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Lifelong learner, futurist, and human potential speaker, Dr. Keith Keating helps leaders recognize their true role. By empowering and enabling humans to take control over their future, his focus is on the power of learning as a scientific method to support the lifecycle of global talent.


There is no limit to human potential.

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Popular Talks

Unlocking the Human Potential of your Talent

To build a healthy and sustainable organization, we must revisit and revise what it means to lead our human resources. Afterall, humans are the most important asset for any organization. When we shift the perspective of leaders from managing people as resources to cultivating individual, team and cultural potential, we shift what is possible for organizational health and sustainability. This seminar will explore the tools, skills and perspectives necessary to develop human potential in today’s dynamic organizational context. Guided by the principle “there is no limit to human potential”, this session will help leaders recognize their true role – to maximize human potential.

Beyond the Great Resignation – Preparing Today’s Talent for Tomorrow

Drawing on theory, research, and personal experience, this session will focus on helping you prepare and take action to help retain your talent and prepare them for future workforce development. Keith will discuss the concept of employee experience and building the connected learner, share actionable advice on ways you can identify the skills needed for the future in your organization, keep your talent engaged, and how to foster a learning culture that will motivate employees to stay.

Leveraging the CFO to Further Your Talent Strategy

This session provides a body of research to support Talent Development on the quest to advance awareness for CFOs on the value of learning and the importance of the inclusion of learning as a priority in organizational strategy. This session can help empower practitioners by providing insight and awareness into how the CFO views the talent function and the importance of viewing the CFO as a partner. After all, CFOs and the Talent function ultimately work toward the same goal: creating value for the organization.


Design Thinking – From Theory to Application
Rapid change, increased complexity, and constant disruption in today’s market require a multidisciplinary approach that cultivates thinking outside of the box. Developing new ways of thinking are required to design better solutions, services, and experiences to solve business problems. Design thinking, a bold systematized and non-linear discipline within the human-centric design family, reframes the underlying challenges in a human-centric way, helping to avoid the traps of conceptual silos and bias by bringing the voice of users into the experience.

Using practical examples and stories, this session will provide participants with a solid foundational understanding of design thinking and ideas for ways it can be applied within organizations.

“Keith is the leading voice of the industry and our go-to thought leader for Design Thinking and Workforce of the Future. He’s a great strategist and presenter; his message is compelling, relevant, and powerful.”
– Keith Ondra, Global Professional Development, General Motors

“Keith is in the top 3% in his ability to be present in the moment and strategic in his ability to disrupt when he presents. He has a deep compassion and competence to break things down into smaller manageable pieces. It’s rare, but he’s equally gifted in management and leadership competencies.”
– Summer Poole, L&D Manger, Yale University

“Keith is at the top of his game with regards to Talent development for 21st-century skills and digital transformation, with specialized skills in design thinking. An asset on any engagement or project, I strongly recommended Keith if u need a sharp and empathetic speaker.”
– Dennie Bonilla, Dean, Wiley Edge Global Academy

"My sincerest gratitude to Keith for gracing our event with his knowledge on Human Potential and doing so with so much passion and enthusiasm. It was such a breath of fresh air."

With a career spanning more than two decades in Talent Development, Dr. Keith Keating is a Chief Learning Officer, utilizing learning sciences ( how people learn best) as a scientific method supporting the lifecycle of global talent.

Keith is not only an advocate of the benefits of education and its power to lift and match professionals with their higher goals, he’s also a practitioner earning a Master’s in Business Administration in Business Leadership from the City University of New York; and a Master’s and Doctorate in Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

Prior to joining Archwell, Keith was Head of the Global Learning Network for General Motors where he was awarded the Chief Learning Officer’s Gold Business Partnership Award.

Keith has delivered his messages on the importance of unlocking human potential, preparing for the future of work, design thinking, and leading with vulnerability to clients such as:

  • Hoover Institution at Stanford University
  • Paycom
  • Rocket Mortgage
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • HSBC
  • Southern California Edison

A former mentor and volunteer for New York Cares, Keith taught resume writing, interviewing and provided career coaching to individuals on parole and domestic abuse victims reentering the workforce. His volunteer work extends to the present day where he’s an openly gay leader advocating for LGBTQ+ and DE&I initiatives. Keith has been recognized by his clients as a leader with a strong vision, including a keen eye for recognizing talent. He’s not only a thought partner but an entrepreneurial spirit who “sees strangers simply as friends he hasn’t met yet.”

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.