Tracy Yates

Tracy Yates


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Tracy Yates is a way-shower and trusted advisor to unstoppable impact-driven CEO’s and leaders who reach accelerated new heights in leadership, business and personal development. She’s known for her lasting core-level transformations that fuel growth beyond innovation, impact and vision.


Empowering inner sensitivity for growth and innovation.

Workshops & Coaching

Unlocking Your Intuition and Trusting Your Instinct
How to unleash your inner compass and learn how to leverage your guiding insight from trial and error to a consistent, trustworthy advisor.

Building Soulful Workplaces
Tuning in to the totality of our senses, we build teams and a culture built on trust, empathy, heightened creativity and innovation.

Intuitive Intelligence Development
Higher Guidance Within Reach, a coaching program to hone the art of intuitive intelligence for leaders and impact-driven organizations.

“Learning to trust my own intuitive intelligence in the choices I make for my agency — from how I hire to the clients I work with, down to the creative deliverables we generate — has directly resulted in some of the most profound and beneficial decisions I have made. If you’re not tapping into this superpower as a leader, you are missing out.”
— Bridget Dougherty, Founder and CMO, JBM Marketing Consultants

“To learn from Tracy is a true gift. She’s smart, authentic and is invested in her clients success. Her personal attention and ability to translate all of this into real usable tools — it’s nothing short of amazing – and it works!”
— Sheila Young

“I thought I had pretty good intuition, but had no idea that you could use it consciously for decision making. Tracy does an amazing job at breaking down what is often considered a esoteric concept surrounded in mystery into a clear practice that everyone can use to make massive changes in their lives. In my business, I now use my intuition with confidence.”
— Mike Hananel, Strategic Growth Real Estate

“Tracy's work has opened my eyes to a new holistic view of situations, people and solutions. I’ve become a more emphatic leader, grown my creativity and created a team built on trust and authenticity. In a time of great uncertainty, we’ve experienced massive growth in how we work together and how we perform.”
— Joe Rongavilla, VP Media, Paramount Studios

Tracy Yates is a celebrated speaker on leveraging intuition in business, is an intuition coach and one of today’s most innovative voices on the practical integration of intuitive intelligence for individuals and organizations.

She is the Founder of Mindway, a conscious-centered consultancy guiding individuals and organizations to leverage intuitive intelligence for greater well-being and transformation.

She founded and ran a successful marketing agency for twenty years supporting Fortune 500 companies. Combining that experience and as a lifelong intuitive, Tracy has the unique background to support and instill intuitive skills for business growth and innovation.

She is also the Co-founder of Consciousness Leaders, a globally curated and diverse collective of conscious leadership experts, helping organizations create lasting positive change.

Through her innovative, yet practical workshops, she inspires us to feel, think and act with great curiosity.  Her study and practice of intuition bring about new skills and adoptable behaviors that are thoughtful, provocative, and personal.

Her coaching empowers leaders to unlock and trust their innate intuition for greater decision making, well-being and transformation by unlearning the blocks to greatness and relearning the behaviors to lead cultures and communities into the new paradigm.


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