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Dr. Loubna Noureddin is committed to inspiring the hearts and minds of leaders so everyone can experience dignity in the workplace. She is a globally celebrated speaker, executive coach and leadership scholar. Her passion for healthy cultures has positioned her leadership programs at the Top Ten list by Training Magazine for 11 consecutive years.


Culture is the shadow of the leader; self awareness is the light.

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Popular Talks

Empower your culture to thrive during change

50% to 70% of change initiatives fail in organizations. Most of your initiatives fail during launch. Team differences and conflicting priorities get in the way of results. When your managers spend their energy on engaging their teams, rather forcing change through a fire hose, they contribute to strong cultures that sustain change. We introduce three concepts and tools to help you create a thriving culture that runs on a united purpose. These tools can shift your differences into capabilities and complement your efforts to transform and sustain your bottom line results.

Cultivate healthy relationships and eliminate toxic ones

What if I told you that you have the power to decode the needs and wants of those around you? What if there is a way for you to clearly see, hear and feel what motivates those you work with? What if their stressors become as clear to you as the words you are reading? During this highly engaging session, you will uncover your priorities, motivators, and stress triggers that shape your team experience. Leave with a better understanding of styles around you and the impact on your results. Learn how opposing styles in the workplace get even better results. And learn why your brain gravitates toward partners who are your opposite.

Coaching through Adversity

Coaching is a powerful phenomena in the workplace. In fact, Microsoft requires all managers to complete 60 hours of coaching training. This has impacted their client and employee relationships in big ways. Coaching conversations drive innovation and fear tactics trump transformation every time. Find ways to create a healthy culture based on three simple guiding principles. Leave with two just-in-time tools to empower your team and to manage weekly expectations through evidence-based behaviors. Leave the session with a deeper understanding of the three different forms of retaliation in your team

  1. Escape – employees quit.
  2. Clash – they work in silos or and fight for their own agenda.
  3. Hide – they quiet quit.

Inspire to Expire the Burnout Storm

The mental pandemic has taken us by surprise. 57% of millennials and GenZs report experiencing burnout in the workplace. Taking time off is a temporary remedy. Learn best practices and evidence based tools to promote a culture of wellbeing. Identify five daily habits that promote well being, reduce the sense of overwhelm, and nurture higher engagement among your team.

Coaching & Workshops

We offer executive coaching, team coaching, leadership workshops and content design.

Executive Coaching

Succession planning has been identified as a top priority for CEOs in 2023. Executive coaching is globally recognized as a critical tool for sustaining effectiveness. Our signature approach offers a four-step, evidence-based, model to support your leaders in reaching operational excellence. We coach leaders to expand their mindset, become change influencers and experts in conversational intelligenceTM. We bring the whole person perspective into the coaching process. We ensure a single point of coach and exceptional client relationship.

Team Coaching

“Trust is the essence of teams. Without it there is no team”. Accountability is the essence of transformation. Without it, boundaries are blurred. Respect is the essence of engagement. Without it, quiet quitting is the norm. Our team coaching sessions are customized to meet the specific needs of your team.


Leadership Development
Our leadership programs have been nominated as Top 10 training programs in the globe by Training Magazine for 11 consecutive years. We offer customized leadership training solutions that represent your brand. The programs are designed to inspire, engage and create lasting change. Based on reflective and experiential learning models, specific leadership competencies that impact your organization are selected through a comprehensive discovery process. Programs include Emerging Leader Program, Emerging Nurse Leader Program, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, The Manager Coach, The Virtual Manager, Legal Implications of your Talent Cycle, and Developing Human Skills in a digital world.

Culture Change
We are experts in assessing culture drivers and blockers. We offer a deep dive into the present versus desired culture. Using private interviews, focus groups and culture assessments, we provide you with a clear illustration of your culture strengths, challenges and dominant culture narratives. Our unique approach incorporates a thematic analysis of common themes, stories and assumptions standing in the way of results. We also design new culture narratives to compel teams to collaborate toward a united purpose.

Assessment Center
We offer a suite of personal and team development assessments that identify individual, team and culture tendencies, strengths and liabilities. Our assessment center offers evidence-based data workstyles, Management, Work of LeadersTM, Agile EQTM, Productive Conflict and Resilience metrics.

“I wanted to thank you once again for helping me open a new window through which different, yet more concise, perspectives are possible to be seen when given the chance. I wish we have more of these classes. It was a blessing participating in the program and meeting you in the process. May God always bless you and oversee every aspect of your life. Thank you for the isights. They will stay with me and empower me to be the best team leader.”
– T. Reyes, Nurse Leader, Emerging Nurse Leader Program, Mount Sinai Medical Center

“Loubna, thank you for helping us maneuver through some very difficult discussions. I believe airing out all of the team’s concern regarding alignment and who does what in front of the whole team was beneficial to all. It was important to have that discussion and you helped facilitate it in a non-threatening and professional manner. You are by far the best facilitator our team had in the last eight years.”
– Ron Williams, Chairman of the Board, Provider Network Solutions.

“Working with Dr. Noureddin helped me to identify key areas for leadership and personal development. She helped me to think critically about my role as a leader, and how it differed from other roles I play in my life. She helped me to recognize opportunities for improvement, and provided me with tools to make effective changes in driving results in my team.”
– Dr. Hillary Snapp, Chief of Audiology, UM Miller School of Medicine.

“My overall mood on a daily basis has changed. I feel more confident in my role. I feel much better about the decisions I am making. I still have setbacks and I am more equipped to get through challenges without becoming overwhelmed. My restored enthusiasm and commitment are contagious and my team is improving because of it.”
– Melissa Hill, Design Director, Netflix.

“Dr. L, you have an amazing gift in your ability to coach your clients. You distill any situation down to what is really going on. You uncover the underlying motivation behind their actions and you address them in a way that is non-threatening for everyone involved! I’m a better manager because of the time I’ve spent with you. I thank you for the clarity you’ve imparted while coaching me over seemingly insurmountable barriers”.
– Jeannie McCabe, Vice President, Catholic Health Services

"The team coaching sessions were fantastic. I saw results from the very first coaching session. My managers’ awareness of their impact on others was immediate. My team learned about their styles and how to communicate with each other to get better results."

Prior to her years of sleepless nights doing her doctoral research on leadership and change, Loubna led the learning and development function in both the profit and nonprofit world for over 20 years.

Loubna has interviewed hundreds of leaders about their work relationships during change. Assumptions we make about others lead to missed opportunities, resentment and silos. Collaboration means that those who feel different can make a meaningful contribution.

Loubna’s work attests that thorough investigation reveals systematic, yet simple solutions to major culture challenges. And that by truly respecting the talents within and around you, potential will show its face.

Change is inevitable, and whether you create the consequences of change or inherit them, there’s a stark difference between leaders willing to address their shifting cultures versus those living in denial that challenges do not exist.

Loubna is the cofounder and CEO of Mind Market, a resource and coaching center for organizations and startups prioritizing cultures of brilliance over systems of unnecessary change and chaos.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.