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Stacey Kantrowitz is an engaging speaker and Certified Trauma-Informed Coach committed to empowering leaders to unlock their potential through a process of inner exploration and subsequent dispelling of self-limiting beliefs. Her extensive background in performance coaching and disability inclusion / advocacy within the nonprofit sector make her a seasoned expert in her field.


What if the story you’re telling yourself isn’t true?

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Popular Talks

The Connection Between Trauma and Leadership Behavior

Part 1: Unintegrated Trauma and Unconscious Leadership Behavior
Part one of a two-part series, this presentation connects the dots between how past negative events and trauma impact our identity, how our identity becomes threatened, the role of the amygdala and our related coping mechanisms, and how these subsequent behaviors can both block our effectiveness and create a negative ripple effect.

Part 2: Pre-Programmed Coping Mechanisms and Re-Wiring our Brains
Part two of this series examines how we can un-learn pre-programmed coping behaviors. By becoming highly introspective and curious, leaders can begin paving the way to new perspectives, remove barriers to effectiveness, and create a positive ripple effect beyond themselves to their organizations and communities.

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What is Conscious Leadership?
This presentation is for those who are beginning to explore Conscious Leadership and want to learn more about the basic principles of what it means to be a conscious leader. Conscious leaders not only create positive ripple effects in their organizations and communities, but they also create more conscious leaders.

Conscious Leadership is a Way of Being
The principles of conscious leadership cannot only be applied to leadership. It is a way of being in the world. There is no finish line to the continuum of growth or the positive impact it can have on us as individuals, our families, organizations, communities, and the world.

Disability and Inclusion
By raising awareness, challenging unconscious biases, and debunking some of the common myths and misconceptions about disability that hinder inclusion, this presentation demonstrates the value of embracing diversity and promoting innovation through inclusive practices.


With a caring interdisciplinary mindset, Stacey collaborates with leaders to embark on a profound and transformative journey of self-discovery, uncovering hidden layers within themselves, examining how past negative experiences have shaped internal beliefs, and shedding the resultant self-imposed limitations that hinder their effectiveness as leaders. As a result, a remarkable shift occurs, not only within the leader’s personal growth but also in fostering favorable and enduring environments within their organizations and communities.


As a consultant, Stacey works with organizations to facilitate trauma-informed practices, disability inclusion, and conscious leadership. She is a strong collaborator who brings seasoned knowledge and insightful vision to organizations wishing to develop in these areas.

“Working with Stacey on several trauma-informed conscious leadership projects has been a dream. She consistently brings a compassionate heart, collaborative spirit and higher level of consciousness to all that she does. Find a way to work with her, either as a leader, or for your organization’s highest good—or both!.”
—Kelly L. Campbell, Founder, Consciousness Leaders

“Stacey is a one-of-a-kind leader, speaker, and innovator who leads with empathy, understanding, and an open mind to new ideas and suggestions. Stacey is not only a reliable source of encouragement but also a font of information and community resources to support anyone she is working with. Stacey’s spirit is electric and when it comes to unpacking heavy topics or disruptive thoughts, she knows what steps to take for a mindful exploration to get to the root of an issue while working together to find a solution. Working with Stacey has been a turning point in my personal and professional life and has forever enhanced how I approach leading teams with a conscientious focus.”
— Daniel Moldovan, Disability Resource Coordinator for Rockland County, NY

"[Stacey] consistently brings a compassionate heart, collaborative spirit and higher level of consciousness to all that she does."

Stacey has over 25 years of experience in the non-profit industry, championing the independence of people with disabilities and supporting them to reach their highest levels of independence. Her extensive background in performance coaching, disability inclusion, and advocacy makes her a seasoned expert in her field. As a conscious leader and mentor in that space, Stacey has cultivated a culture of compassionate empathy, trust, candidness, and radical responsibility.

In addition to her decades of leadership experience, Stacey holds a bachelor’s degree in human services, a master’s degree in organizational leadership and communication, and is a certified trauma-informed coach. Stacey understands the transformative power of trauma-informed practices and has conducted extensive qualitative research into the connection between trauma and conscious leadership efficacy. Her findings demonstrate that unintegrated trauma often surfaces as unconscious leadership behaviors, thus highlighting that trauma healing is imperative to being an effective conscious leader.

Stacey is a seasoned speaker, having delivered compelling presentations to non-profit organizations, businesses, and educational institutions, which shed light on the topics of Inclusivity and Disability, Conscious Leadership, and the connections between trauma and leadership behaviors.

Stacey believes that the core competencies of conscious leadership cannot be siloed but are rather a way of being in the world. She asserts that because we take ourselves with us wherever we go, unintegrated trauma will not only show up in areas of our personal lives but also in how we lead. Her aim is to promote a more inclusive society, fostering self-aware leaders and environments that embrace diversity. She is dedicated to empowering people of all abilities to achieve higher levels of self-awareness and efficacy.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.