored enthusiasm and commitment are contagious and my team is improving because of it.”
– Melissa Hill, Design Director, Netflix.

“Dr. L, you have an amazing gift in your ability to coach your clients. You distill any situation down to what is really going on. You uncover the underlying motivation behind their actions and you address them in a way that is non-threatening for everyone involved! I’m a better manager because of the time I’ve spent with you. I thank you for the clarity you’ve imparted while coaching me over seemingly insurmountable barriers”.
– Jeannie McCabe, Vice President, Catholic Health Services

"The team coaching sessions were fantastic. I saw results from the very first coaching session. My managers’ awareness of their impact on others was immediate. My team learned about their styles and how to communicate with each other to get better results."

I once woke up to the hot end of a rifle pressed into my forehead. I was ten years old, Sierra Leone was on the edge of civil war, and when there’s an impending battle at your doorstep, you’re likely to get some early, unwelcome visitors. My family and I managed to flee into the darkness of our nearby jungle that night—the life we had (along with my coveted teddy bear) were left behind.

Change can come suddenly. And other people’s conflicts and agendas rarely have concerns for what you hold dear.

And this was just my first civil war. The second was in Lebanon during most of my adolescence while at school. Weird isn’t it that University is in session while bombs explode in the distant neighborhoods.

Human beings are very adaptable, which is a useful quality. But often we need to stop and question what it is we’re adapting to.

And as someone who ultimately earned a PhD in organizational leadership, spent over 20 years in corporate, and who now consults outside of it, what I can’t help but notice that:

You can only demand compliance from your people for so long. And retaliation comes in three different forms: Escape (employees quit), Clash (they develop and fight for their own agenda) or Hide (they do the minimum and stay out of trouble).

Organizations with the most noble of agendas can create the most toxic environments. And company loyalty could be destroyed in the midst of too much rapid, mindless change.

Trust me, if you want to waste potential, put people in a situation where they spend their energy surviving instead of engaging their talents and contributing to strong cultures that sustain and run on united purpose.

No matter what conflicts arise on your path, you and your team are so much more than your survival skills. And I can prove it.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.