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Neha O’Rourke is an award-winning Career & Energy Coach, founder of Somewhere In Between Coaching, and speaker who inspires leaders to tap into the one-of-a-kind energy they’ve been kindling all along.


We are unique, purposeful and limitless beings who are here to be ourselves, share our gifts and enjoy the journey.

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Popular Talks

My 6 Step Framework To Get Clarity On A Fulfilling Career & Lifestyle That Utilizes Your Purpose and Gives You Energy
This keynote is based on Neha’s proven framework that has had a 100% success rate with her clients. The content of this keynote presentation is an empowering mix of vulnerable and inspiring storytelling paired with actionable tools to help your audience understand how to get clarity on a more fulfilling and energizing career and lifestyle, rooted in their purpose.


  • A feeling of relief and inspiration as they witness someone else’s journey from burnout and unfulfillment to purpose and success
  • A proven framework on how to get clarity on a fulfilling career and lifestyle that utilizes their purpose and gives them energy
  • A greater sense of empowerment as they better understand mistakes to avoid and a roadmap to follow


Success, Reset: How to redefine and realign to your true definition of success and enjoy the journey “in between”

The Success, Reset keynote is a powerful anti-dote to the burnout epidemic in our country. This keynote gives your audience the actionable tools to reset on what “success” truly means and provides an approach that empowers the journey to their goals to be more energizing and conducive to their well-being.


  • An approach on how to redefine success in a way that serves them best, both personally and professionally
  • Tools on how to create more ease, joy and well-being while in pursuit of their goals
  • A shift in perspective that will greatly increase their overall perspective”


Be You: How to start living a more authentic, energizing and fulfilling life

This thought-provoking keynote is the dose of inspiring and grounding perspective that many of us miss in the busy-ness of our everyday lives. With a mix of storytelling, perspective and actionable steps, this keynote will empower your audience to be themselves and start living a more authentic, energizing and fulfilling life!


  • A greater perspective on what actually matters in life
  • Actionable steps & tools on how to lead a more authentic, fulfilling and energizing life
  • A feeling of inspiration, empowerment and motivation

Workshops, Coaching & Consulting


Managing your energy while navigating uncertainty
As 2020 taught us, life is filled with uncertainty and yet most people are living in massive fear and stress due to uncertainty. This empowering workshop gives your audience the tools they need to shift out of fear and into peace as they navigate uncertainty while taking care of their well-being.

Your audience will leave with:

  • Lifelong tools to use to alleviate the fear of uncertainty and the stress that comes with it
  • A personalized approach that addresses their individualized expereince with uncertainty
  • Actionable tips on how to manage their energy

Setting Holistic Goals
This empowering and interactive workshop is filled with life-long tools your audience can use to not only set holistic goals, but also provides tools on how to make the journey to achieving their goals more enjoyable. This workshop harness the collective energy of being in a group setting while it empowers each individual to come up with their own unique, personalized answers through the workshop

Your audience will leave with:

  • Lifelong tools to help goal setting become more condusive to their well-being and enjoyable
  • A greater sense of ease when pursuring goals
  • Actionable steps they can implement immediately while maintaining the bigger picture vision


Discovering Your Purpose
This interactive workshop provides the tactical tools on how to answer the illusive question of “what is my purpose”. Participants will have the ability to both work with one another and individually on this exercise

Your audience will leave with:

  • Tangible tools on how to figure out “what is my purpose”
  • A better understanding of themselves, their unique nature and energy
  • A greater sense of self


Neha is an award-winning coach who is on a mission to help humans tap into the one-of-a-kind energy they’ve been kindling all along. Her clients often describe her coaching style as approachable and warm while expansive as she isn’t afraid to challenge her clients to ultimately follow through with what is in their highest good. Neha’s range of services include 1:1 Coaching, Courses, Group Workshops, and Speaking.

“Neha is an absolute beam of light in this (sometimes) dark world! We worked closely to develop a tailored presentation for a group of women about seizing your power, knowing your worth, and following your passions in and out of the workplace. Neha devoted a lot of her time and attention to this project, and was an absolute pleasure to work with. She made a significant impact on the lives of the women in attendance, and her insights on reframing your life were poignant and thoughtful.”
– Jimmy Austin, Expedia

“I have a nonprofit organization and Neha was our Keynote speaker for our Galentine’s Brunch. The theme was “Loving your Authentic Self,” and we spoke about sensitive topics such as sexual and domestic abuse. Neha did an excellent presentation that allowed our guests to really dig deep. She helped our guests see how they view themselves and how we can love ourselves and others better.

I received a lot of great feedback about Neha, our guests loved her presentation and her friendly personality. I am a fan of Neha on a personal and professional level. She is so easy to talk to, down to earth, passionate, and professional. I love that she supports women and is always cheering you on. If you are looking for a coach to help you in your business, Neha is the real deal!”
– Jennifer R., &Rise

“Neha is a force of energy and positivity, and I can’t recommend her enough as a speaker! I recently hosted a virtual retreat celebrating intercultural relationships and marriages, and Neha wasn’t only a prepared, conscious, and incredibly valuable speaker but she was also my co-dreamer in bringing the event to life in the first place. And that co-dreaming began only minutes after we met! Neha is a powerful, inspiring coach and speaker, and I can’t recommend her enough.”
– K.C. C., Love + Culture Haven

“Neha was a FANTASTIC addition to my Chicago event for bloggers: “Chicago Creates.” She was a part of our four person panel and gave great value from a coach’s perspective. Her connection with attendees was authentic and I would love to have Neha speak at any future events I host or attend!”
– Hannah Ashton, Chicago Creates

"She has great energy/presence, and it resonated through the evening!"

Neha O’Rourke is an award-winning Career &; Energy Coach, Speaker and Founder of Somewhere In Between Coaching, a company dedicated to empowering career-driven humans to discover their purpose and realign with their definition of happiness, intentionality, and fulfillment—and bring it to the forefront in ways that advance their personal and professional endeavors.

Neha’s services, including 1:1 coaching, courses, group workshops, and speaking have been embraced by brands such as Expedia, WeWork, NEMA, The Wing, and more. Her thought leadership has been featured in publications like The Lily by The Washington Post, The Chic, Yoga Digest, and Lux and Concord, and on WGN News and Fox 32. Neha has been recognized by Honeybook and Rising Tide Society as “20 on the Rise” in the coaching category.

Neha is also a published contributing author who had the honor of being selected to collaborate with some of the best coaches from around the world to create a book with wellness hacks for the busy professional trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Prior to Somewhere In Between Coaching, Neha worked in advertising where she architected strategies and campaigns for nationally recognized brands. As a result of physical, mental and emotional burnout, Neha shifted her career to launch Somewhere In Between Coaching. She fundamentally believes that life is too short to be “surviving” your career and that every human deserves to thrive, both professionally and personally.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.