Sean Coleman, transgender speaker on equity consciousness

Sean Coleman


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A subject matter expert on gender, diversity, equity, and inclusion, Sean Coleman is a transgender speaker on equity consciousness and a top DEI Consultant. He runs the Bronx Trans Collective, a development company serving New York, Atlanta,  and Los Angeles.


Nothing about us without us: In order to provide sustainable results all relevant parties need to be at the table.

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Popular Talks

Diversity and Inclusion
How to create more inclusive spaces and how inclusion is just the first step in working to build a diverse world. The audience will understand the unique challenges to creating and maintaining diversity and ways that some have overcome those challenges.

Nonprofit Management
The tools to build sustainable Black and Brown nonprofit organizations. The audience will leave with concrete steps to build a thriving nonprofit.

Financial Stability
Defining financial stability within community that are under-banked and ways to create banking relationships that will ensure results. The audience will walk away with an understanding of how to create a strong financial infrastructure.

Speaking, Consulting, Coaching & Workshops

I work with clients from beginning to end to help identify their strengths and weakness. We then develop the framework to build out their vision. Coaching is vital in assisting leaders get to the next level of their business.

I work with brands that are looking to go beyond the surface when looking to engage community. Specifically, I work to develop better understanding between brands and the LGBTQ community as well as communities of color.

Effective Engagement of TGNC Communities (Workshop)
Teaching brands and companies best strategies for engaging members of the Transgender and Gender non-conforming community and why it’s important now more than ever.

Equity over Equality (Workshop)
We explore the difference between equality and equity and develop systems for ensuring programs and services are delivered through an equitable lens.

“Sean Coleman has been an instrumental part of my deciding to become an entrepreneur with his consulting services. I have been able to construct programs that have been essential to the success of my organization. Sean’s consulting time and time again has helped me understand the ins and outs of the nonprofit world, with his expertise I know that I will always be successful.”
— Allyn Cropper, My Brother Too

“I had the opportunity to work with Sean on different projects and if there is one thing I can point out it will be his commitment to his business-standard. He is a true entrepreneur and has real inspiration, besides his expertise his track record is a source of motivation.”
— Mohamadi Tapsoba, T.A.W. Media Group

"Sean's voice and values are necessary for developing accountable systems that disrupt legacies of white supremacy and oppression, particularly amidst the presence of rampant gentrification and systemic violence that is so evident in the lives of LGBTQ communities of color in NYC."

Sean Coleman is the Founder and Executive Director of Destination Tomorrow where he oversees the organization’s LGBT Community Center located in the South Bronx. Economic Empowerment is the cornerstone of services at DT, offering clients skill building programs and services that provide academic enrichment as well as professional development.

Sean is the first African American of Transgender Experience to operate an LGBT Center in New York City history and plays a key role in advocating for policies that directly impact the lives of millions of LGBTQ New Yorkers.

Sean is also the managing partner of Sean Ebony Coleman Consulting, a consultancy that specializes in working to increase Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement strategies for LGBTQ communities.

He consults for the Transgender Strategy Center, a collaboration of transgender led consultants.

Additionally, Sean manages Gilead’s TRANScend Community Impact Fund. This million-dollar fund supports Trans-led organizations working to improve the safety, health and wellness of the Transgender community. Currently, he is a part of Gilead’s National Transgender Advisory Group and Bronx Community Board.

Sean has been recognized in the City and State 2019 Bronx Power 100 List, Metro Sources’ LGBT People we Love and has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes and the Advocate.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.