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A diversity and LGBTQ+ inclusion expert, Dr. A.C. Fowlkes empowers organizations to create inclusive spaces for everyone, promoting understanding and respect through his leadership and expertise. More than a leading voice, speaker, author, and consultant, Dr. Fowlkes is a trailblazer.


Normalization by proximity. Stated differently, It's hard to hate up close.

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Popular Talks

Shattering The Pink And Blue Ceiling: A Journey of Identity and Leadership
Join me as I share my inspiring journey to the C-Suite, navigating not just professional hurdles but also societal barriers as the first out, Black, transgender man to serve as the leader of a psychiatric hospital in the United States. This isn’t just a story of healthcare leadership; it’s a powerful testament to resilience, defying limitations, and building inclusive spaces for all.

We’ll explore:

  • Overcoming challenges of identity and bias
  • Embracing adversity as a catalyst for growth
  • Finding allies and forging paths forward
  • Building a leadership legacy of inclusion and impact

This keynote is a call to action, reminding us that glass ceilings, whether pink, blue, or invisible, can be shattered. Leave with:

  • Renewed inspiration to pursue your own ambitions
  • Practical tools to champion diversity and inclusion
  • A deeper understanding of the power of resilience and self-belief

Together, let’s build a world where leadership knows no boundaries and everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Bridging the Gap: From Homelessness to Leadership, a Story of Hope and Growth
Join me on a powerful journey of transformation, resilience, and overcoming adversity. I’ll share the inspiring tale of navigating challenges and building connections that led me from navigating homelessness to becoming the first openly transgender man to lead a psychiatric hospital in the US.

This keynote will explore:

  • Building bridges of understanding: My personal story of overcoming family struggles surrounding my identity.
  • Empowerment through opportunity: How asking for a chance opened the door for me to leave subsidized housing.
  • Leadership forged in resilience: The journey from a homeless shelter to the C-Suite, offering valuable lessons in perseverance.
  • The ripple effect of compassion: Witnessing the transformative power of support as I watch my son thrive despite early hardships.

Leave with:

  • Hope and inspiration to overcome your own challenges.
  • Practical insights on fostering acceptance and understanding.
  • A renewed sense of the power of resilience and human connection.

Workshops, Coaching & Consulting


Transgender Inclusion: All The Things You Want To Ask Your Transgender Coworker But Shouldn’t
This workshop bridges the gap between curiosity and genuine understanding, empowering you to navigate transgender inclusion with empathy and confidence. Navigate the nuanced spectrum of medical, social, and legal transition alongside authentic stories and insights. Gain practical tools to foster respect, empathy, and true collaboration, building a work environment where everyone thrives.

Fowlkes Allyship Model: Beyond Buzzwords to Meaningful Action
Ditch the performative and embrace genuine allyship! Join Dr. A.C. Fowlkes, renowned LGBTQ+ advocate and architect of the Fowlkes Allyship Model, as he deconstructs the overused buzzword “ally” and equips you with actionable steps to create a truly inclusive environment. This interactive workshop goes beyond platitudes, providing concrete tools and strategies to transform your intentions into impactful change.

Decoding LGBTQ+ Microaggressions for a Safer Workplace
Beyond blatant prejudice lies a hidden layer of harm: microaggressions. These subtle, often unintentional acts can inflict cumulative pain on LGBTQ+ colleagues, contributing to mental health and well-being struggles. In this workshop, we’ll explore the nuances of microaggressions, equip you with tools to recognize and respond constructively, and foster a work environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Join us in building a truly inclusive workplace, one microaggression-free interaction at a time.


Forged in perseverance and driven by a passion for diversity, I shattered glass ceilings to become the first out Black, transgender man to serve as a psychiatric hospital leader in the United States. Now, I mentor LGBTQ+ talent, ensuring no one navigates the corporate ladder alone.


Dr. A.C. Fowlkes isn’t just a consultant – he’s a champion for LGBTQ+ inclusion and a trailblazer in the field of transgender sensitivity. Through his firm, Fowlkes Consulting, he empowers organizations and individuals to embrace diversity and create truly inclusive environments.

When you choose Dr. Fowlkes, you choose more than just expertise. You choose a partner in progress, a champion for change, and an ally in building a world where everyone feels valued and empowered.

Ready to create inclusive spaces and celebrate diversity? Let Dr. A.C. Fowlkes guide your journey.

“Dr. Fowlkes is an exemplary leader in DEI initiatives and I would highly recommend him to any organization looking to advance the conversation around equity and empowerment for their LGBTQ+ employees. He was instrumental to Kindred Healthcare’s launching of our first Employee Resource Group for our LGBTQ+ employees and allies. In providing the keynote address during our launch event, he spoke from a place of deep knowledge and passion and helped nurture an environment of inclusiveness and celebration. We’ve received feedback from countless colleagues how impactful and inspirational Dr. Fowlkes presentation has been to our teams. Professional, humble, and insightful, he has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to accessing his services in the future.”
– Rob Marsh, CEO, 360 Behavioral Health

“Dr. Fowlkes and I first met years ago at an Out & Equal Workplace Conference and that chance encounter set off a working relationship that has grown into a strong partnership over the years. I managed Lockheed Martin’s global LGBTQIA+ Leadership Conference and through that was able to bring in Dr. Fowlkes for five different sessions over the last two years. Each topic has been a unique offering that he customized specifically for our events and audiences, which speaks volumes to his abilities to find unique content and messaging to relate to people at all different places in their journeys. He’s been a great addition to our line-up of Speakers and I highly recommend him to those looking for unique offerings relevant to our times.”
– David Nachef, Senior Finance Manager, Lockheed Martin

“In a learning environment, adults primarily require two things: 1) a safe environment in which to have 2) a safe conversation. That is, a place where they can ask questions freely without fear of looking stupid. Dr. Fowlkes has a gift for creating a safe and nurturing learning environment so people can become comfortable talking and asking questions about sexuality, diversity, and inclusion. Dr. Fowlkes easily breaks down barriers to what may be an awkward or uncomfortable topic: he uses open-ended questions to create inclusivity; he prompts for more responses to demonstrate diversity in opinions; he gently explores with the audience the shades of gray, the what-ifs. By providing context based on his personal experience and the LGBTQ+ community, Dr. Fowlkes elicits an educated audience—and more importantly, an empathetic audience—who is put at ease. The result is a collective internal awakening. It’s palpable. The result is an audience who is prompted to ask, “What can I do…?” “How do I…?” Dr. Fowlkes puts the audience in control by empowering them with knowledge AND understanding. It truly is a powerful and transformational learning experience.”
– Bobbi Losee Vernon, Senior Director of Learning and Development, Global Skills X-Change (GSX)

"Dr. Fowlkes is an exemplary leader in DEI initiatives."

As a transgender man and clinical psychologist, Dr. A.C. Fowlkes brings a unique blend of lived experience and professional expertise to his work as CEO of Fowlkes Consulting, a leading LGBTQ+ sensitivity and transgender inclusion firm.

His passion is infectious. Dr. Fowlkes has spent over a decade working across diverse sectors, from high-pressure finance to the complex world of prisons and psychiatric hospitals. He has helped countless individuals and organizations create more inclusive and equitable environments, all while shattering glass ceilings himself.

His voice is powerful. As a Forbes Contributor and member of the Trevor Project board, Dr. Fowlkes uses his platform to educate and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. His book, “Transgender Inclusion: All the Things You Want To Ask Your Transgender Coworker But Shouldn’t,” offers insightful guidance and dispels harmful misconceptions.

But Dr. Fowlkes is more than just an advocate, he’s a healer. His clinical background informs his leadership, allowing him to empower and grow individuals both within his consulting firm and in his role as hospital administrator. As the first out Black transgender man to lead a psychiatric facility in the US, he sets a powerful example of resilience and achievement.

Dr. A.C. Fowlkes is not just a name, he’s a force for positive change. His story is one of overcoming adversity, breaking barriers, and using his expertise to make the world a more inclusive and accepting place. He is a true inspiration, both as a leader and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.