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A seasoned inclusivity consultant, coach and speaker, Michael builds equitable and anti-racist organizations through practical action. He brings mindfulness and compassion into workplaces to solve dysfunction and grow leadership skills. His approach brings together the core principles of equity and inclusion, change management, human-centered design, and co-active coaching to create experiences, processes, and moments that lead to transformative results.


Lead with self-awareness while centering equity and joy.

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Popular Talks

Culturally-Aware Feedback
How to give and receive feedback at work in all directions—taking power dynamics and identity into account.

White Leaders Dismantling Racism
What responsibility white leaders have to dismantle racism and how to develop self-awareness and practical action for doing the work.

Mindfulness as the Foundation for Inclusive Leadership
What mindfulness is, how to practice it while learning from your emotions, and how to apply mindfulness to your daily leadership.

Workshops, Coaching & Consulting


Culturally-Aware Feedback at Work

Participants walk away with the tools to increase the frequency and quality of feedback in all directions while raising the level of psychological safety in the organization. This workshop includes low-stakes practice in a supportive learning environment that takes power dynamics and identity into account.

Trust & Psychological Safety Across Identities

Participants recognize how their identities and/or past experiences might impact their relationship with psychological safety. They learn how to communicate more effectively and openly, fostering an environment where people feel safe sharing their thoughts, feelings, and concerns without fear of reprisal or judgment.

Practicing Consistent + Bold Allyship

Participants explore their own biases and assumptions and develop strategies to challenge and overcome them. They develop the ability to see issues from multiple perspectives and empathize with the experiences of individuals and groups facing marginalization.

Inclusive Decision-Making

Participants learn about the different methods of decision-making that are available to teams and how to use them to include the voices of those impacted. They practice integrative decision-making as a tool for increased efficiency, participation, and clarity.

White Leaders Developing Anti-Racist Practice

Participants learn about white identity development and how their own identity is developing. They deepen their own understanding of anti-racist thinking and action and make specific personal commitments to growing their racial identity as a leader.


I coach visionary leaders who are working to change systems. I leverage our shared creativity to break through your personal obstacles while holding you accountable.


My co-founder and I at Liberation Labs design and deliver equitable and joyful experiences for visionary organizations. We weave equity into the fabric of organizational life through strategy, systems, policies, everyday practices, and retreats.

“Michael has been an excellent resource for our managers and supervisors. His work has already sparked a noticeable difference in helping staff grow and thrive. I have worked with a lot of consultants over the years, and this has been the most rewarding, meaningful, and useful connection I have seen. I expected to get a few tips and learn a couple of concepts. Michael gets right to the heart of critical communication and listening skills that go beyond a lesson you learn and forget within the week. I have experienced meaningful personal growth as a result of working with Michael. The improvements I have made are making my work life more rewarding, but even more important, it is adding true value and appreciation to my staff. Usually in a consultant, I am looking for expertise and insight. I had grown to stop expecting radical change and improvement. Michael has upended those expectations!”
— Todd Dunkelberg, Executive Director at Deschutes Public Library

“Michael is an excellent facilitator and structured a day that really opened our eyes to how we might make adjustments in our ways of working. The lessons and tools we took away from the workshop were practical and easily implemented by various team members.”
— James Legeman, Associate Vice President of Corporate Innovation at Pacific Life

“Michael is an emotionally-intelligent, thoughtful and creative leader who cares deeply about making a difference. In supporting our business process redesign, pilot, and implementation, he took the time to understand our organization and was able to balance meeting our people where they were, with challenging, pushing, and stretching them to try new behaviors and build new capabilities.”
— Diana Simmons, Senior Director of Business Effectiveness & Organizational Transformation at Clif Bar & Co.

"Michael is an emotionally intelligent, thoughtful and creative leader who cares deeply about making a difference."

Michael Gregor has become a trusted partner for bold leaders with a hunger to change how their organizations collaborate and work together.

As a seasoned consultant, inclusive facilitator and expert coach, Michael has partnered with companies of all sizes to unlock the future of their organizations (working in tech, philanthropy, consumer goods, biotech, social services, and government). Michael has delivered consulting in strategic planning, organization design, change management, process design, interpersonal communication, mindfulness, and equity-centered cultural change to over 75 organizations.

He has designed and facilitated numerous retreats, summits, offsites, and training experiences for leadership teams and all-company audiences.

Michael is a queer white man, a parent in a multiracial family, a mindfulness practitioner, and an entrepreneur. He’s passionate about working with visionary leaders who are disrupting the status quo while taking good care of themselves and their loved ones.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.