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A life long student of interdependence, Tenzin Lodoe has studied Buddhist philosophy extensively, especially with guidance from his father Tenzin Choegyal and his uncle, the Dalai Lama. Having worked as a business consultant, he brings his insight and focuses on productivity and the sense of wellbeing. He is a keynote speaker on productivity and mindfulness, a corporate coach, consultant and workshop facilitator as the founder of Etlucem.


To elevate the expression of life.

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Productivity and Inner Peace

Everyone has value. Every one wants to be of value – to add value, to be productive. However, productivity can become challenging when inner peace – your sense of self and well being is stretched. Identifying key dependencies of productivity and inner peace can transform the state of an individual, a team and foster growth at work and home.

Culture of Sustainable Success and Happiness

We work with dependencies in our expression of life to create or reach states – physical, mental and emotional, that are conducive to success and happiness. Thoughts, emotions and attitudes form the identities of the tangible and non tangible entities that we entertain, hold value or try to produce and maintain. Knowing the ecosystem, the patterns of success and happiness as an individual, group or team greatly increases the production of a culture of sustainable success and happiness.

Awareness and Choices

An awareness of where and how you are, in an alert yet relaxed presence gives yourself a 360 degree perspective of yourself in relation to your inner world and the outer world. An awareness of your own strengths, opportunities and areas of improvement can present a world of choices catalysing informed and emotionally intelligent decisions for yourself, your relations of endearment and prized collective identities.

Vision, Focus and High Performance

You have the drive, the information in your brain and the expertise in the subject of your choice. However, you realise that your ability to fully channel or express your potential gets hampered by what we generally call, “Life got in the way.” Knowing distractions and defining short and long term emotional attitudes and designing a performance culture – an organic operational system aligned to your vision of performance and high performance.

Resilience and Compassion

Getting things done. Thriving with minimal optimum conditions in the long and short run may bring negative or positive changes in patterns of how you see yourself and the world. The ability to withstand and transcend challenges with limited resources – physical and/or emotional, can be greatly boosted by an emotion of ruthless compassion preventing trauma.

Speaking, Workshops & Coaching

Keynotes & Workshops

Adding the E to I.Q.
Mindful Thinking
Presence and Performance
Communication and Stakeholders
Awareness: Self, Team and Others
Meditation and Work/Life Integration

360 Shift: Corporate, Performance & Mindset Coaching

We all see and feel the world differently. We interpret forms, facts and feelings to our own frame of reference. Tenzin works with habits to unlock habitual mental limitations and to recognize new choices and actions for a life of fulfillment. (30 day and 12-week Programs available.)

“Tenzin is a wonderful coach who helps you increase your awareness in who you truly are. His insightful questions make you raise your game and help you attain high performance. Thanks to him, I found again the best version of me and can serve people to the best of my ability. A great coach I highly recommend.”
— Philippe Mathijs

“Inspiring others is a reflection of Tenzin’s effort to bring joy and wholesome values to each moment of his own life.”
— Nicholas Vreeland

“His recommendations are wisely considered. I was deeply surprised at how obvious, precise and beautiful his suggestions in solving problems are. Like a painter and his masterpiece, one brush stroke is enough.”
— Helge van Dyk

“I do think we have much to derive from the richness of [Tenzin's] perspective and broad spectrum diversity of his experience."

Tenzin Lodoe works with people to kindle clarity, strengthen values and the purpose of uniquely beautiful lives, helping clients to master the expression their own lives: with compassionate confidence, high performance and fulfillment – on the path of their own choosing.

Tenzin’s passion lies in being a catalyst for responsible, motivated and talented individuals on their journey to find focus, fulfillment and a sustainable culture of success and happiness in relationships, work and life. That means exploring joy, humility and determination to acquire the life that everyone desires with clarity, balance, meaning and fulfillment. It also means working with perceptions and habits.

Tenzin grew up in Dharamsala, India and has lived in North America and Europe. He studied journalism at Northwestern University and later went on to graduate with a Masters in International Politics from CERIS, Brussels. He is a life-long student of Buddhist psychology and has studied Buddhist mind training extensively.

Tenzin considers himself extremely fortunate to have had the exposure and guidance to Buddhist learning, practice and wisdom — especially from his father Tendzin Choegyal and his uncle, the Dalai Lama.

Tenzin Lodoe is based in Zurich, Switzerland. He coaches people in different parts of the world including Asia, North America and Europe. Prior to coaching, Tenzin worked as a management consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers AG Zurich and later as the Director of Awareness for Tignum. He also worked as the Media Coordinator at the office of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala India before living in Europe, where he served as Project Manager for the Gaden Phodrang Foundation of the Dalai Lama.

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