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Disability diversity expert with a limb difference, Ruth Rathblott, MSW is an inspiring TEDx speaker, bestselling author of “Singlehandedly,” and former nonprofit leader who has been featured in The New York Times. She is passionate about equity, inclusion and belonging, the gifts of being unique, and the freedom in accepting our differences.


Unhiding is the key to connection with ourselves and with others.

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Popular Talks

Topics I speak about:

  • Expanding the Diversity Conversation to include Disability;
  • The Power of Unhiding
  • The CURE to Inclusion

Outcomes for the audience:

  1. Understanding the impact of hiding a part of oneself. Participants will learn how hiding can lead to anxiety, self-consciousness, and limit one’s potential for growth and connection.
  2. Identifying what we hide: By identifying what they are hiding, participants can begin to address any negative feelings associated with hiding and start to move towards acceptance and self-love.
  3. Creating a culture of openness and inclusivity: By actively listening to others, participants will learn how to create a culture that values diversity and encourages people to be their authentic selves.

Workshops, Coaching & Consulting


The C.U.R.E. to Inclusion Workshop
Ready to have a conversation around Inclusion, but not sure where to start or what that looks like?

Ruth leads attendees in personal reflection and small group activities that encourages them to explore 4 dimensions of Inclusion.

Connection – how do we build attachment and display humanity?
Understanding – how do we create safe places for conversations about difference?
Representation – how do we ensure that everyone has a seat at the table?
Empathy – are we fostering a workplace with allies and ambassadors?

And how does all of this relate to our human need for belonging?
This workshop addresses these questions … and more!


My coaching services focus on my 3 Cs framework, which lays out a process to help you develop:

  • Clarity: creating self-awareness and understanding your unique gifts.
  • Connection: a) understanding your goals and working toward your passion and b) finding your support system (connecting dots).
  • Confidence: developing solutions and creating action steps for your success.


I offer solutions to fit your organization’s unique challenges and needs. Each of my packages offers expert advice on DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging) and can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

DEI often focuses on “otherness,” but my approach focuses on “togetherness” and how we, as a community, and workplace, have more in common than our minds tell us.

The focus of DEI is not about pitting one element of diversity against another. There is no hierarchy.

“Ruth joined Oshkosh Corporation today to meet with various levels of team members from individual contributors to executives. Regardless of their level, our team members felt the impact of her message. To support our Oshkosh Abilities Network, Ruth helped our team members to understand how to unhide and the greatness that comes when we decide to unhide. Her interactive presentation spoke to us on how we cope with feelings of isolation, our need to feel connected to others, and the ability to rise above life’s challenges. She is truly a wonderful, intelligent, and kind person. I felt immediately connected to her since the first time we met and highly recommend having her join your organization!”
– Liz Hoelzel, Oshkosh Corporation

“Ruth graciously spoke at an internal BCW Global event presented by our North America-wide Capable ERG (disabilities support group) timed to Mental Health Awareness Month in May 2022. Her presentation touched on the visible and invisible disability space which proved to bring immense hope, commendable vulnerability, and relatability to our workplace community. The topic of DE&I often times focuses on “otherness,” while in Ruth’s conversations it’s more so focused on “togetherness” – and how we as a community, and workplace, have more in common than our mind tells us. She presents a unique skillset of sharing key learnings and powerful data through the art of storytelling based on personal anecdotes and professional experiences. Ruth’s personable demeanor, inspiration, deep-rooted passion, genuine curiosity, and open-mindedness shined through in every moment of her presentation. Following the event, the response from our ERG People Team, North America Capable ERG members, and general employees was nothing short of positive. I highly recommend Ruth for any workplace initiative relating to disability, mental health, DE&I, leadership, and/or inspirational speaking, and I am open to providing any follow up information based on my experience working with her. I’m looking forward to seeing her continue to grow her brand and leadership in this space, and I have no doubt she will continue to inspire communities for years to come.”
– Corrine Findlay, BCW

“Ruth is one of the best. She shared her personal experiences and follow those stories with easily digestible lessons. Ruth engage the audience and was excellent at answering difficult on-the-spot questions. I was very impressed and inspired by Ruth. I look forward to keeping in contact and collaborating with her in the future.”
– Joshua Levine, Barclays Investment Bank.

“Her story resonated with our employees, and I hope she continues to share her story with other corporations with value diversity and inclusion and inspire us all to accept our differences and live our authentic selves.”
– Jason Williams, SVP, Global Inclusion Strategy, Paramount

“Ruth Rathblott is a true leader and visionary in the area of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Qlik hosted sessions with Ruth sharing her experiences and knowledge on living with disabilities and embracing inclusion. Ruth is now engaged with our team to implement an Employee Resource Group focused on disabilities, both visible and invisible. I highly recommend working with Ruth in any capacity for companies looking to focus on the value of inclusion for all employees. Her experience and knowledge transcends individual issues and speaks to everyone.”
– Julie Kae, Qlik

"Ruth engage the audience and was excellent at answering difficult on-the-spot questions."

Ruth Rathblott is a disability diversity expert on inclusion within organizations. She is an inspiring TEDx speaker, bestselling author, and an award-winning former nonprofit leader.

“Singlehandedly” is a book for all of us who have been hiding our differences and want to find freedom, for leaders who want to build more inclusive teams, and for diversity and inclusion directors committed to expanding the diversity conversation to include EVERYONE.

She was born with a limb difference and speaks with leaders on issues of equity and belonging, the gifts of being unique, and the freedom of accepting our differences.

Ruth was profiled as a CEO in The New York Times’ Corner Office and received Goucher College’s Excellence in Public Service Award, among other awards, for her outstanding leadership in the nonprofit sector. She has spent her entire career focused on providing opportunities for those who have been underrepresented. She serves as a board member of The Lucky Fin Project.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.