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Shirin Etessam is a self-transformation speaker, entrepreneur, and a seasoned media executive. Her book, “FREE TO BE: A Six Week Guide To Reclaiming Your Soul,” was released June 2023. She speaks at universities, corporations, and organizations across the globe.


Self transformation is global transformation. The work we do on ourselves will benefit those we love, our communities, and the world. I also believe that it is our responsibility to do so as global citizens.

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We disconnect from our true essence at a very young age and begin taking our cues from the outside world, leading to much dissatisfaction and depression regardless of what we accomplish. I help people reverse that process in order to live rich and fulfilling lives


Leadership is a huge responsibility and it cannot be faked…at least not for too long. Leading from wisdom and our true essence is key to successful leadership.

Global Transformation

As amazing as the human race is with all of our creativity and innovations, we have yet to solve the world’s greatest dilemma – our inability to get along. I truly believe that self transformation is global transformation and to get there, we have to approach the conversation from a very different standpoint than we have been.

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The FREE TO BE workshop is a six week process of removing the various obstacles and layers that stand in the way of us connecting with our true essence (our souls) and then creating a life based on one’s true calling. Life and work feel vastly different and become much more fulfilling when lived from the inside out.


My group, the Center for Transforming Culture (CTC) provides executive coaching support to help leaders reduce conflict and create the conditions for high-performing teams.


CTC works with organizations to identify their workplace culture strengths and challenges. Then, we help leaders craft and implement strategic plans that support improvement so that collaboration, innovation and productivity thrive.

Shirin Etessam is a self-transformation speaker, entrepreneur, and a seasoned media executive. She has produced films, original television series and specials, created several companies, and led campaigns for some of the world’s most recognized companies (ABC, CBS, Discovery, BBC, Facebook, Apple, Intel, Virgin, and many more).

A proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Shirin founded OML TV, a popular platform dedicated to streaming and curating quality, queer female, video content and OML Originals, a female-led production company telling diverse female stories through a vast spectrum of film and television genres.

Her book, “FREE TO BE: A Six Week Guide To Reclaiming Your Soul”, was released in June 2023.

Today, Shirin guides seekers in her six-week program, FREE TO BE, to reconnect with their true essence and create a life of true and lasting fulfillment. She has been invited by numerous universities, companies, and organizations to speak on the subject of self transformation.

She lives in Marin County, California, with her wife and two children.

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