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Gary J. Nix is a marketing strategy and design veteran whose experience continues to prove that the most important asset of every business is its brand. As a speaker on intentional culture, Gary breaks down how brand success stems from that. His work—merging traditional marketing principles with modern marketing techniques—signifies the need to understand two crucial topics: establishing a proper foundation and evolving as an organization.


Understand who you're serving and what they care about most.

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Popular Talks

The Authority of Proper Branding
The fundamental reasons why understanding what to consider regarding your brand is the most substantial business foundation possible.

The Intersection of Culture, Strategy & Business
Understanding how to build and provide utility is essential. Understanding the power of what you create and how it can be used for good and evil is even more critical.

Dear Businesses: Revenue is Earned, Not Sold
While business revenue is critical, the road to collecting it is based more so on who you are and what you do (or don’t do) for community influences what you can make and for how long.


Brand Strategy
identifying the most effective way(s) to communicate and display how the business will carry out and prove values and expertise espoused through the brand.

Brand Architecture
construction or organization of your business’s brand portfolio, products, services, and values to ensure clarity for all.

Brand Development
using our brandarchy framework, we develop all elements of your brand, including but not limited to archetypes, visual identity, and communications tools.

Marketing Strategy
we are marketers at heart, so once the establishment of your brand is rock solid, we help you design your plans to promote and sell your product or service.

Narrative Design
storytelling is essential in our line of work. thus, we work with you to shape your brand’s one absolute truth on which beliefs and actions are built for communications.

Change Management
internal and external processes are most important. we view this as brand-worthy activity along with internal comms, guidance + governance, web3 entry & the like.

Real-Time XP Strategy
our expertise in real-time and experiential marketing is version 1.0 of our company. let us outline the ways creating real experiences can grow your business.

Education + Speaking
we service companies through workshops, trainings, and speaking engagements regarding why branding works and how it directly can affect your bottom line.

Culture Methodology
we’ve mentioned context and its importance. much of that is found in internal and external cultural insights that we research, analyze and develop for clients.

“Gary’s presentation is one that is quoted and referenced often around the office to this day. He was very interactive, not just teaching us about culture, but getting a feel for the audience’s aptitude and challenging our knowledge. Even though we only reserved an hour for the presentation, almost everyone in the room gave up another half hour so that Gary could continue to go in-depth on the subject matter.”
– Kimberly Price, Director of Social Strategy, McCann New York

“Listening to Gary lead and drive a conversation was such a unique experience, I sat in my chair furiously taking note after note of his vast knowledge and valuable insights. Gary’s style is inviting, not only of internal thought and reflection but solutions and ideas, which is exactly what is needed. If his calendar is open – book him!!”
– Evita Puente, Senior Creative Director, Capital One

"If you're struggling to understand branding and marketing in our web3 world, I'd encourage you to check out Gary J. Nix's upcoming workshop. I've known Gary for more than a decade and have hired him for projects MULTIPLE times."

Professionally speaking, Gary J. Nix is a marketing strategist, educator, and speaker who earned his stripes as a disruptor, innovator, and predictor in the entertainment, magazine publishing, sports, and marketing industries.

Likewise, his upbringing playing sports, DJ-ing, and living life led him to where he is now—a consultancy founder, culturist and speaker on intentional culture.

He opens hearts and minds to deeply examine the less-spoken elements of successful business through the presentation of insights, experience, and cultural intelligence.

The intersection of what he talks about and how he works is found at the junction of brand and culture. That’s how he is able to share valuable information about how creating a solid base is a function of future-proofing, and how specificity can lead to a state of being more universal. Are you ready?

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.