Rachel Harlich


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Rachel Harlich is a somatic trauma psychotherapist who coaches, consults, speaks, and facilitates educational and experiential self-care workshops for groups of all types. She believes the more directly we confront stigma together, the more transformation we can make.


We are wired for connection, healing, and growth.

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Popular Talks

For somatic workshops, I pull from my background and expertise in Polyvagal theory and practices, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to offer participants a combination of psychoeducation, experiential exercises, and ways to take what we’ve learned and experienced together into their own personal and professional wellness practices.

I personally like to use nervous system awareness and befriending as the basis for the specific somatic practices since once participants have that awareness, the reason for learning these other practices makes much more sense. I can facilitate workshops on body sensation, movement, and five-sense perception mindfulness, somatic resourcing, EFT tapping, and breathwork, and would be happy to do so as a weekly series for your team.

Workshops, Coaching, & Consulting


Somatic Self-Care Workshop Series
This workshop series is a fun, experiential, and educational set of workshops from a somatic psychotherapist to help you learn using your body as a resource to let go of daily stresses, come back into your body, and live out your fullest, most authentic, and embodied life.

Provides the background necessary to create a welcoming workplace with LGBTQ+ employees. This will include everything from, explaining important terms, what to know about the lived experiences of gender and sexuality diverse people, language to avoid, other common missteps in workplaces, and ways to actively create affirmative spaces for your employees.


I offer professional coaching for those looking to incorporate a trauma-informed lens, LGBTQ+ competency, and somatic mindfulness into their work. I also offer life coaching to individuals for whom therapy may not be a good fit.


As a consultant I work with companies and organizations to 1) assist them in creating a culture of care for their employees and equipping them with the tools to care for themselves and 2) ensure they are providing LGBTQ+- friendly workplaces, with mental health agencies to ensure they have LGBTQ+ competency, and schools to make sure they creating safe spaces for their LGBTQ+ students and teachers.

“Rachel conducted a very insightful workshop on Heterosexism and Transgender Oppression. She was very patient when I asked various questions, and her answers regarding both social justice issues were very informative. Not only did this influence my practice with LGBTQ clients, but it has influenced my everyday conversations outside of my profession.”
– Roxie Williams, Jacobi Medical Center

“Very informative presentation including content shared, offering helpful tips and suggestions, as well as, engaging in the chat to further the conversation. I think this was the most soothingly passionate training I’ve ever attended!”
– K. Conger, DOHMH

"Rachel was an engaging, passionate, and knowledgeable speaker who educated us on LGBTQIA+ communities and how to work more competently and compassionately as practitioners. Her style was accessible and energizing, and it enlivened and empowered participants." —LAURA WYNN, Institute for Family Health & the Jewish Board

Rachel Harlich, LMSW is therapist, coach, consultant, speaker, and workshop facilitator. Trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, she brings a unique level of neuroscience-informed trauma and bodymind expertise to her work with individual clients, groups, and organizations.

As a queer and non-binary therapist, who specializes in working with other sexual and gender expansive clients and has trained many organizations in working with this population, she also brings a deep understanding and skill to gender and sexuality-focused DEI work. Rachel also brings an intersectional lens to her work, breaking down complex and nuanced topics for her audiences and clients.

Rachel has designed workshops for the Mental Health America conference, the NYC chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, The Bridge, among many others.

She has deep roots in the non-profit world, having spent 12 years working in crisis intervention, case management, suicide prevention, workshop facilitation, classroom education, and grassroots organizing.

Her practice is based on the principles of non-judgment, anti-oppression, harm reduction, and compassion. Rachel has worked with many different populations including: LGBTQ+ youth, people living with HIV/AIDS, homeless and low-income individuals, substance users, those living with chronic physical illnesses and severe and persistent mental illnesses, patients seeking abortions, and many others.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.