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Virginia Lacayo, Ph.D. is a certified coach for social leaders who want to take ownership of their minds and emotions so they can achieve lasting impact. A bilingual, feminist activist and social entrepreneur, she is the founder of the Indomables, a Latina activist community rooted in the belief that social change does not need more self-sacrifice; It needs leaders who are emotionally resilient, mentally strong, and confident.


The ultimate achievement is to master the mind.

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Mind-mastery for high achievement

Takeaway: How mind mastery helps you design the life you want, achieve your highest goals and overcome not-enoughness.

Self-Coaching for Activist Leaders

Takeaway: Social change doesn’t need more self-sacrifice. It needs leaders who are emotionally resilient, mentally strong, and confident.

Systemic Leadership – a new approach to social and organizational change

Takeaway: Applying systems thinking and complexity science to lead organizations through highly complex and uncertain circumstances.

“It was incredible how in a single session Virginia helped me clarify my fears and how to turn them in my favor. She helped me understand such key and basic things, such as the difference between acting with courage and acting with confidence. The coaching was intense and each exchange was very impactful. I consider myself a person committed to personal development and a conscientious person who listens to and understands my feelings. But Virginia at another level! I can say that Virginia’s coaching marked a before and after in my new path.”

“[Although] I had already completed my thesis on emotional intelligence for graduate school, there were things that I did not understand and did not know how to apply. The biggest result is that I have learned to trust myself, I am more confident in the things I do and things that I did not do before out of fear.”

“What I liked the most about working with Virginia is realizing the need I had for a space to interact and grow. I am now filled with energy, hope, faith and confidence in myself. I have stopped blaming myself for some situations that have happened. I feel emotionally very calm with a lot of serenity to face what comes. Working with Virginia is wonderful. She is a very authentic person, with an incredible ability to connect with us. She is always willing to help us understand ourselves and joins us in transforming ourselves. She emits a beautiful warmth.”

"What I really liked about Virginia's coaching is how she expands your self awareness with each question. Working with Virginia is powerful! Without a doubt, it is an experience that I would like to repeat."

Virginia Lacayo, Ph.D. is a bilingual, certified coach to social leaders to take ownership of their minds and emotions so they can achieve lasting impact no matter their circumstances. Virginia coaches activists from every sector: feminist leaders, Latina leaders, non-profit/foundation executives, and social entrepreneurs.

Virginia is a committed social entrepreneur and feminist activist. She leads a community of strong, audacious, and conscious Latina social leaders called “Indomables”, a first-of-its-kind monthly group coaching program. Virginia also collaborates with sponsoring organizations to facilitate intensive private group coaching.

Virginia hosts the popular Spanish-language podcast “Coaching for Activists” and also serves as President of FCAM, a feminist organization supporting women’s rights in Central America.

Virginia earned a doctorate in Communication for Development from the University of Ohio. A noted expert in systems thinking, complexity science and human behavior, Virginia’s rich and diverse background stretches across 4 continents and includes consulting, facilitating, serving as a faculty member, working for the U.N., and producing a successful television show.

She holds dual citizenship from Nicaragua and France and currently resides in Austin, Texas.

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