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Nagela Dales helps create radically inclusive, multi-generational, equitable economy. She does that by making inclusive innovation more accessible and more damn fun! She’s an unapologetic, multihyphenate creator and founder whose life mission is to help build an economy that includes everyone.


Dignity, equity, healing and self-actualization are not for you, but so that you can show up for your community.

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Popular Talks

In Our Conversations About Belonging
I encourage each of us to deeply explore how we situate ourselves within our communities and our own hearts. Our dialogues are an opportunity for self-discovery, fostering bonds of authenticity and connection, and highlighting our shared humanity in this complex, beautiful world.

When Discussing Inclusive Innovation
I challenge the long-standing norms that confine creativity and technology to a select few. By advocating for the rights of all to contribute and be visible in these arenas, I envision a society where innovation is not a privilege, but a communal property to be celebrated, irrespective of one’s identity or background.

As we Delve into Self-Efficacy
I urge every person to realize their unique power and potential to achieve their aspirations and spark change. What does self -efficacy look like in systems that attack you on a structural, institutional, and individual level? Stressing the significance of courage, resilience, and self-belief, my goal is to inspire individual and societal transformation, emphasizing that each of us holds the power to make a significant difference in our world.

Workshops & Coaching


Unconscious Bias and Personal Identity
How do we begin understanding our unconscious bias and how our identity partakes in a white supremacy-built society?This workshop starts as a way to openly discuss race and racial bias at work beyond the surface level. Facilitated conversations, “brave spaces,” and dialogues with employees to help them learn more and get better at talking about race.

Inclusive Innovation
How do you build a business that centers on inclusion, people, and the planet from its core? We look at how white supremacy has crept into your business model, how you make and market products.

You Belong Everywhere
What does it mean to Belong? This workshop focuses on:

  • Understand what you feel like are your personal barriers are
  • View how we have internalized white supremacy values and how it affects us
  • Lean in to create our version of liberation for ourselves, in your work, and the way we work


The gap between who and how you may want your business to show up in the world, and the actual practice of it may seem daunting. But that is what we are here to do: help you close the gap between intent and impact, find the balance between growth and responsibility, sustainability as a business, and equity. We believe that businesses have an opportunity – and an obligation – to be a force for good in their communities and society. Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs the tools they need to create sustainable businesses that make a positive difference in their neighborhoods and beyond.

“Nagela delved into the impact of systematic oppression She shared her own experiences and insights, which were both touching and enlightening, and somehow managed to do so with grace and even humor. I declare myself a FAN. For life.”

“I got goosebumps reading this and hearing your talk in my mind again. It was THE most powerful, incredible talk I’ve ever watched. I’ve never been as moved by someone’s words as I was with yours. It was an absolute privilege to hear you speak and share your story and I can’t express in words how grateful and lucky I feel that I was there to hear you share it. Thank you so so much, for sharing and for how you’ve made me assess my relationships.”
– Natalie Pearce, Culture Designer, Workshop Facilitator

“Nagela Dale’s keynote session last Saturday at Upfront and Centre, and it was probably the most inspiring and moving talk I’ve ever heard. Nagela delved into the impact of systematic oppression on mother-child relationships, especially for Black mothers. She shared her own experiences and insights, which were both heart-beaking and enlightening and somehow managed to do so with grace and even humor. I declare myself Nagela’s FAN. For life.”
– Leticia Fernández Alonso, Designer at Cooperativism

"Thank you, Nagela, for sharing your wisdom and grace with us."

Nagela Dales started OpenHouse to make innovation accessible and damn fun. She’s an unapologetic multihyphenate creator and founder whose life mission is to help build a radical, multigenerational economy that includes everyone.

As a business model designer and equity strategist, she has led technical and social projects at the government, for-profit, and non-profit levels, as well as helping founders design, test, and launch businesses, products, and user experiences that center on equity, inclusion, and new possibilities.

Her entrepreneurship journey isn’t conventional, and she doesn’t shy away from sharing how decolonizing her ideas about productivity, worth and success, the importance of healing, and transforming trauma is the key to her showing up in the world every day in her purpose.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.