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The CEO/Principal of ITBOM, LLC, Shari Dunn is a dynamic, engaging, and sought-after speaker, author, change management consultant, trainer, coach, and educator. Her approach is outside of the traditional human resources paradigm and is meant to help institutions with systemic redesign. Author of the upcoming book on Competency Checking, Why Race Still Matters in The Workplace, by Harper Business, early 2025.


We must fully understand and embrace the ways we act out old stories to clear a path to re-imagine a new course forward.

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Popular Talks

The Future of DEI: What the Supreme Court Decision on Affirmative Action Means in the Workplace

The Supreme Court did not strike down corporate DEI, but the landscape is changing, so what does that mean for your workplace, initiatives, and hiring? Those who seek to “win the future” will lean into and not retreat from securing a creative and diverse workforce and providing goods and services to a majority diverse consumer base. Shari is an attorney, consultant, and educator and can help bring this message to your workforce, senior leadership, or conference.

Reimagining the Non-Profit

To make real progress in advancing equity and justice in our communities, funders and nonprofits will need to reimagine how they do what they do, who does the work, and why. Shari will illuminate the history, the challenges, and how staff, funders, and importantly the nonprofit board can help transform the sector.

Workshops, Coaching & Consulting


Communicating Across Differences
How we communicate is rooted not only in our family of origin and the community in which we were raised but also by the narrative and feedback society provides to and about us as we mature into adults.

Unconscious Bias
All of us hold biases, it is how we organize the world around us. We use, to varying degrees, experience, assumptions, and data (though that data may be faulty) to make broad based assumptions about the world and the people around us.

Origins: Why We Talk About Race
This module is a unique exploration of the history of race and racism in the United States.


Coaching can be a powerful and effective method that helps leaders, and their teams arrive at solutions instead of being told the steps they should take. Coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the ‘here and now rather than on the distant past or future.


ITBOM, LLC Training & Consulting designs “Bespoke” approaches focusing on the issues vital in your industry and connecting those issues to systemic equity, and organizational and cultural redesign.

“What I love about it is that employees can go at their own pace and share and encourage others to join in the journey. I really believe that learning happens best when you are ready for it, so I love the self-paced nature and the quality of your e-learning offering.”
– Betsy Imholt, Director, Oregon Department of Revenue

“Shari is deeply informed, strategic and has a very thoughtful and clear way of thinking about and talking about I&D. Her approach to communicating concepts and principles is extremely effective, based on broadly shared values, and accessible to many, no matter where they are on their journey.”
– Patrick Criteser, CEO of Tillamook Creamery

“Shari did a very good job at recognizing the perspectives that everyone was coming from and then making sure that we were all building some shared language.”
– Jolenta Coleman-Bush, Senior Program Manager of Microsoft Philanthropies

"Shari is deeply informed, strategic and has a very thoughtful and clear way of thinking about and talking about I&D."

Shari Dunn is a speaker, author, consultant, trainer, coach, and educator. She is the CEO/ Principal of ITBOM, LLC., a consulting firm specializing in institutional and organizational consulting, change management, communications training, systemic equity and inclusion, leadership, and workforce development.

Shari is a polymath, having had successful careers as an attorney, journalist, CEO, professor, funder, and writer. Her approach is outside of the traditional human resources paradigm and is meant to help institutions with systemic redesign. Shari is a dynamic, engaging, and sought-after speaker who takes the time to personalize the talk, keynote, or training to your organization’s needs.

ITBOM LLC consults with companies as diverse as the Fortune 500, state governmental agencies, and medium to small businesses.

Shari has been awarded; The Driving Force Award: Governor Kate Brown of Oregon (2020); Extraordinary Executive Director: Portland Monthly Magazine, Light-A-Fire Awards (2019); Women of Influence: Portland Business Journal (2019); the highly coveted Executive of the Year: Portland Business Journal (2018). Shari has a Juris Doctorate Degree from Northwestern University—Pritzker School of Law and earned her Bachelor of Arts in the History of Philosophy from Marquette University.

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