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Candis Fox is a financial wellness coach, money and equity consultant, and keynote speaker on relationship to money and systems, personal responsibility, and conflict resilience. Since money touches every aspect of life, Candis explores the undercurrents of money trauma and stress—combining 10+ years in cognitive and behavioral science with a Masters degree in education to provide holistic-life-long change. 


Live your legacy shamelessly and with integrity.

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Popular Talks

Financial Wellness

A holistic approach to money based on the truth that it touches every aspect of your life. Change your relationship to money and transform everything else that matters to you.

Relationship to Money, Power, Desire & Difference

Navigating your worth authentically within unbalanced systems and inherited blockages.

Neurodiversity and Accessibility

Harmonizing needs, recognition, and appreciation of unique minds and bodies. Ensure nuance and uniqueness have a valued place in your business or team.

DEI & Sovereignty

Relationships to self, community, and land, based on personal power, responsibility, and congruence.

Speaking, Workshops & Coaching


Neurodiversity and Accessibility

This workshop helps leaders understand the nuances of neurodiversity in people across differing identities. Those in positions of sourcing, hiring and interviewing candidates will come away understanding how they can ensure that nuance and uniqueness have a valued place in their organization.

Relating is a skill. Desire moves us. Victimization is a tool of oppression. Self-worth is defined by you. Strangers get strange together as we play with what moves us and make conscious choices about how to dance with the chaos of life.

Relationships to self, community, and land based on personal power, responsibility, and congruence. Discover your sacred place in the whole.

What Comes After Cancel Culture?
Create the life you want through relational skills: Congruence, Empathy, Empathic Listening and Unconditional Positive Regard.


Money Coaching

Traditional money coaching primarily focuses on one part of the problem: the logical habits & mental side of money. This often leaves people excited with important information, but little to no actual results. My methodology helps you reach even deeper than your Money Mindset to reveal the hidden root causes of your money-attachment patterns. As I guide you through the process, I listen closely to your experiences, providing reflections that allow you to see yourself clearly. I won’t pretend like it’s all easy; what we find there can be sticky and painful. And you are not alone in your courage to move through it. In this tension, I joyfully hold space for you on your journey.

Cognitive Coaching
Neuroplastic approaches to personal growth.


Systems and practices for regenerative, non-extractive, and relational strategies for redefining productivity in business. Make money doing and feeling good.

“I don’t know where I’d be without Candis Fox. Candis helped me transition through one of the most difficult times and relationships in my life. As a trans person of color and community organizer, I needed someone who was proficient in social justice and anti-racism to help me combat a lot of painful actions in a very tender and important relationship. Candis was phenomenal, so well educated, compassionate with all parties, and also real, ensured accountability, equity, bodily safety, and was present with my nervous system throughout the process. I have never felt so professionally supported in my life. The outcome of the conflict with Candis’ support feels hopeful, healing, and exciting and I know has brought so much growth to everyone involved.”
—Aliko Weste, U Productions

“Candis doesn’t try to teach you what they know, they’re trying to help you discover what you know. I started working with them because I wanted to be a better person instead of just looking like one. I wanted to get out of my own way in my relationships – with people, with money, with power. Through our work together, I feel like I know myself better in those relationships and can show up more like me and not what other people think I should be. I no longer feel shame for having enough money to support myself, or any pressure to always use it “well” in ways that did not also serve my joy. Candis supported this exploration and growth in such a positive way with insightful, challenging questions, holding space for confronting difficult or shameful parts of myself, offering new perspectives on these discoveries, and celebrating the personal shifts that followed. The work we did began my shift away from fear-based thinking and into joy – by following my joy with money, I feel better about the way I use it now in my community. I can challenge the way I was raised and just be me and know that that’s enough.”
—Lauren F., Meta (Facebook)

“I signed up to work with Candis to better understand my relationship to money. I released the awkward feelings I had and I now feel empowered by money and curious about how I can use money to energize myself and my community. I feel more comfortable engaging with the thing I was scared of – and that fear kept me from doing the good things I want to do with money. Candis is a magical human and I felt really connected to them in a way that felt powerful and made letting my shame go a lot easier. I am excited to have an understanding of how I have related to money in the past and how now I can use it more impactfully in the present and future.”
—Stena Troyer

"Candis is a magic-maker… My experience was profound and has influenced part of my daily practice. Simply put, find a way to work together!"

Candis Fox combines 10+ years in cognitive and behavioral science and education with radical finance to bring transformational experiences that impact systems and communities—on valuable life at a time.

Their work folds in a collaborative exploration and cultivation of ways of being that replace patriarchal values with responsibility, empowerment, empathy, sovereignty, collaborative abundance, desire, integrity, and redistribution of all kinds of wealth.

As an equity expert, Candis’ primarily speaks about relationship to money and systems, relational skills, personal responsibility, and conflict resilience.

Their identities include: Queer (+Nonbinary), disabled, white (Irish/Welsh/Dutch-American), Tsalagi, neurodivergent, and polyamorous, and spiritual (not religious). Candis holds a Master’s degree and teaching degree from Washington State University.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.