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Fatima Mann is a conscious leadership luminary, consultant, and trainer, revered for her profound ability to catalyze transformative change within organizational cultures. Fatima’s journey with AmeriCorps Vista in 2013 illuminated her deep-seated desire to serve others, igniting her dedication to uplift systematically oppressed communities.


Love and Healing: This principle is not just a concept, but a powerful force that permeates every facet of how I choose to live, work, and play.

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Popular Talks

Consensual and Non-Harmful Engagement

Learning how to consent with oneself provides self-trust and non-harm. Learning to engage with oneself non-harmfully allows a person to engage with others in a manner that doesn’t cause harm. The audience will gain practices that invite them to check in with themselves and others consensually and non-harmfully.

The Art Of Choice

Learning to center one’s own choices takes practice. Unlearning shame and guilt associated with taking care of oneself is rooted in pivoting in how one thinks, speaks, and acts towards themselves and others. The audience will learn ways they can choose themselves that will aid them lead and care for others without causing harm.

Speaking, Consulting, & Coaching


How to Leverage White Privilege
Is am interactive transformational learning experience for people that identify as white and/or white passing to deconstruct their consciousness regarding race without experiencing shame and/or guilt for being white. How to Leverage White Privilege is a six-part learning experience centered in consent and non-harmful engagement.

Cultural Mindfulness
Cultural Mindfulness is an interactive learning experience that invites participants to connect, learn, reflect, and practice self-awareness to engage in a non-harmful and consensual manner within their personal and professional lives. After this six-part experience participants have a deeper awareness of themselves and the ways in which their culture impacts how they experience life.


Love and Healing Work provides guidance for leaders, people in managing positions, CEOS, General Managers on embracing consensual non-harmful practices within their businesses, organizations, and personal lives. We guide people in honoring their human experience, and the experience of others while still meeting their quarterly goals.


Love and Healing Works delivers equitable and joyful experiences. Our coaching services are grounded in culturally mindful, healing and human-centered practices. We guide people to recognize and embrace their needs consensually, non-harmfully, and with grace.

“It is difficult to find people who are teaching on decolonizing consciousness and social equity who are offering this work from a trauma-informed perspective. Fatima guides people to work with their nervous systems, their bodies, and their hearts as much as with their minds. She holds such a beautiful space where we can do the hard work of looking at systems of inequity and injustice while being reminded of our humanity and our inherent goodness. I have learned how to stay open and grounded in unpacking these mindsets within my own conditioning while also being guided to clear, impactful action within my communities and my work. She reminds me daily that our liberation is connected to our bodies, our hearts and to each other.”
– Jenn Wooten, Waking Yoga

“Fatima has trained my whole organization and most of our clients. Our company works in the world of mental wellness AND we are a diverse company so it is critical that we create safe environments for people with all kinds of bodies and backgrounds. Diversity and inclusion has become a box to check but for us, our business would fail without these skills. If you care about this work more than just checking a box I highly recommend working with her. She is an embodiment a socially just world. Every single moment of the training was an opportunity to humanize ourselves and each other, leaving no room for bias.

I have attended many trainings and lectures that intended to dismantle racism and promote equality. Almost all of them were divisive. This kind of work often leaves the white-bodied people feeling guilty, trying to be “good” or defensive. The black and brown-bodied people’s experience then comes second to all the white-bodied people’s feelings. I can honestly say that everyone in my company felt like the class was for them, for their benefit, because it was. Fatima’s work has changed my life, it changed the culture of my company and I know that her work at large has changed our city. I will keep working with her as long as she will have us.”
– Lillian Moore, Cofounder of Mindlight

“Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful and affirming energies to bring forth the convergence of exploration, education, connection, and genuine curiosity, to any group/ space, however large or small. Ms. Mann has a talent that cannot be taught or mimicked or modeled. Simply, it is grace manifest in a way that removes fear, diminishes discomfort, and promotes relational capacity building among and for others.

I have had the distinct pleasure to know, witness, learn alongside, and learn from Ms. Mann for roughly 4 years now. She has successfully convened the most diverse, unfamiliar participants in a space into an organic community through an identified shared purpose. She does this so seamlessly because her work is borne of authenticity and informed by not only theoretical concepts, but most effectively, the heart work of human dignity. I have sought out and witnessed her talents in mental health retreat spaces, within the walls of institutions like UT Austin and Texas State University, and even in presentations through the virtual realm that reached national audiences- all of which left those fortunate enough to engage with or learn from her feeling renewed and effervescent. In closing, the inimitable Fatima Mann has a gift that the world would only be better for receiving through her humble delivery and sincere desire to connect the beauty of the human spirit in boundless ways to advance justice.”
– Skyller Walkes, Ph.D.

"In short, Fatima Mann is a life force."

Fatima Mann is a visionary, culturally mindful, healing & human-centered, consultant, & trainer, revered for her profound impact on transforming organizational cultures.

Fatima’s journey with AmeriCorps Vista in 2013, illuminated her deep-seated desire to serve others, igniting her dedication to uplift systematically oppressed communities.

As a co-founder of the Austin Justice Coalition, Fatima played an instrumental role in combating police brutality & shaping the Austin Police Department’s body-worn camera policy. Her advocacy & leadership garnered recognitions, including the 2018 National Association of Social Workers Public Citizen of the Year Award & the 2018 Measure Austin Big Data & Community Policing Appreciation Award.

Having earned her JD from Southern University Law Center (SULC) in 2018, Fatima’s journey seamlessly merged law, social justice, and healing. Her dynamic involvement in co-founding Counter Balance: ATX (CBATX), where she demonstrated her prowess as a strategic thinker and compassionate advocate.

Her role as Executive and Policy Director of CBATX earned her the esteemed 2017 Austin Community College Equity Activist Award & contributed to the passage of the groundbreaking Sandra Bland Act.

Fatima’s legacy of leadership extends during natural disasters, crafting culturally mindful & healing resources for impacted communities. Fatima’s accolades include being nominated for Austin’s 40 under 40, receiving the New Leaders Council Progressive Leadership Award, and being honored with the Louisiana State Bar Student Pro Bono Award.

As the co-birther & Chief Visionary of Love and Healing Work, Fatima continues to inspire transformative change through blending her legal acumen, yoga, trauma-conscious methodologies, and mindfulness practices, she empowers individuals and organizations to embark on a journey of self-discovery, compassion, and authentic leadership.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.