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Pearce Cucchissi is a disabled military veteran speaker on resilience. He is also an executive performance coach, helping executives and their teams reduce burnout and reach peak productivity, utilizing combat stress reduction techniques, neuroscience, psychology, and physiology to ensure high-performing individuals are operating in an optimal state, without self-imposed limitations.


Customize the system to the individual.

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Popular Talks

Burnout and Resilience

Pearce discusses neuroscience, psychology, and physiology in a way that allows participants to walk away with actionable steps to reduce burnout and build resilience. This is how we invest directly in the people at our organizations.

Coaching & Consulting


Works 1-on-1 with clients as an executive performance coach, focused on reducing burnout.


Works with leaders and team to create organizational change around how we see personal development so the company can retain employees and have them perform better.

“Evolve allowed me to gather the strength and confidence to work less and live more in my life. It helped me overcome my fears of feeling irrelevant. My relevance in the world has nothing to do with my job title. it has everything to do with me being a human living a life fully lived.”
– JP Carillo, Peak 7 Mortgage

“Working with Pearce has honestly transformed my life and the way I think. I have a new way forward and feel so much better about the direction I’m going. I have taken everything I have learned and made them habits, something I struggled with in the past. I should have done this type of work years ago.”
– Sandra Franco, Apple

“No one is prepared for the task of running large companies, stress, overwhelm, and burnout are real, if we want to continue to make progress at our current pace we must implement a performance plan to get our personal systems operating with ease. Within one session, I understood how big of an impact this process can make.”
– Jeff Ricci, Amazon

"Working with Pearce has honestly transformed my life and the way I think."

Pearce Cucchissi is a former member of the US Army Special Operations under the 75th Ranger Regiment. He has trained and led both domestic and foreign special operations teams in combat throughout the Middle East.

After his military service, he led health and performance optimization programs alongside neurologists and sports psychologists.

Pearce now runs Evolve, a coaching and advisory service that helps individuals and teams engineer mental freedom to achieve progress and results. He is also a disabled military veteran speaker.

Some of Pearce’s clients include financial institutions, tech CEOs, NFL athletes, real estate executives, and entrepreneurs.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.