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As a multi-award-winning IMPACTpreneur Suzanne grows and amplifies conscious leaders and their social impact to empower you, me, and we. She is certified speaking professional (CSP) who commands the stage with a captivating blend of passion, wisdom, and charisma. Her dedication and expertise have positioned leaders to create a ripple effect in both the workplace and the world.


Be the change you want to lead.

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Make Your Contribution Count for You • Me • We

Enhance your life, connections, and brand thru social impact.
Get ready to be inspired, as this keynote ignites your passion for having a profound social impact, individually and collectively. This is a call to action for anyone who yearns for more fulfillment and meaning in life.

Be guided on discovering and aligning your contribution with your authentic values and passions and gain a framework to create a sustainable social and environmental impact.

Be the Change You Want to Lead

Transforming Your Workforce Culture through Conscious Leadership Practices

Drawing from countless Conscious Leader interviews and extensive employee research, Suzanne combines invaluable insights to reveal the secret behind why employees choose to work—or not—and what it takes to foster a thriving culture of interconnectedness, communal well-being, and collective growth.

Through the eyes of conscious leaders, Suzanne unveils eight game-changing strategies to embed into your organization’s DNA. Witness the transformation of your employees into unstoppable intrapreneurs, where empowerment, productivity, and purpose intersect to create an atmosphere where every contribution counts.

Harness Your Feminine Power

Feminine energy leads differently. Embrace it. Celebrate it. Act on it.

Unleash your feminine power to transform organizations and communities. Discover how women leaders worldwide have harnessed their authentic power through eight practices. Gain the confidence to be your best self in every aspect of life.

Workshops, Coaching & Consulting


Pitch Perfect | Infuse persuasion and passion into your presentations
Confidently engage an individual or audience, in-person or virtually, while maintaining control and moving them to the desired outcome.

Conscious Conversations that Convert
Forge strategic alliances to attract and engage customers, clients, and collaborators. Our program equips individuals with the expertise to stand out by comprehending the perspectives, values, and decision-making processes of investors, funders, sponsors, donors, prospects, clients, and stakeholders.


Conscious Leadership Coaching: As a Conscious Leader, self-awareness is crucial for openness, curiosity, and abundance. Suzanne’s Breakthrough Protocol coaching clears obstacles hindering your leadership potential. It begins with a 40-min Conscious Leadership Assessment, identifying strengths, opportunities, and the main barrier. The Breakthrough Protocol session (10-15 hours) removes obstacles to express your best self.

“Brilliant. Innovative. Captivating. Suzanne’s YouMeWe keynote is a message that we all need to hear; it is perfectly timed for the current state of our globe. I left feeling energized and mobilized to reflect—and then act—on my conscious contribution strategy!”
—Deri Latimer CSP, Living Potential

“Suzanne, your Advance Women Conference presentation was awesome! What great messages for all to hear. And you present so marvelously – your energy, your enunciation –my goodness, you are a powerhouse! You are a true pro and leader, Suzanne! I loved it. I am so proud to present you again to the AWC women in ag! Your message resonated with many – it sure did with me!”
—Iris Meck, Director of Conference

“Suzanne Stevens spoke to our Annual Convention and just nailed it! A post-convention survey of all speakers placed her ahead of all our speakers in terms of being inspiring and giving them new insight and a practical strategy for solving the challenge of attracting and retaining colleagues. Well done!”
—Tom O’Neill, President, Quesada Franchising of Canada Corp

“I want to express my gratitude for the Conscious Leadership Presentation! It was extremely useful. I was amazed by your style of presentation and inspirational energy! You transformed the traditional motivational of needs into what motivates employees. The language was compelling and understandable for everybody in the room, regardless of their background. It was incredible. I had a lot of immersive insights that I will be sharing with other leaders across my organization.”
—Oleksandra Berezina , Highgate Systems Inc.

“Provocative. Profound. Powerful. Suzanne delivers yet another awe-inspiring presentation that stirred inspiration, hope, and strength in every attendee. It was also a pleasure to watch her moderate a panel of experts with such insight and grace and prompt so much willingness to share personal stories and experiences. She single-handedly raised the bar on guest experience and virtual event engagement!”
—Andriana M. Avraam, Founder Creative & Lead Planner at Pink Media

"Suzanne Stevens spoke to our Annual Convention and just nailed it!

Suzanne F. Stevens is the unstoppable force behind YouMeWe Social Impact Group Inc. Suzanne has been invigorating audiences on five continents, catalyzing a ripple effect in conscious leadership practices, value-aligned business development, and social impact strategies.

In her mid-40s, Suzanne and her husband sold everything and self-funded a two-year journey backpacking through Africa to amplify the voices of Conscious Leaders in 19 countries for the YouMeWe Amplified Podcast. Now, she has conversations with Conscious Leaders internationally who are transforming where we live and work with sustainable social solutions.

As a certified speaker professional (CSP), Suzanne commands the stage with a captivating blend of passion, wisdom, and charisma. Her evolution from the “me” economy to a “WE” culture is brought to life through relatable anecdotes, profound insights, and authentic breakthroughs. Her captivating presentations usher in an era of interconnectedness, communal well-being, and collective growth.

Her content is incredibly relevant, timely, interactive, and research-based. She’s the author of the book “Make your Contribution Count, for You, Me, We,” a conscious leadership coach, a community builder, and a multi-award-winning IMPACTtpreneur.

Suzanne’s mission is clear: to grow conscious leaders, their businesses, and social impact—sustainably. Suzanne has worked with a diverse range of clients across industries such as finance, media, manufacturing, engineering, franchising, non-profits, facility and event management, and social enterprises.

Her unwavering commitment extends to the YouMeWe Foundation, where she empowers underserved women through scholarships for post-graduate education in Africa.

Suzanne’s dedication and expertise have positioned conscious leaders to create an unprecedented ripple effect in both the workplace and the world, shifting us from me to we.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.