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Joshua Basile is a disability rights speaker, consultant and advocate, community leader, philanthropist, inventor, and trial attorney. Shortly after his injury, he formed the 501(c)3 nonprofit Determined2Heal Foundation, Inc., which empowers and educates those impacted by spinal cord injury on how to live active, healthy lifestyles.


To empower the world to be better and do better.

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Popular Talks

Strategies to successfully hire and employ people with disabilities
Inclusive hiring involves strategic approaches and communication with potential talent, encompassing all abilities, that a business is trying to recruit. Hiring people with disabilities is the first step and must be followed up with practices to allow new employees to thrive and maintain employment successfully.

Empowering employees through perspective and gratitude
All employees have individual superpowers that can be obtained and unleashed with the right perspective and appreciation of gratitude.

Disability Etiquette 101
Educating businesses about disability etiquette and communication to improve outcomes with employees and customers with disabilities.


People with disabilities are the most untapped market population in the Unites States. Basile Consulting Group LLC helps businesses effectively and successfully communicate, reach, and employ people with disabilities.

“Josh is not only a change-maker within the disability community but a game-changer to our company. Retaining Josh’s services is one of the best decisions we have ever made. His contributions are felt at all levels and continue to shape how we move forward with our marketing, daily operations, and how we best serve our customers. Josh brings an invaluable strategic voice and energy to everything he touches. I cannot recommend Josh enough.”
– Gil Magen, Head of Marketing Communications, accessiBe

“Josh is our Disability Coordinator & Advisor here at PMG. He is a valuable member of our team and it is hard to replicate what he brings to the table. His unique perspectives and strategic approaches positively impact all projects that he is assigned to. I will never forget when he delivered a speech at our annual holiday party with over 500 of our employees attending. Josh’s story and messages of empowerment were beyond moving and led to a memorable standing ovation.”
– André LeBlanc, Vice President Operations, PMG

“Joshua Basile has been a dedicated and indispensable member of the United Spinal Association Board of Directors since 2016. He is currently a member of the Executive Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee, and has served on Nominations Committees in the past; he also served on the last CEO Search Committee. He goes above and beyond by assisting with our Pathways to Employment program and working with our Policy department. We are grateful to have the leadership and contribution of a prominent leader of the SCI/D community and skilled professional.”
– Vincenzo Piscopo, President and CEO, United Spinal Association

“Josh has been a tremendous asset to Numotion. In 2021, we began our first ever Customer Advisory Board (CAB) based on a couple conversations I was having with Josh regarding how to improve Numotion’s, and our entire industry’s, ability to serve the disability community. Josh was convinced that creating a forum for customers and executives to converse on a regular basis about critical issues would be eye-opening to everyone involved. He was right! The Numotion CAB has proven to be very beneficial to Numotion in helping to shape strategy and priorities for ongoing improvement. The members of the CAB have also learned a great deal about what it takes to deliver products and service to them. Josh continues to play a major role, not just as a member of the CAB, but in setting monthly agendas, facilitating the monthly meetings and following up with members to keep them energized and engaged. I would highly recommend Josh as a speaker or consultant to any organization seeking a creative thinker who is passionate about advocating for the disabled community and helping organizations that serve the needs of people living with disabilities.”
– Mike Swinford, CEO, Numotion

"Josh is a force for good adding great value to any team or project."

Joshua Basile is a 36-year-old power wheelchair user, quadriplegic, trial attorney, disability rights advocate, community leader, consultant, public speaker, inventor, and philanthropist. In 2004, Josh’s life was flipped upside down while on a family vacation in Delaware when a wave slammed him headfirst into the ocean floor rendering him paralyzed below the shoulders. He did not let his paralysis stop him from finding his voice and wheeling after his goals.

He founded the world’s largest video mentoring network for the paralysis community with over 21,000 videos. He is a board member of the United Spinal Association, the acting Secretary, and sits on the Strategic Planning Committee. In 2013, Josh graduated magna cum laude from law school and is a trial attorney at the preeminent law firm of Jack H. Olender Associates focused on serving clients impacted by medical malpractice and catastrophic injury.

He is a seasoned disability rights speaker and advocate, successfully putting forward numerous initiatives and policies at the State and Federal level to break down barriers for people with disabilities. He is passionate about changing existing narratives for people with disabilities as it pertains to independent living, transportation, employment, and web accessibility.

In February 2021, Josh became the Community Relations Manager at accessiBe focused on proactively addressing the web accessibility gap. Josh provides consulting services through Basile Consulting Group LLC to individuals and businesses needing assistance in a variety of areas surrounding disability, diversity, equity, and inclusion. He is a natural problem solver and creates strategic game plans to navigate the unique needs of his clientele.

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