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Dethra Giles is a TEDx speaker, executive coach, and CEO of ExecuPrep — an international DEI performance optimization consulting firm. Clients call her “University tested and industry approved” because of her blend of advanced education and industry experience.


People don't need to work harder, they need to work better, and better work is a formula. I share formulas.

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We have so much DEI education, but in all of our education, we have not been taught conversational competence. If we are going to move DEI forward, we have to learn how to talk about these tough topics. In comes the DARE model, a proprietary model created by Dethra Giles, that provides a formula for developing the conversational competence to have. a DEI conversation with productive outcomes.

Own The Room With Your Voice:
Every room has a fee and the closer you get to the front the more you have to pay. That fee is your voice. Every leader must know how, when, where, and why to use their voice. Participants will learn the formula needed to use their voices effectively and efficiently.

The Leader You Were Meant to Be:
Authentic leadership is what the world needs but rarely what teams get. The authentic you is the you people want and need. Participants will learn the power of finding their true leadership self and how to tap into that same power in their team in order to improve performance and outcomes.

Coaching & Consulting


I coach senior executives to optimize their life in order to improve their careers and the performance of their teams.


We work with organizations to optimize the performance of their people.
We consult to assess performance gaps, identify the cause, and strategize the fix the problem. Ultimately we work with leaders to improve performance, productivity and profits.

“​I needed help motivating my team and we brought in Dethra to speak to the team. We expected motivation but we did not expect for the staff to still talking about the meeting a month later. They are still asking for more. The staff talks about how they were motivated to work better, harder and build a better life. If you want your people motivated by a person that has a passion and skill for growing people and organizations to achieve the most effective results, Dethra is your person. We had her present virtually but we cannot wait to bring her back for a face-to-face session and give her more time.”
– Angela S. Grant, Energy Solutions Manager, Atlanta Gas Light & Chattanooga Gas Company

“I don’t even know where to begin with how Dethra has helped. From helping with the script for my TEDx, to appearing on my company’s, Belay Solutions, podcast, to being a keynote for an in person company meeting. Dethra continues to be a great confidant and a leading expert on DEI and career development. Dethra has not only been impactful ot the BELAY team but her resources and coaching have also been a excellent counsel to our clients, prospects and contractors. Additionally, the personal coaching she has offered me has been instrumental in many of my recent successes for my personal brand. Dethra is the foremost expert on DEI and career growth. She has a natural gift to encourage and empower an audience. If you want to better understand how to equip your employees with information and confidence to navigate DEI in the workplace and their personal lives Dethra is the go to person. Dethra is a one of a kind leader that inspires everyone around her.”
– Lisa Zeeveld, COO, BELAY

“Every time I make a decision about my business there is so much uncertainty involved. Ever since I joined your series “Taking Your Business Online”, I’ve been making decisions with more confidence and great results. Being a part of the series makes me feel like I am not alone and like I have been given the tools to be successful. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your valuable time with me through GSU.”
– Jay Chavez, Underwriting Associate, Zurich North America

"You have changed our organization at its core."

A DEI performance optimization expert, Dethra Giles is a four-time TEDx speaker, ranked a Top 100 HR Influencer by Engagedly Inc, selected as HR Gazette’s HRchat Pod Top 22 most influential experts in HR, and is a host of the Happily Ever Employed podcast.

Her methods and impact have earned her the title “University tested and industry approved.” Her unique blend of advanced education and industry experience provides her with the needed expertise to impact executives and high-potential teams.

Her clients have included Louis Vuitton, Moët Hennessy, Kaiser Permanente, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Army Corp of Engineers, and the Salvation Army. Dethra takes her education and years of experience and turns them into results-driven actions for her clients.

According to her, every organization can have optimum performance; her job is to make what is present work in a way it had not worked before and provide coaching, training, and structure to fill in the gaps.

By optimizing employee performance, organization structure, and leadership Dethra makes magic happen within organizations.

She is a top-rated speaker for National SHRM (Society of Human Resources Managers) and an expert at delivering presentations that help build accountable teams and increase productivity.

She holds a BA in English and Spanish from Mercer University, an MBA, and a Masters of Science in Conflict Management. She has served as adjunct faculty at the Federal Executive Institute, Georgia State University, Mercer University, and as a faculty member for Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses and the Tory Burch Foundation.

According to Dethra, her job is to deliver results to her clients by developing actionable strategies, optimizing performance, and eliminating distractions.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.