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A keynote speaker on mindfulness, Melanie Whitney teaches busy professionals how to experience more clarity and connection in their relationships by integrating mindfulness into their mindset and communication. While it may be easy to call Melanie a life coach, it may be more accurate to call her a “surgeon for the soul.”


Awareness and accountability are the foundation for living in alignment.

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We dive into techniques and practices that cultivate present-moment awareness, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. Audiences gain practical tools to incorporate mindfulness into their mindset, communication, and relationships. This integration promotes greater clarity, alignment, and resilience.

Conscious Communication

Covering essential skills such as active listening, non-judgmental presence, and empathetic expression. Attendees learn practical strategies for mindful communication and navigate conflicts with greater collaboration.

Mindful Relationships

Examines key elements such as trust, boundaries, and communication. Audiences gain insights and practical tools to cultivate meaningful connections, vulnerability, and creating boundaries for healthy relationships.

Workshops, Coaching & Consulting


Mindful Communication

Learn the foundations of interpersonal communication, how to execute those principles for collaboration and connection.

Conflict Management

Learn the anatomy of conflict; toxic patterns of communication; how to increase collaboration with mindful communication.


For high-achieving, heart centered leaders, Melanie mentors at the intersection of mindfulness, social science, and spiritual psychology. With clients, Melanie explores multiple areas of personal development: self-actualization, relationships, and reprogramming the subconscious mind. She helps translate that into a blueprint for more aligned and mindful living.


Melanie provides leadership teams with expertise in integrating mindful communication practices, enhance employee well-being, and foster a positive work culture that supports teamwork and collaboration. She also advises leadership development teams construct training programs that deliver on their desired outcomes.

“Melanie is a unique combination of business and “being-ness”. As the keynote speaker at our annual leadership summit, she challenged the teams’ thinking, inspired them to “be” intentional and left them with an emotional charge to move forward. She did a one hour follow up a few weeks later and the team shared the impact of their learnings. I was in a meeting just this week (months later) and a leader used the concept and the exact words that Melanie taught in her inspirational time with our 250 leaders. I continue to be amazed by her humility, creativity, and willingness to serve for the greater good.”
– Jennifer Rumack, VP of People Development, Fusion Academy

“Working with Melanie was a dream. She has an innate ability to uncover the needs of your business and customize her workshops to maximize the return for your people. She is thoughtful in her delivery, ensuring she has an understanding of the demographics of your audience, and is really able to capture everyone’s attention. I would definitely work with Melanie again and share her work/offerings with other business leaders.”
– Halai Shukran, VP of Talent, Pluribus Digital

“Melanie created a warm and supportive environment that made me feel comfortable and open to learning. She helped me work through limiting beliefs that were holding me back as a leader. The perspective and communication skills I learned from her have had a profound impact on my relationships at work and home. She taught me how to focus on living in the present moment. More importantly, she helped me identify and understand my thought patterns, which was a game-changer for the way I lead my team. I highly recommend Melanie for anyone who wants to become a better leader and a better human-being.” Vincent Nguyen, Chief Experience Officer, Ryvid

"Working with Melanie was a dream."

Melanie Whitney was born and raised in Southern California, where her first-generation, Mexican-American parents set her up for the “American Dream.” At an early age, academia became a focus for upward mobility and success. Finishing her graduate program at 23 years old, Melanie was ready to take on a career in marketing and event planning in Los Angeles. However, the “American Dream” she had worked so hard to achieve began falling apart. From getting laid off to having to defer her student loans, rock bottom became an unplanned destination as she battled mental health issues.

Melanie unexpectedly found a career in higher education, teaching young adults how to communicate in their interpersonal relationships. In 2016, she began venturing outside academia by stepping on the TEDx stage, inviting her audience to question their societal conditioning around happiness and success.

At this point in her venture, Melanie began teaching high achieving professionals how to live mindfully at work and at home. What makes Melanie’s approach unique is how she combines the philosophy of mindfulness, the research of social sciences, and spiritual psychology in her teachings.

In 2018, Melanie founded the “Institute for Empowerment,” to teach busy professionals how to integrate mindfulness into their mindset, communication, and relationships so they can live in more alignment. While it’s easy to call Melanie a “life” coach, it may be more accurate to call her a “surgeon for the soul.” Helping clients to identify and remove emotional blocks preventing them from achieving their goals and connecting in their relationships. She uses her expertise in interpersonal communication and mindfulness to help clients heal from the inside out. Melanie has taken her work around the globe working with diverse communities and speaking on stages for universities, LinkedIn, and the United States military.

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