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Sebastian Dziuk is a queer, transgender military veteran and keynote speaker focused on helping audiences examine what it means to live their version of a thriving life. He lives proudly to inspire others to do the same.


Everyone deserves to thrive, not just survive.

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Popular Talks

Leading by Example: A Transgender Soldier’s Story
An impactful talk for LGBTQ+ and Military audiences from a 10-year transgender Army veteran who served during the trans ban under former President Donald Trump. This talk shows how a community and command of support can make a difference in someone’s life.

After this talk, the audience will:

  • Identify the similarities between LGBTQIA+ and veteran communities.
  • Reflect on how we can best support people from different backgrounds than our own.

Beyond Pronouns: How to be an Ally to the Transgender Community
An educational presentation on becoming a more active ally to the transgender community. This presentation will go beyond what is expected to show areas where allies can have a deep impact in helping transgender people.

After this talk, the audience will:

  • Reflect on how to use their societal privileges to help others.
  • Examine opportunities to be more inclusive in their organizations.

Live Your Queer and Thriving Life: How to Live From Your Heart
An inspiring talk for a variety of queer-centered audiences that will leave attendees energized and ready to take action. This talk focuses on how to tune into what we truly desire and why we deserve to live a thriving life.

After this talk, the audience will:

  • Discover how you can take control of your life during trying times.
  • Deconstruct the mainstream definition of success and construct your version of thriving.

Coaching & Consulting


I coach Queer leaders and entrepreneurs in living their version of a Queer and Thriving life.


I advise ERGs/BRGs and organizations on creating more inclusive workplaces and support systems for their queer, transgender and veteran employees.

“Sebastian is an engaging and interactive presenter who truly embodies his beliefs in building connections with others. By sharing his personal experiences he encourages vulnerability from attendees in order to build meaningful connections.”
— Ashley Kimmell, School Based Services Specialist, Fernbrook Family Center

“Bastian’s methods are much more expansive, focusing on building a robust future. He helps you to create a broader vision for planning your future.”
— Rebecca Foley, Phoenix Growth Solutions

"Bastian is an engaging speaker with the ability to relate to a variety of attendees, in alignment with topics and goals."

Sebastian Dziuk (he/him) is an inspiring speaker, certified life coach, and author focused on helping people examine what it means to live their version of a thriving life.

Sebastian served ten years in the Minnesota Army National Guard from 2011-2022. He enlisted when he was 17 years old, right after “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed, and served under the transgender ban. Sebastian shares his story as an openly transgender Soldier in “With Honor and Integrity: Transgender Troops in their Own Words”, published in 2021.

Sebastian is the founder of Coach Bastian LLC. He has spoken at organizations, including Best Buy, RBC Wealth Management, and Xcel Energy. He is a member of Quorum, the Twin Cities LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and was recognized as the Rising Star Young Professional in 2020. He received the Community Pride Award from Lavender Magazine in 2021.

Sebastian is a contributing author of Thriving in Business: Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Entrepreneur, the first book of its kind, published in 2021. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with his husband.

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