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Karimah Hudda is a Regenerative Leadership speaker, consultant and coach. As the founder of illumine.earth, she is focused on scaling regenerative ways of living, leading, and doing business, which are all key to accelerating the race toward regenerating nature and equity, and thriving future for all of us.


Within our generation, see a world where all nature and people thrive.

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Popular Talks

Regenerative Leadership, Regenerative Business
How centering ourselves on regeneration will help us accelerate a world where all nature and people thrive.

ESGs in Our Modern Environment
How to make ESG a simple, successful, business-integrated endeavor in an increasingly complex and demanding environment.

Make Everything Your Superpower
My experience as a small girl from India who became a Global Citizen, fought deforestation and modern slavery—and had wild adventures doing it all.

Workshops & Consulting


Leadership: Relight, Rewind, Regenerate Your Life, Livelihood and Leadership to Thrive
Impact: Ignite Leaders’ Regeneration: purpose, lives, livelihood, leadership
Why: The planet and its people are exhausted. We need to refocus on regenerative models to fuel our ingenuity for a better future for ourselves and the world.
Formats: Guided 1:1 or small group journeys. Small group journeys can be offered virtually, or as a travel retreat


I offer 1:1 leadership and career coaching for regenerative leadership and regenerative business.


Regenerative business coaching for companies, Private Equity firms and Venture Capitalists, offered as a bespoke service.

ESG Strategy Building or Refresh
I offer this as a 90-day product for mid-market companies, with the option for bespoke additional services. The unique aspect of my model is that it leaves capability behind; once I work with the company, their in-house ESG leader is able to operate and refresh the strategy on their own.

“I worked closely with Karimah on a number of projects and was always impressed by her energy and drive and the clarity of thought that she brought to each of them. She was tireless in mastering her brief and being able to inform stakeholders and colleagues what they needed to know. She also demonstrated excellent listening skills and an empathy for different perspectives which was invaluable in a global, multi-stakeholder organisation. Her achievements in developing a network of producer service personnel across Asia were significant, tangible and lasting.”
—Ian Bretman

“I had the pleasure of working with Karimah while she was at Nike. Karimah is a caring team leader who always puts the team first. From her experience leading a team focused on raising our foundational expectations with suppliers I had the opportunity to work alongside her as we toiled in a resource constrained environment, and deliver some amazing value focus on elevating visibility into our supply base & compliance.

Karimah’s passion for ensuring her team is always her first priority can’t be understated. After she heard through the grapevine of some challenges I was facing with resources, she reached out on a weekend to ensure I knew that she supported me personally, my work and my team. She always stood by me even in tough times of messages that weren’t comfortable to share with leadership. I admire Karimah’s passion for enabling her team, driving the right value for Sustainability, and doing right for our people & planet. Those lucky enough to work with Karimah will find the same joy I found and will be rewarded with a valuable partner.”
—Steven Schafer, Product Management Director, Nike

"Karimah is passionate about sustainability."

Karimah Hudda is a Regenerative Leadership speaker and the founder of illumine.earth, whose vision is: “within our generation, see a world where all nature and people thrive.” She works with leaders, businesses and solutionists to scale and accelerate regenerative models towards this vision.

Karimah is a woman of color from a small town in India who became a global nomad. Over generations her family journeyed from the villages and small towns of India to North America. At every juncture they navigated a series of choices, circumstances and chances; each move forged a new path of opportunity. Conscious of opportunities she had that others didn’t, she realized early on that her core purpose is to accelerate a world where everyone has the opportunity to rise.

Karimah is now a global citizen who has lived and worked in over 40 countries, often travelling off the beaten path and collaborating with people whose life journeys were as diverse as the coffee and oil palm farms of Sumatra, to the C-suites of the largest corporations in the world, the slums of Nairobi, to the global headquarters of international NGOs.

In collaboration with the best, most diverse minds in business, non-profits and independent expertise, she has catalyzed impact on speed and scale in environment, human rights and livelihoods.

Karimah has over 20 years of senior-level experience in building and executing pioneering environmental and social strategies, business transformation and systems change across multiple sectors such as Fairtrade, International NGOs, and corporations such as Mondelez and Nike.

Karimah holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from University of Washington, and a Master’s in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies from Oxford University.

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