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Dr. Alysondra Duke is a coach, psychologist, board certified sexologist, and emotional wellness speaker who specializes in the fusion of pleasure and sensuality to elevate personal empowerment. She has been featured on the likes of MTV and in the Journal of Counseling Psychology.


The love, sex, and business life you're seeking is also seeking you.

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Popular Talks

Sensuality and Pleasure

Utilizing pleasure and sensuality to enhance emotional well-being and confidence. Key takeaways: improved relationship with the body, knowing more about what pleasure means for you uniquely, and cultivating authentic confidence from within

Emotional Wellness in Business

Your business can thrive only when you do. Key takeaways: strategies for navigating rejection and uncertainty in business, a plan for maintaining sanity and experiencing pleasure in your life while growing or maintaining the business.

Creating a Sustainable, Healthy and Sexy Love Life

The love life you are seeking is seeking you! Key Takeaways: understanding more about the impact of attachment style on your relationships, learning to ask for what you need in sex and in life that is life-generating for you, strategic and conscious dating plan, learning how to consciously navigate long-term sex and love life

Workshops, Coaching & Consulting


Self-Leadership: Tapping the Feminine Power Within
This workshop utilizes the power of feminine energy and sensuality to enhance power and confidence in love and business. The practices included help students to ask for what it is they are seeking (healthier love, better sex, higher pay, more opportunity) and to create a new kind of belief in the self.

The Sensual Series
A 5-week series focused on sensual movement and embodied confidence. Students leave these 5 weeks with more connection to the body and their own sensuality, which directly impacts confidence in their romantic and business relationships.

A 5-week series for dating with pleasure both strategically and confidently. Students leave with a blueprint for a successful dating life.


I work closely with clients to enhance personal power and confidence. We explore and challenge any outdated narratives about the self in order to craft a vision and blueprint for the future that feels more authentic and vibrant.


I consult with passionate small-business owners on authentic growth and how to stay personally well as they follow their mission. I also help early career coaches, therapists, and sensual educators to create more impactful offerings and approaches to client work.

“Alysondra creates a culture of empowerment and has developed a safe space to be vulnerable without fear, which is no small feat on the internet. She joins each of us as a deeply compassionate partner to problem-solve and knock down external and internal barriers. For me, seeing others being coached sheds light on my own challenges and I’m able to find valuable answers through their experiences. I feel like I’m getting multiple coaching sessions in one!”
– Kristin Schultz

“This time has been so valuable. Alysondra, your voice is in my head now… What would make this more pleasurable, what would make it better? This has changed my life. I feel like for so long I have put my needs on hold for ‘task mode’, just not really thought oh, task mode could actually be pleasurable… My family of origin just works so hard all the time and they don’t really take breaks. It’s really changed and shifted my perspective around the little things within my life… It’s made my life so much better.”
– Sara Jane Brown, Thatch Design + Goods

“I think my gain Dr. Alysondra is in the ASK. Giving myself permission to ask for what I need. Asking myself where I need more pleasure. Asking my partner for more time for intimacy. I mean the answers start with the Ask. And, the circle of support is unrivaled.”

"Alysondra creates a culture of empowerment."

Dr. Alysondra Duke is a coach, psychologist, board certified sexologist, and speaker who specializes in the fusion of emotional wellness, pleasure, and sensuality to elevate personal empowerment.

Dr. Duke has helped to transform the lives and businesses of thousands of clients and students over the last 20 years through speaking, teaching, coaching, and therapy.

She earned a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology, along with a Masters + Bachelors in Women’s and Gender Studies, and has been featured on MTV, KOMO News, KKNW 1150 and the Journal of Counseling Psychology.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.