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Payal Beri is a rebel against complacency and conformity. She is an Organizational Psychologist, consultant and speaker on a mission to help people, leaders, and communities realize that they have much more in common as humans than otherwise led to believe by those who benefit from their divide.


Diversity Equity and Inclusion.

Workshops & Consulting


Empathy is a strength of leadership
Empathy is the #1 sought-after skill in leadership that organizations are paying billions of dollars to develop their leaders. Learn how to tap into the three types of Empathy that are essential to empower your teams, make critical decisions with inclusivity and create a trusting environment.

EQi 2.0 Assessment
The EQi 2.0 is a scientifically validated tool that measures emotional intelligence across various aspects, such as self-perception, interpersonal relationships, stress management, and decision-making. It provides valuable insights into your strengths and areas for development, offering a comprehensive view of your emotional intelligence.


RK Empathy helps leaders develop a culture of inclusivity, belonging, and trust through immersive experiences that develop leaders to transform behaviors and tap into empathy truly.

“Payal created an incredible experience for our talent across all agencies to learn how to tap into empathy to add value, create influence and advocate for self in remote work environments. We had everyone from early career to senior leadership attend her immersive experience, with an attendance that has surpassed any of our former engagements. The feedback from the participants has been of positivity, motivated and ready to apply her strategies immediately. We’ve had senior leaders who are already seeing the benefits of her teaching after simply one month. In fact, senior leaders are ready to bring Payal in for recurring work with our agencies and ensure talent continues to apply her strategies as it’s enhancing the culture we’ve already built of trust and innovation.”
– Naimah Bhuruku, NASA

“The passion and power of her words hit the core of our humanity. Thank you Payal for your voice, your courage, your passion and your service. I look forward to your next talk with us.”
– Raquel Cundiff, Boeing

“Payal created an excellent workshop on Using Emotional Intelligence to add value, create influence and advocate for self, to support the team during the leadership annual meeting. Her partnership from the start was smooth from the insightful questions and understanding our needs to customizing the talk that best supported our team. She was incredibly receptive to feedback and worked through iterations that made the delivery incredibly impactful and left the team with resources, immediate and long term transformations. The strategies and insight Payal provided resonated with each team member, regardless of seniority and role. We were thoroughly pleased with Payal as a guest speaker at the annual leadership conference.”
– Soumya Chauhan, Google

"If you have not had the pleasure of Payal Beri talking to your leadership team, you are missing out on having a stronger team that uses the power of empathy."

For the past 15 years, Payal has worked in the human behavior field. First, as a clinical therapist working in non-profit settings servicing young adults, then finding her passion for empowering work cultures that put people first.

For the past 8 years, she’s worked with Fortune 500 companies such as NASA, Boeing, Google, Betterment, and the Department of Energy Research and Science Labs to empower leaders. She helps organizations work through the lens of empathy to attract, empower and retain talented leaders who innovate, become invested in the company’s mission, and find purpose in the work they do.

Her mission with RK Empathy is to help people, leaders and communities realize they have much more in common as humans than otherwise led to believe by those who benefit from their divide.

Today, she’s a speaker, researcher, and rebel against complacency and conformity — championing leadership that cultivates people-first culture by leveraging empathy to create an inclusive, diverse, belonging and psychologically safe culture.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.