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women's history month speakers
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Twelve Inspiring Women’s History Month Speakers

March is one of many times throughout the year when we acknowledge the achievements, and celebrate the contributions, of women throughout history. Women have always played an instrumental role in shaping our society, breaking down barriers, and paving the way for future generations. That role is more important now than ever before, as patriarchal institutions are being countered and dismantled a little more each day.

In light of this most meaningful work, we’d like to highlight twelve Women’s History Month speakers who are making a significant impact in leadership, diversity and inclusivity, mental health, and personal development within organizations across the globe. Let’s take a closer look at these incredible women who are impacting the world through their speaking, consulting, coaching and workshops.

Virginia Lacayo, Ph.D. 

Dr. Virginia Lacayo is a renowned expert in complexity science and leadership. With a focus on communication for social and organizational change, she brings a unique perspective to her role as the co-founder and CEO of Massive, a coaching practice designed to guide and equip business leaders to make a positive impact through systemic change. Please visit her profile to learn more about her and her work.

Roxanne Derhodge, M.Sc.ED

Roxanne Derhodge is a highly respected psychotherapist and BIPOC executive leadership coach who has made significant contributions to the mental health and wellness field. She is the author of the Amazon best-seller “A Therapist Insider’s Guide on Relationships” and is a sought-after speaker. Her new book, “ROR (Return on Relationships): Amplify Your Authentic Leadership to Create More Resilient Teams,” is definitely worth reading. Explore her profile to gain further insight into her expertise and professional background.

Gareth Gwyn

Gareth Gwyn is a highly regarded authority on emotional intelligence and empathy. With her engaging keynote addresses and incisive workshops, she brings a wealth of expertise and insight to her clients. She is the founder of “Let’s See Labs,” a think tank focused on the dynamics of teamwork. Her newest book, “You Are Us: How to Build Bridges in a Polarized World,” provides practical advice on fostering greater unity and understanding in today’s complex world. Discover more on her profile.

Lola Bakare

Lola Bakare advises chief marketing officers (CMOs), and is a renowned expert on diversity in advertising. She has significantly impacted her field in many ways. Lola Bakare is the creator of the Anthem award-winning inclusive marketing workshop “Maximize The Movement” and a contributor to Forbes CMO Network. Her new book “Responsible Marketing”: How to Create an Authentic and Inclusive Marketing Strategy is must read. Visit her profile today to learn more about her expertise.

Flory Wilson 

Flory Wilson is the founder and CEO of Gender IDEAL, a non-profit organization that leverages data to advance gender equity and inclusiveness in the workplace. As a highly sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator on gender equity, she is dedicated to promoting diversity and equality in the workplace. Please visit her profile to learn more about her work.

Dethra Giles

Dethra Giles stands at the forefront of her field. With a unique blend of advanced education and extensive industry experience, she has established herself as a top choice for organizations seeking expert DEI consulting. Visit her profile to discover more about her expertise.

Rebecca Hill 

Rebecca Hill is a highly sought-after speaker and consultant for leaders looking to make an impact. She has a wealth of experience in coaching and encore transitions. Rebecca is the co-author of the acclaimed book “From Work Life to New Life: Reinventing Retirement for Smart Professionals.” Please visit her profile for more details.

Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark is a highly regarded business leadership keynote speaker, award-winning communication coach, and renowned expert on personal branding. With several Wall Street Journal best-selling books to her credit, she assists individuals and organizations in effectively communicating their most valuable ideas. Explore her profile for more.

Kemi Ogunkoya 

Kemi Ogunkoya is an accomplished author of “The Leadership Guardian.” She is well-grounded in leadership development and management consulting; for nearly a decade, she has facilitated high-impact leadership workshops, providing organizations with effective strategies. Visit her profile to learn more. 

Kerry Kingham 

Kerry Kingham is a sought-after business leadership coach and consultant. She is passionate about helping small business owners succeed. Her expertise lies in reducing overwhelm and growing teams. She provides entrepreneurs with the skills, tools, and strategies to lead confidently. Visit her profile to discover more about her impactful keynote speeches.

Loubna Noureddin, Ph.D.

Dr. Loubna Noureddin is a highly accomplished organizational leadership expert and CEO of Mind Market LLC. She possesses a deep understanding of the complexities of organizational culture. With her extensive experience and expertise, she helps teams move beyond survival mode and reach their full potential. Check out her profile for more details.

Kamales Lardi

Kamales Lardi is a recognized leader in digital business transformation, and her new book, “The Human Side of Digital Business Transformation” features experts who touch various aspects of that transformation process. She has been honored as one of the “Top 10 Global Influencers & Thought Leaders in Digital Transformation” by Thinkers360. Her extensive knowledge and expertise provide valuable insights and guidance to organizations seeking to navigate and succeed in the digital age. Check out her profile for details.

Elevate Your Event with Diverse Leadership Speakers

The historic (and current) contributions of women are honored and celebrated during Women’s History Month. However, it’s also a time to reflect on the ongoing challenges in achieving equality in the workplace, from pay and racial equity, to safe access to healthcare, and more. Booking diverse speakers for your event is just one more way to show your organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and accessibility (DEIBA).

The speakers highlighted in this article are leading voices in empowering and elevating women in leadership positions. View all speakers, consultants, and workshop facilitators for Women’s History Month »

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Kelly Campbell is the founder of Consciousness Leaders and Trauma-Informed Conscious Leadership Coach to self-aware visionaries. She writes for Entrepreneur and has written for Forbes. They are the author of "Heal to Lead" (Wiley, 2024), a new book on transforming past trauma in order to uncover our innate leadership power.