05.04.2021 PR and Media Author: Kelly Campbell
consciousness leaders

Consciousness Leaders Guides Organizations into a New Frontier

New platform provides a roadmap for organizations worldwide to adopt conscious leadership

Consciousness Leaders is a first-of-its-kind global collective of diverse and trusted experts in the conscious leadership space. The online platform provides organizations with celebrated keynote speakers, leadership experts, best-selling authors, coaches, consultants, and workshop facilitators—each intentionally chosen and searchable in one place.

The collective was founded by Kelly Campbell and Tracy Yates, owners of creative and experiential agencies that supported Fortune 500 brands, nonprofits and corporate social impact initiatives for nearly two decades. Through their more recent individual work as conscious-centered consultants serving business leaders, they realized the need for Consciousness Leaders—a trusted resource for evolving organizations looking to reach new levels of innovation, create vibrant cultures and benefit society and the environment.

Customers expect more of brands than ever before, demanding higher levels of authenticity, transparency and eco-consciousness. Employees value empathetic leadership and workplaces that center diversity, equity and inclusion. Leaders know they need to deliver on these expectations, but search engines and social media channels are flooded with advice and advisors, making it difficult for leaders to know who to trust. 

“We believe that conscious leadership is changing the world”, says Kelly Campbell. “Leaders seeking to embrace the movement need a trusted partner to determine which experts can help facilitate lasting positive change.”

Consciousness Leaders values diversity among its experts—primarily representing the global majority: women, BIPOC and LGBTQ community members—all with a shared vision to help organizations lead with empathy, equity consciousness and environmental sustainability.

While conscious leadership itself is not a new conversation, Consciousness Leaders has created a new category—organizational enlightenment, defining this discipline as “the practice of aligning an organization’s ideals and actions with positive societal and cultural evolution”. 

Tracy Yates understands the power in embodying this brand of leadership. “Leaders who embrace vulnerability and create conscious-centered workplaces will be the ones leading us into a just and generous future.” 

The strategic approach to both vetting experts and collaborating with organizations are two primary differentiators. Their expert selection process ensures that every member of the collective is a qualified specialist in her, his or their field. 

Consciousness Leaders works one-on-one with organizations to make recommendations tailored to their specific needs in leadership development, cultural transformation, diversity and inclusion, organizational purpose, sustainability and more. Those looking to book speakers for conferences, hire consultants, leadership coaches or workshop facilitators can count on curated pairings, leading to transformative change.

Additionally, in order to drive the conscious leadership movement forward, experts in the collective are available to journalists and media professionals looking for commentary from subject matter experts on intentional culture, gender, race, social justice and sustainability.

As agents of change, Consciousness Leaders bridges the gap between change-makers and evolving organizations, leading the movement to make conscious leadership a priority worldwide. Individual leaders and organizations and looking to partner with Consciousness Leaders can visit consciousnessleaders.com, reach out directly via email at connect@consciousnessleaders.com or call 901-206-LEAD.

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