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Tawn Williams is a workplace wellness expert with a passion for teaching heart-led leaders how to connect with their people and create cultures of care. She loves building a bridge between organizations searching for ways to incorporate real, personal employee impact—and the mindfulness leadership style that helps get them there.


Heart-led mentalities open pathways to deep connection and unwavering compassion for everyone involved.

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Connected Consciousness in the Workplace

In the modern workplace, we must be fully aware of how connecting to our teams determines the success of our bottom line. With team checking out, leaders returning early and more and more employees leaving the workplace to follow their passions, having a company culture that truly connects to their ever-changing and evolving assets (their people) proves to be a game changer. In this talk we discuss the highs and lows of this trend and how to navigate creating a company culture that thrives as much as it’s people do.

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Heart-Led Mentalities in The Modern Workplace
As we move into the new era of connected business, this workshop explores what having a heart-led mentality means as an individual as well as the positive impacts it can have on company culture. Participants will explore ways to connect to this deeply beneficial practice, while developing a vision for what a “heart-led” company culture looks like to to them.

Tapping into the Intrinsic Self
When we remove the title from our name, who are we? In this workshop, we ask the questions that help us begin to meet our true selves. Through deep introspective conversation, and connecting to our “Why” we tap into the unique super power laying within us all, revealing that it is not the job that makes you successful, but the development, recognition, and embracing our your Intrinsic Self that makes you a great leader. Through this workshop, we explore and identify our super powers and identify how they benefit your journey both inside and outside of the workplace.


Through coaching we work together to identify desired paths of inner growth while implementing a variety of private, customized wellness modalities to support the journey of inner growth and exploration.


In the consulting space, we partner with you and your teams to create sustainable long-lasting wellness programs aimed at improving employee experience and overall well-being through mind, body, and spirit. With deep focus on people-first mentalities, we assess and create a plan as individual as the workplace itself, moving your wellness activites from an initiative to a core value.

“Working with Tawn and the Anaya Wellness team has significantly improved and accelerated our DE&I efforts at Nelson Schmidt Inc. She has been an invaluable advisor to our leadership team, a wonderful collaborator with our internal committee which she helped us form to shepherd our initiatives, as well as a thoughtful counselor to each of our staff members as they pursue their own journeys and contributions for shaping a more equitable world. Tawn’s roots in wellness have also been invaluable to me and all of our employees, particularly as we navigated through the pandemic. I would wholeheartedly endorse Tawn and her team for any executive seeking outside expertise to augment their organizations’ DE&I capabilities.”
– Dan Nelson, Jr., President & CEO, Nelson Schmidt Inc.

“I had the privilege and honor to spend some quality time interviewing Tawn Williams on my podcast and publication. While I love to hear the amazing stories of my hundreds of guests, Tawn’s story resonated with me and touched my heart. She is truly a servant leader – helping others without hesitation. She is well-spoken, authentic and wise beyond her years. I am looking forward to having her on my podcast again.”
– Brian E. Thomas, Corzuant Technologies

“Anaya Wellness and its Founder, Tawn Williams, has been an invaluable resource to The Business Council, a business membership organization in Wisconsin. Tawn’s ability to identify tangible and reasonable solutions to help our businesses and my peers with mindfulness and mental health is amazing and very well received. We highly recommend Anaya Wellness for any organization that is looking for real impact.”
– Marjorie Rucker, Executive Director, The Business Council, Inc.

"She is truly a servant leader—helping others without hesitation. She is authentic and wise beyond her years."

As the founder of Anaya Wellness and creator of the online workplace wellness platform, House of Anaya, Tawn Williams loves building a bridge between corporations searching for ways to incorporate real, personal employee impact, and the mindfulness leadership style that helps get them there.

She has had the honor of working with companies large and small and has been featured in Wellbeing Magazine, Authority Magazine, among others.

Believing this emerging era of employee welfare is especially important to the growth of the modern workplace, she has spent over 20 years in the corporate space connecting high-level leaders to their teams, and helping them develop people-first safe spaces where employees feel seen, heard, and valued.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.