11.30.2022 Diversity in Speakers Author: Kelly Campbell
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Despite the ongoing conversation regarding the importance of diversity, equity and inclusivity speakers, many events lack representation. But we can change that in 2023 and beyond. 

Event and HR professionals are charged with ensuring that everyone’s voices are heard—and that speakers of various identities (gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, body type, or any other social construct) are made visible. Finding DEI speakers is a crucial component in planning any event, from conferences to leadership retreats to virtual presentations that reach employees across the globe. From disability awareness campaigners and gender equality advocates to racial equity activists and speakers on mental health and psychological safety, these passionate orators are committed to the cause. Amplify the voices of women, Black, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Latinx, LGBTQ+, disabled, neurodiverse and military veterans with a selection of top-notch DEI speakers.

Here are ten inclusivity speakers to watch in 2023:

Madison Butler

Madison is a Black, queer woman who embodies the term survivor and is focused on promoting psychological safety. With popular talks on scaling organizations ethically and inclusion before diversity under her belt, Madison has gained recognition as a Top Black Voice to follow on LinkedIn. As a mental health advocate, she prides herself in deconstructing the status quo and rebuilding Corporate America. Check out her profile today.

Steve Yacovelli

A specialist in empathy and inclusivity, Dr. Steve Yacovelli thrives in addressing organizational leadership and change management. One of his more popular talks was about being a consciously inclusive leader, where he talked about conscious and unconscious thinking as a self-awareness tool that leaders require. A prominent author and public speaker, Steve works to improve inclusivity and empathy in society. Here is his profile.

Elizabeth (Lisa) Liang

Elizabeth is a leading authority on multicultural identities and is renowned for her captivating keynote speeches on intersectionality and multicultural upbringing. As a workshop moderator with unrivaled expertise in intersectional allyship, she collaborates with businesses and charities to increase understanding and foster broader organizational ties. Visit her profile to learn more about her.

Glodean Champion

Glodean is a writer and transformational leadership expert who focuses on DEI, self-improvement, leadership, and team building. She works with people and entities to alter attitudes, practices, presumptions, and presumptions to address the underlying causes of societal and cultural challenges. With talks such as lean into love, she embodies the change that society needs. Discover more on her profile.

Kevin Michael Slater

A seasoned diversity executive with vast experience in devising and implementing progressive equity, inclusion, and organizational change techniques, Kevin is one of the top inclusivity speakers to watch. He is also a leadership consultant. He has received recognition on a global scale for his work in group facilitation, executive counseling, and problem management. Visit his profile to learn more about his talks on relevance and DEIB.

Arthur Woods

Arthur is an LGBTQ equity and inclusion orator who works at the nexus of hiring for inclusivity and technology. BEQ named him to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and 40 Under 40 lists. He wrote the nationwide bestselling book Hiring for Diversity and is a three-time TEDx speaker and consultant to several well-known brands. His talk on finding purpose at work has impacted many. Take a look at his profile for more impactful keynote speeches.

Rhodes Perry

With a mission to build belonging at work and center those least likely to feel psychologically safe, Rhodes Perry is a keynote speaker, renowned author, and an established LGBTQ+ thought leader. He’s also the CEO of a leadership and management establishment. His talks are geared toward creating a feeling of psychological safety, confidence, and inclusion at work. Some of his most famous speeches are available on his profile.

Natalia Eileen Villarmán

Natalia runs Seen@Work, a premium equality and inclusion advisory company that focuses on strategic planning and implementation of DEIB work, offering support to businesses worldwide. She believes that everyone benefits from being seen at work and advocates for anti-diversity practices in the workplace. Check out her profile to learn more about addressing unconscious bias in an organization.

Bernadette Smith

Bernadette is a featured speaker on diversity and equity and the writer of three books that have won awards; her fourth book was published in 2021. She assists Fortune 500 organizations in fostering an equitable work climate and celebrating diversity as a trusted advisor. Visit her profile and learn to create spaces where everyone feels safe to be themselves.

Sean Coleman

Last but not least on our list of inclusivity speakers is Sean Coleman. A top DEI consultant and technical expert, Sean is also the founder of the Bronx Trans Collective, a development firm based in New York City that also serves Atlanta and Los Angeles. Want to learn more? Check out his profile today.

Create Real Inclusive Events

It is time for diversity, equity, and inclusivity speakers to be treated as more than transactional and given their place on the stage. View all DEI speakers, consultants, and workshop facilitators and embrace diversity today.

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