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Arielle Rebekah is a transgender workplace trainer, speaker, and writer. They are the founder of Trans & Caffeinated Consulting, where their work centers on increasing access, resources, and opportunities for people of marginalized identities, with an emphasis on transgender communities.


Relinquishing guilt and shame in order to be effective accomplices in the liberation of marginalized people.

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Popular Talks

Transgender Support

Teachings on discrimination towards and obstacles faced by transgender people and how trans and cis folks alike can provide the trans community with better support.

Guilt and Shame as an Obstacle to Growth

Helps audiences dispel guilt and shame related to not knowing “enough” or being a “good enough” accomplice, and helps them hone in on intrinsic motivators that help them effectively show up as accomplices to transgender people.

Ally vs Accomplice

Attendees are better able to identify the disconnect between thinking the right thing and doing the right thing, and figure out how to show up not just with words but with actions.

Workshops, Coaching & Consulting


Trans 101: Language and Key Concepts
101 training introducing attendees to key concepts and a foundational understanding of transgender communities.

Transgender at Work: What’s your role in the movement?
Attendees identify how their personal strengths and skills can be used to provide support to transgender colleagues and direct reports.

The Shame Problem: Honing in on Internal Motivators
Attendees deepen their understanding of how guilt and shame are holding them back, and identify intrinsic, sustainable motivators for supporting transgender people.

Ally vs Accomplice: On Showing up with Action for Transgender Colleagues
Attendees deepen their understanding of the differences between being an ally and being an accomplice in liberation, and learn how to show up with action in order to be the latter.

Generative Conflict: Brave Spaces, Call-Ins, and the Path to Growth
Attendees begin to increase their comfort with productive conflict and deepen their understanding of how such conflict leads to positive growth.

Keynote: Silence is Complicity: On Surviving Anti-Trans Inpatient Treatment
Keynote presentation about experiencing transphobia in mental health treatment with recommendations for providers serving transgender clients.

HR Track: Trans Your Policy: On Making Trans Employees Feel Safe, Seen, and Supported
Supports HR professionals with recommendations for shifting approaches and policies to better support transgender employees.


One-on-one coaching provides space for people managers and individual contributors alike to ask the tough questions they may not feel comfortable asking in a group setting. Arielle and participants collaborate to discuss obstacles and brainstorm solutions that meet the needs of the particular individual accessing coaching services.


Trans & Caffeinated is a communications and advocacy consulting company offering services aimed toward the liberation of all transgender people. Through DEI trainings, one-on-one coaching, and community events, Trans & Caffeinated helps increase the understanding, awareness, and action we all need to be free.

“Arielle is great at helping put big concepts into tangible examples and they are always energetic in the way that they lead and present, which is extremely engaging.”
– Sophie Frank, Fellow Products

“Working with Arielle was smooth, detailed, and thorough. I love their passion and commitment to trans liberation, their dedication to showing up in ways that allow everyone to have their voice heard, and the bonus is laughter while we work. Would love to work with them again!”
– K Richardson, Transgender Law Center

“Arielle’s DEI trainings are so informative and helpful. They provide so many great examples of how we can do more for the trans community as a company and as part of the coffee community. I really appreciated all of the suggestions on how we can make our workspace more inclusive to everyone!”
– Nikki Menafra, Acaia Co.

“Rancilio recently partnered Cafe Cà Phê in Kansas City for their second annual AAPI Festival, AAPICONIC. Arielle was the Project Manager for the event, and saying it was a delight to work with them would be a complete understatement. Arielle is super communicative, organized, and considerate. I felt totally in the know about the event and what was expected from us as partners throughout the entire process, which made participating an extremely enjoyable experience! Also worth noting: the event itself was obviously incredible.”
– Angela Ferrara, Rancilio Group

“Arielle is a thoughtful, creative, and innovative thought partner on projects both large and small. They are highly organized, efficient, and are especially adept at project management and communicating through complex and nuanced subjects. I can’t recommend Trans & Caffeinated Consulting highly enough!”
– Sue Yacka-Bible, Transgender Law Center

"Arielle’s DEI trainings are so informative and helpful."

Arielle Rebekah, founder of Trans & Caffeinated Consulting, is a transgender workplace trainer, public speaker, and mother to the three most different cats in the world.

Their work centers on increasing access, resources, and opportunities for people of marginalized identities, with an emphasis on transgender communities.

An admirer of media’s ability to shape culture, Arielle’s all-time favorite show is The Good Place. This understatedly profound and thoughtful comedy dares to dream of a world in which rather than being punished for their mistakes, people are given the love and support they need to do good. Similarly, Arielle’s approach to their work is grounded in the need to relinquish guilt and shame in order to be effective accomplices in the liberation of marginalized people.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.