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Kemy Joseph


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Kemy Joseph is a keynote speaker on equity and CEO of F.E.A.R.S. Advantage, a DEI consultancy. Kemy helps purpose-driven business executives leverage equity as a pathway to prosperity to effectively lead their diverse teams through conflicts involving race, politics, and privilege.


All human beings deserve to live safely and thrive.

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Popular Talks

Implicit Bias

A foundational topic in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), implicit bias in the workplace doesn’t always show up as overt harassment and discrimination. More often, it results in time-consuming miscommunications, avoidance, resentment, and “that feeling of dread you get when you think about going to the office”. We offer a systematic 4-part approach to identifying, deconstructing, and replacing harmful limiting biases with new empowering beliefs to drive sustainable behavior-change, build empathy, repair workplace relationships, and advance equity for more people.

Racial Equity

In a time when privilege has become a bad word, even the most well-intentioned business executives can struggle to support, let alone relate to, their diversifying teams. We help business leaders flip the script on privilege so they can feel more confident leveraging their time, talents, and treasures to honor the identities in their organization, and engage their teams to work collectively toward “Cultural Equity”, where employees of all backgrounds can work safely and thrive.

Company Culture

As more business leaders understand the value of DEI, they’re also seeing how the avoidance of the subject contributes to mistrust, which erodes company culture by leading to disengagement, workplace stress, and expensive turnover problems. We cover strategies, case studies, and action steps you can use to restore trust & safety in your organization while co-creating a company culture “by design” instead of settling for an ordinary company culture “by default”.

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Replacing Bias with New Beliefs
The Predictable 4-Part Process to Identify and Transform Biased Beliefs That Stop You From Recruiting, Including, Optimizing, and Retaining Diverse Talent in Your Organization… Without The Guilt, Shame, And Blame Associated With Most Implicit Bias And Diversity Leadership Trainings

Advancing Racial Equity with Your Privilege
Revolutionary Ways Purpose-Driven Business Leaders Can Employ Lessons From Dr. King to Embed Diversity, Inclusion, and Trust in Their Company Cultures

Designing a Crisis-Proof Company Culture with DEI
Ensure Your Organization is Fair & Forward-Thinking as You Create an Unshakeable Culture of Trust and Prosperity, Regardless of What Happens in 2021


F.E.A.R.S. Advantage makes DEI actionable, approachable, and enjoyable for organizations with a transparent, comprehensive approach that includes Assessments, Strategy, Training, Coaching, and Celebration, and allows you to systematically strengthen your DEI interventions in all Eight Essential Business Areas so you don’t have to worry about how DEI will “fit” into your strategic plan.

Instead, you get to align your DEI initiatives with your strategic goals at the outset, and avoid overwhelm as your teams are guided through a step-by-step cohesive program that builds capacity, increases empathy, and fosters a supportive company culture.


Get the skills, support, and expert guidance, your executives and DEI committee leaders need to evolve your company’s culture into an equitable environment where team members of all backgrounds can feel safe, innovate, and thrive.

In this world where 63% of employees do not trust their leadership, the increased hyper-vigilance and ‘cancel’ mentality mean the pressure to CHANGE is on.

Our strengths-based coaching helps you make the right decisions in uncertain situations to reduce the risk of making costly mistakes while leading your diverse team.

We also help you leverage your privilege and position to shift from being reactive allies to being leaders who proactively protect and advance everyone in your organization.

“This conversation that Kemy facilitated really did get people in our community to think about a topic – prejudice – that they’ve thought about before, in a different way. He made it feel actionable within the work we’re doing as investors, and that was extremely powerful for opening up future conversations in our network and getting people excited about having more conversations in the future.”
— Lisa Sulenes, Head of Operations at AtlasQ, Alpha Bridge Ventures

“I was struggling with how to be engaged in the conversation around implicit bias, prejudice, and privilege in a way that would support positive movement forward for people in our organization. The F.E.A.R.S. Advantage team walks you through it openly, respectfully, and with gentleness so the conversation becomes accessible and relevant for your organization.”

— Julie Christenson, Program Operations Coordinator, White Bird Clinic

“After the event, I had folks in my community want to speak to me intimately about what they learned in the session and what came up afterwards. People in my team spoke up about things we had never talked about. This event meant deeper human connection for us, our clients, and all of our community members. This is not just a one-time, exciting, feel-good event. This is an exploration you’ll want to continue.”
— Noel Pacarro Brown, First Vice President + Investing with Impact Director, Morgan Stanley

“What I got excited about going deeper into the process with Kemy is that I could start to formalize some of the practices and goals that I have as a founder, so I can build an organization that is healthy, thriving, and able to create good diverse business directions that will ultimately impact our whole trajectory as a company.”
—Nanea Reeves, CEO,TRIPP

“These are exactly the conversations we need to be having in the workplace. It’s the responsibility of those of us leaders in the corporate workplace to provide opportunities for everyone to have these conversations and feel safe without feeling attacked. I now have the tools to allow me to do that in a really effective way.”
— MARCELO GADIA, Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors

Kemy Joseph is on a mission to help 5 Million business leaders advance equity in their organizations by 2030 to create a world where people of all backgrounds can live safely and thrive.

Kemy helps purpose-driven business executives leverage equity as a pathway to prosperity to effectively lead their diverse teams through conflicts involving race, politics, and privilege. In a time where people feel so disconnected and unsafe, he’s able to create virtual safe spaces where people have real conversations that build trust, repair relationships, and create new sustainable solutions. He also uses a multi-camera setup with music, stories, and group exercises to create highly engaging, transformational experiences!

Most people see Kemy’s bright smile, but wouldn’t imagine the hardships behind it. Being raised in Miami, FL as a first generation Haitian American, he lived in a single-parent household with nine siblings where poverty, violence, and racial inequity traumatized him at an early age.

Growing up, he was socialized as a sexist, racist, homophobe, bigot, bully, and criminal.

As an adult he’s made the extraordinary effort to re-socialize himself into a human being — a healthy, educated black man who respects women, celebrates diversity, and supports the equal rights of all people. His journey represents the transformation that’s possible when we use negative experiences for positive change and learn the skills we need to treat others equitably. From that humbled perspective, he brings a great deal of empathy, hope, and productivity to these often difficult conversations.

Let’s collaborate to ensure a transformative experience.