Tony Zampella

Tony Zampella


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Anthony V. Zampella is a conscious leadership coach, consultant, educator and founder of Bhavana Learning Group in 2000. For over twenty years, the learning community serves educators, experienced coaches, and executives in order to cultivate conscious leadership through the integration of Western learning models with Eastern wisdom practices.


Times of systemic change and complexity require continuous learning and unlearning.

Community, Coaching & Workshops

Deep Listening
We provide and develop Deep Listening to discover/uncover intention and purpose.

Coaching & Mentoring
To cultivate practices to generate distinctions in language/perception.

Learning Community
Access to a community where Learners integrate change and continue unlearning.


• Increased leadership capacity from service and creativity.
• Deepened clarity to perceive situations accurately and coordinate action effectively, which results in increased performance, trust, and collaboration.
• Expanded openness for unlearning the ideologies that cause inequities, which results in an equity consciousness for greater inclusivity.

“My two years of working with Tony left me breathing deeply, standing in my center, and leading global transformation work.  He brought the resources, practices, and relentless power of his listening to my personal transformation.  As someone who creates major shifts in the world, it was a true gift to be coached and mentored by him.”
— Tina Maloney

“Tony provides a remarkable opportunity for continuous improvement and a quest to become/ be a stronger leader. Leadership skills are within everybody. [His work] will broaden perspectives, enable more effective communication, and develop a skill set that enables students to be stronger contributors right from the beginning of their professional career.”
— Sheryll Moser, IT Project Manager, Boeing

"His expertise in organizational and leadership development uniquely qualifies him to serve as educator, coach and mentor. His passion for these disciplines is unparalleled and his commitment to life-long learning makes him a fresh, relevant and informed authority."
— ROWENA SANDERS, The Salvation Army

Anthony V. Zampella, MSOL, is an educator, activist, conscious leadership coach, consultant, writer, and researcher in adult learning and development. He founded Bhavana Learning Group in 2000 to work with coaches, educators, and executives in order to cultivate learning communities for conscious leaders.

From early on Tony was drawn to activism and learning. Struggling with his own sexual orientation, he dropped out of high school in 1981. After coming out, he became an LGBT and AIDS activist (1984-97), published an LGBT weekly newspaper (1986-94), and served as a Human Relations Commissioner (1993-97) for the city of San Diego.

In 1993, he was shot in the neck in a gang-related incident. With this “wakeup call,” he earned a B.A. in Sociology (UCSD), M.S. in Journalism (Columbia University), M.S. in Organizational Leadership (Mercy College). Tony is a graduate of the Contemplative Psychotherapy at Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Science, where he serves on faculty.

Coaching since 2000, Tony served as faculty at Mercy College until 2005, directing its graduate Leadership program, and part-time at Rutgers University business school.

A Zen Buddhist practitioner since 2000, Tony is certified in human development: Foundations of Ontological Design; Open Space Technology; Appreciative Inquiry; Spiral Dynamics Integral; and Spiritual Intelligence.

Tony’s research includes ontology and phenomenology (Martin Heidegger), Integral Theory, stage development and integration (Ken Wilber), and Buddhist principles, studying contemplative wisdom practices. His pedagogical work includes developing Generative Listening and Language, Contemplative Practice, and “Unlearning Mindsets.”

Tony’s blog, Unlearning Curve, explores learning and leadership. The ICF has cited his research on listening; he contributed to the textbook: Complex situations in coaching: A critical case-based approach (Routledge June 2019); and is currently contributing to an anthology of Gay male coaches.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.