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Dr. Jen O’Ryan is a diversity and inclusion strategist focused on helping people build authentically inclusive and welcoming companies. She brings a unique perspective to organizational change, combining a Ph.D. in Human Behavior with over 20 years of experience in leading global launches of new consumer experiences, products and policy.


Meet people where they are and guide them to where they need to be.

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Popular Talks

Why good I&D initiatives can sputter out or fail:
After years of leading global initiatives and working in the I&D space, I’ve outlined 8 key themes that can tank even the best intentions. Unpacking these, and strategies to mitigate their influence, leaves attendees better equipped to change the world (or at least the organization).

Why Inclusion and Diversity is not an HR policy:
Companies continue to view I&D as a Human Resources conversation. It’s actually more closely related to Research and Development or Safety and Well-Being. Developing a culture of inclusiveness is an intention – a daily practice – that touches every aspect of the employee, client, and consumer lifecycle.

Designing inclusion for LGBTQ+ employees, clients, and customers:
People want to do the “right” thing, but have no idea where to start or how to talk about gender and orientation in the workplace. I make “awkward” questions and topics more accessible, and provide actionable guidance on safely introducing effective, meaningful change.

Speaking, Workshops, Consulting, & Coaching


Leading Inclusion and Diversity as an ‘Accidental’ Expert
This session covers common themes around why initiatives with the best intentions can sputter out or fail. We talk through designing effective change, where to focus your energy, the top things you can start (and stop) doing right now, and strategies to bring others along on the journey.

Designing an Inclusive Workplace (or Organization) – LGBTQ+ 101</strong
This session covers the “basics” around the experience of gender and orientation. Attendees have a safe, confidential space to ask questions and learn more about the nuance of designing a welcoming place for LGBTQ+ employees, clients, and customers.

Raising Queer Kiddos in a Straight World
This session is designed for parents, families, and other caring adults who work closely with other people’s kiddos (teachers, care providers, healthcare professionals). Provides guidance on how kiddo’s experience gender and attraction, supporting kids when they come out or transition, and learn about healthy modeling and intervening behaviors.


I work with people, primarily those in leadership roles, on how to talk about gender and orientation in the workplace. Most are wanting to do the “right” thing, but struggle with what to say (or not say). I provide a safe place to ask questions, build strategies, and internalize more inclusive perspectives.


My primary focus is content and messaging review. I find all the places that bias, stereotypes, and exclusionary language or images like to hide in organizations (policy, research, press releases, employee guides or training, websites). I can also design or lead initiatives from concept to post-launch evaluation.

“Jen is committed to helping writers and publishers create a more inclusive, accessible product. She combines a deep understanding of Inclusion and Diversity with an extensive background in writing for different audiences (technical papers, academic, non-fiction, articles).”
– Jennifer Brown, Jennifer Brown Consulting

“Jen’s session on “Leading Inclusion and Diversity as an ‘Accidental Expert’ was a great refresher and reminder of how important inclusion and diversity is not only in a professional setting but personally as well. She provided great tips on how to crawl, walk and run your way into better incorporating inclusion into our daily lives. I left feeling like I could start with small things and over time they would add up to a more inclusive environment. Simply put – a great session!”
– Robin Fowler, AVHRA Programs Chair, Apple Valley Human Resources Association

"Highly professional and collaborative, Jen develops a true partnership with everyone on the team. She joined our project midway and was able to quickly understand our goals for the manuscript."

Dr. Jen O’Ryan is a DEI strategist focused on helping people build authentically inclusive and welcoming companies.

A data geek at heart, Jen brings an extensive grasp of how people interact with technology, with each other, and with change.

She is the author of “Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for ‘Accidental’ Diversity Experts”.

Designed for anyone thinking about Inclusion and Diversity, IAF explains how to safely launch meaningful and lasting change.

Outside of her work, Jen is a travel enthusiast and avid runner. She also has a strange affinity for bad 80’s music, getting lost in new cities, and scary movies.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.