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LaToya Jordan is a speaker, workshop facilitator and human capital strategy coach to deep subject matter experts turned leaders. Her expertise is in human-centered leadership development. She specializes in supporting women of color in higher education, empowering them with the confidence and foundational tools they need to lead effectively and authentically.


To inspire greatness in leaders & organizations by providing them with a blueprint to lead on purpose.

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Popular Talks

Developing your authentic leadership style
There is no “right” approach to leadership. Through taking inventory to assess your natural leadership approaches, gathering input from colleagues and trusted friends, committing to one approach and trying it on for size, and daring to evaluate and adjust as necessary, you will discover which approach feels right for you.

Creating an inclusive team culture
Supplying leaders with steps for their toolkit to cultivate an inclusive team, from building a team that is truly diverse (thoughts, style, habits, and race and gender) to encouragement of participation, embracing curiosity, and how making yourself accessible and approachable makes all the difference in cultivating a culture of inclusivity.

Modeling healthy conflict resolution
Conflict will not simply “go away,” thought committing to the four tips that Lead by Design Lab stands by will help you manage it with greater ease.

Speaking, Consulting, Workshops & Coaching


We work directly with leaders to strengthen the human capital strategy to ensure they’re meeting their employee retention goals, have an effective company culture, and deploy a people strategy that aligns with the organization’s goals.

With Lead by Design Lab, leaders will gain expert eyes on employee-related methods, from HR strategy to operating in alignment with the company vision and mission.


The Lead by Design Lab’s human-centered coaching program is crafted to support executives in gaining confidence as a new university, non-profit, or business leader and become a more effective leader in 90 days. These Labs act as an opportunity for executives to pause, gain clarity, and build their toolkit for success.


Organizational Leadership Workshops
These trainings are designed to provide new and established leaders with the tools they need to lead effectively and help advance organizational objectives. Topics of expertise include authentic leadership, leveraging diverse perspectives, managing team conflicts and building effective teams.

Design Thinking Workshops
These sessions include a variety of activities designed to generate ideas and reach innovative solutions as a team. We’ll collaborate to create projects that stretch your limits and ignite your team’s creativity, so you’re no longer trying to keep up with the competition, but inspiring them.

“I’ve had the pleasure of watching LaToya, year after year, flex her style and approach depending on her audience to ensure our efforts were connecting and relevant for every leader in her organization. LaToya knows what she wants, and more importantly knows what it takes to get there, then rolls up her sleeves and gets to work. By working with LaToya you will gain a thoughtful partner that is collaborative and fierce in helping you achieve your goals. She is a systems thinker with a big picture view and enough experience in her back pocket to point out all the potholes you may hit along the way. LaToya will give you honest feedback, but also help you build a plan to get you where you want to be.”
– Oana Amaria, Practice Leader, Firefly Inclusion Solutions

“Before hiring LaToya, I read every leadership book recommended to me and consulted with friends who were also leaders in their respective fields. As a result of working with her, I’ve gained increased confidence in my ability to lead and also received some real time problem solving techniques that work! I found additional capacity to lead from my strengths and gifts which gave me more courage to bring all of who I am to meet the moment. The best part of working with her is experiencing trustworthy, reliable, professional camaraderie that made me feel like I was not at all alone in my new leadership journey. I appreciated that she saw and heard me for who I am and encouraged me to try new practices that made for better results.”
– Ruth Nicole Brown, Chair, African American and African Studies Department, Michigan State University

"Powerful. Honest. Creative. For the past five years, we've collaborated with LaToya to design and lead human-centered experiences of all kinds. She has the ability to be strategic, creative, and tactical - all at the same time. However, my favorite part of working with LaToya is her lighthearted, straight-talking, full-of-love approach to collaboration. It is so refreshing. She absolutely embodies the change we want to see in the world!"

Named one of Black Enterprise’s 2018 Corporate Diversity Executives, LaToya Jordan has spent over 15 years as a human capital strategy coach.

She provides business and professional development counsel, executive coaching, training, and workshops to university and business leaders, employees, students, and community-based organizations alike.

LaToya has worked with leaders and teams in university, corporate, and nonprofit settings, including Grand Valley State University, Michigan State University, Peloton, Uber, Cigna, T-Mobile, Mitsubishi, Swiss Re, NJ LEEP, The Columbus Foundation, United States Postal Service, and the NAACP Brooklyn Branch.

She is also an adjunct professor at Columbia University teaching team development and Stanford University teaching design thinking. She received her PhD from Columbia University in Social-Organizational Psychology.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.