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An audacious, driven optimist, Mahmoud Khedr envisions transformative changes in BIPOC youth mental health. With determination, focus, and ambition, he is a human-first healer, advocate, TED speaker on “How Toxic Positivity Leads to More Suffering,” and is the founder of FloraMind—building accessible solutions to empower every young person to flourish.


Challenge the status quo, promote accessibility and equity, embrace innovation, advocate for empowered mental well-being.

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Popular Talks

Culturally-Relevant Mental Health for BIPOC Youth

Through my culturally-sensitive approaches, I highlight the impact of culture on the mental well-being of BIPOC youth. By fostering empathy and understanding, I address the unique challenges they face and provide strategies for promoting their mental well-being.

Building a Society of Healers

Emphasizing the expansion of peer support and equipping stakeholders with skills to heal themselves and others, I empower communities to embrace accessible hidden healing practices. This fosters resilience and improves mental health at the grassroots level.

Social Media and Mental Health

Exploring the intersection of social media and mental well-being, I delve into the effects of social media on the mental health of youth. Providing insights, strategies, and practical tips, I empower young people to foster a healthy relationship with digital platforms.

Workshops, Coaching & Consulting


FloraMind workshops: Accessible mental health for all young people, empowering them to become healers. Enhancing emotional well-being, fostering self-awareness, relationship skills, self-care strategies, and addressing key topics like social stigma, BIPOC mental health, suicide prevention, self-love, and responsible social media usage. Our impact is evident: 94% of participants show gains in social-emotional learning capacities.


As a holistic mental health coach, I am dedicated to supporting individuals on their transformative journey towards holistic well-being. With a focus on addressing underlying causes, I guide clients in unlocking their inner potential and navigating challenges. Drawing from my experiences with BIPOC leaders, I provide culturally-sensitive and empowering support for lasting positive change.


A comprehensive approach to mental health consulting. We go beyond traditional consulting by offering tailored systems-change solutions, stakeholder interviews, policy analysis, and innovative strategies. Our comprehensive strategy includes not only workshops, keynotes, and leadership training, but also a deep focus on holistic well-being and addressing root causes. With FloraMind, your organization receives a holistic and impactful approach to drive positive mental well-being for constituents

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Mahmoud Khedr is an Egyptian Muslim immigrant and Founder of FloraMind, a leading globally-recognized mental health company building accessible solutions to empower every young person to flourish.

After suffering in silence with depression and anxiety for a decade and being a survivor of multiple suicide attempts, Mahmoud created one of the world’s first culturally-relevant mental health education programs. Flora has impacted 50K+ through its programs and 2M+ through social media campaigns globally. Mahmoud has received fellowships and awards from The Biden-Harris White House, President Bill Clinton, Stanford, and Forbes for his advocacy for youth mental health.

He speaks globally on youth mental health and has been featured at Harvard, the UN, and many other organizations. In 2022, he was invited to speak at the first-ever White House-MTV Mental Health Youth Action Forum as a youth mental leader. He was a Young Mental Health Leader Council Member with Mental Health America and a Stanford University Innovation Fellow.

In 2019, he delivered his TED talk, “How Toxic Positivity Leads to More Suffering.” In 2023, he partnered with MTV to launch a first-of-its-kind national campaign for culturally-grounded healing ( He graduated from the City College of New York with a B.S. in Social Entrepreneurship.

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