Michael Ventura

Michael Ventura


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Michael is a keynote speaker on empathy, author of Applied Empathy and was the Founder and former CEO of Sub Rosa, a strategy and design firm that has worked with some of the world’s most influential, respected organizations. An ardent steward of self-development practices, Michael is frequently engaged as an advisor to leaders, teams, and boards seeking personal and professional growth.


Pursuing positive transformation.

Speaking, Consulting & Workshops

Strategic Advisory
Guiding organizations through challenges and toward success.

Cultural Transformation
Supporting the evolution of a team and its skillsets.

Leadership Development
Providing counsel and personal development support for individuals and teams.

“I’ve worked with Michael here at the NBA and at my previous role at West Point, it’s amazing to see the impact that he has on people. I appreciate the relationship we’ve built together and everything he’s done to help me and my teams grow.”
– Justin Bokmeyer, National Basketball Association

"Applied Empathy shows us how to unlock our ability to design solutions, spark innovation, and solve tough challenges with empathy at the center.”

Our world is at a pivotal inflection point where it is essential to cultivate the practice of empathy for ourselves, our organizations, and society at large.

Michael’s work inspires us to feel, think, and act with greater curiosity, and a willingness to deepen our understanding of the nuanced perspectives that influence our lives. His study and practice of modern leadership draws from ancient wisdom to bring about new skills and adoptable behaviors that are thoughtful, provocative, and personal.

Over the past two decades, Michael has worked closely with some of the world’s foremost leaders to incite growth and catalyze change. Concepts and tools from his first book, Applied Empathy: The New Language of Leadership (Simon & Schuster) have been embraced by influential, respected organizations from the ACLU, Google, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and Nike to The United Nations and the Obama Administration.

A dynamic keynote speaker on empathy and facilitator of workshops on empathy in business, Michael has shared his work with as an advisor to a variety of public and private boards, as well as prestigious institutions such as Princeton University and the United States Military Academy at West Point. An ardent steward of self development practices, Michael is frequently engaged as an advisor to leaders seeking personal and professional growth.

He encourages us to consider our greatest empathy gaps and what must be done to gain new perspective. This is where the work begins.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.