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Tanmeet Sethi, MD, is a board-certified Integrative and Psychedelic physician, on the frontlines of primary care for the last 25 years. Her book, Joy Is My Justice: Reclaim Yours Now, is a radical push on a whitewashed wellness world. She lectures nationally, has authored chapters in four Integrative Medicine medical textbooks, and has been a workplace wellness speaker on two TEDx stages on the topic of using gratitude as medicine.


To shift human consciousness through the blend of ancient tradition and modern neuroscience.

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Popular Talks

Why not me?

One simple change-this question as an embodied micro-resistance- to the usual response to suffering creates a profound cascade of changes, bringing you closer to Joy. Through transformative mind-body medicine, neuroscience, and self-spiritual inquiry, we explore this radical shift.

Joy As a Disruptor to the Systems that Oppress Us

We explore the profound practice of Joy, how it is different from happiness, and the exact components of this healing medicine to reveal the truest Justice you will ever know. “Searching for fairness will decimate your spirit but seeking the Justice of Joy will save your soul.

The Critical Difference Between Gratitude and Toxic Positivity in A Cruel and Unjust World

Why gratitude matters and why it is not a contrived, false concept but instead the truest way to acknowledge the suffering or oppression you are experiencing. I use transformative and inspiring stories, exercises, and accessible neuroscience.

Speaking, Workshops, Consulting, & Coaching


Self-compassion as a path to Joy
This workshop breaks down the neuroscience of what this practice is, how to do it, and why it matters. I do this through actual compelling stories, neuroscience and powerful mind body medicine exercises.

Gratitude practice as a path to Joy
This workshop breaks down the neuroscience of what this practice is, how to do it, and why it matters. I do this through actual compelling stories, neuroscience and powerful mind body medicine exercises.

Psychedelic Medicine
What it is, how it works and why you might want to try it (and how to do so safely)


I consult with organizations on two main areas:

  1. How to shift organizational culture and build an environment that both supports thriving but also offers safety for its members to do this together.
  2. How to practically integrate a culture of wellness into an organization as its fabric instead of looking to wellness as being only when members get respite from the workplace.


I have coached high level professionals for the last two decades on how to prevent and treat burnout as well as how to re-find meaning in their professional lives. I do this through a blend of empowering mind body medicine exercises, movement, nutrition, and neuroscience.

“Dr. Sethi dives into the science behind Joy and reveals the underexplored relationship between mind-body medicine, biochemistry, and Joy. She invites you to learn how to find your power at your very center—and I cannot recommend enough that you accept the invitation.”
– Ellen Vora, MD, board-certified holistic psychiatrist and author of The Anatomy of Anxiety

“Let this be your most transformative journey of healing yet—one that starts from the inside out. Dr. Sethi’s roadmap to Joy is the most sacred medicine you will find. She beautifully shows us how ancient wisdom can be amplified through the lens of Justice to create a guide for not only surviving your pain, but for thriving through Joy.”
– Avanti Kumar-Singh, MD, Ayurvedic physician and author of The Healing Catalyst

“Dr. Sethi’s presentations are a thought-provoking combination of the power of personal growth and vulnerability. She engages her audience in such a manner that few will leave unchanged and most will emerge with new knowledge of themselves.”
– Renee Crichlow, MD, Vice-chair of Health Equity at the Boston University Department of Family Medicine

“Dr. Sethi is a bright shining star. Her ability to educate and inspire people…empowers her students to be more directly connected to their health and the health of their loved ones. In advocating for finding gratitude in the face of life’s many challenges, Tanmeet’s teaching has inspired and improved the lives of countless others, including my own.”
– Becky Selengut, Chef, Instructor and author of How To Taste, Shroom, and Good Fish

"Tanmeet invites us to walk a stronger, more human path, surprisingly to Joy and Justice. I know her wisdom heals, as it has helped me, and my patients, become more whole. I urge you to you make space for Tanmeet’s message in your life."

Tanmeet Sethi, MD, is an Integrative and Psychedelic board-certified Family Medicine physician who has devoted her career to caring for the most vulnerable and teaching physicians how to care for these communities in the most humane and skillful way possible.

She has spent the last 25 years on the frontlines practicing primary care, global trauma, and community activism, with the most marginalized communities as well as globally with victims of school shootings, survivors of hurricanes, citizens impacted by police violence, and psychologists in Ukraine under attack.

As a mother, she received the impossible news that her youngest son had a fatal degenerative disease. She weaves together the expertise of both acquired knowledge with real-life experience to explore the ways these experiences can be translated accessibly through the blend of ancient spiritual traditions and modern neuroscience.

She is fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine through Dr. Andrew Weil’s acclaimed program at the University of Arizona. She is also certified in Functional Medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine and faculty at the Center for Mind Body Medicine.

Her first book, “Joy Is My Justice” (Hachette, 5/23) presses the conversation on Joy in a whitewashed wellness world to examine those who have been pushed to the margins of the conversation with its platitudes. In it, she explores Joy as a revolutionary healing practice and as a human right accessible to all of us. Her book has received praise from acclaimed leaders in the fields of social justice, trauma and mental health.

Dr. Sethi is on a primary clinical research study team at the University of Washington on psilocybin for COVID burnout of frontline medical workers.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.